100th Post and Giveaway! So How Do You Overcome Blogger’s Shyness

Yay! Today is the 100th post for this blog. In celebration of it there’s going to be a giveaway! It’s actually a gift to be more exact to readers who love freebies! Details are at the bottom, but first let’s talk about overcoming blogger’s shyness.

Coming into the blogging game requires you to converse. If you’re going to be a wallflower, well dwell in the forums and lounge at the social networking sites until you’re ready to reach out.That’s kind of what I did. By nature I’m shy but I overcame it by improving my voice everyday on this blog. That’s the part about blogging which bloggers don’t talk about much. However, all of that depends on how much commitment to you you’re going to invest.

The thing about human nature is we cannot control the urge to communicate our inner thoughts. The desire to make ideas happen and find a community which surrounds us in these ideas is always an ongoing search.

Thanks to the internet. The silent will become profound and the profound … well more profound. :) Eventually, the circle connects all of us together into a cyber-trotting nomadic group who is constantly pitching ideas out to one another.

Every blogger you meet is a chance for you to connect, learn, become influenced and eventually meet! Now I haven’t reached the meeting part yet but I’m connecting and learning everyday.

The influence is rather a longer process. That will show over time and the community you’re going to surround yourself will be in need of these individuals.

They will consist of three catagories:

  1. those more knowledgeable than you
  2. those just about as knowledgeable as you
  3. those willing to put in the work to acquire the knowledge from you

The breakdown of the three can be segmented further into what Seth Godin deems permission marketing.

To do that, you’ll need to do several things:

  • subscribe to their e-mail list
  • listen to what they have to say in their newsletters
  • try out products they suggest (if you can)
  • interact with them on their blog
  • follow them on twitter
  • be a fan or friend on Facebook
  • contact them personally when you’re ready to take it to the next level

Most importantly, you have to be creative. If there’s a channel which you can connect further. Do so. In fact, if it’s available, it means the permission is there. You just have to give your heads up on the open end of the process.

Say YES and communicate.

100th Post Giveaway

With the latest shift in progressing with this blog and to take it to the next level with a positive experience from the on-going will to document and seeing the bright side of connecting with the blogosphere, whew, quite a run-on sentence, :) I want to give away a gift to you.

The only requirements I ask of you is:

  1. Tweet this post including @thublogger in the subject line
  2. Tell me how you’ve overcame blogger’s shyness below in the comment

That’s it.

This will be a random drawing which I’ll announce by the end of the month. I’ll even go nuts and throw in a surprise gift. Shhhhhh. That’s going to be a secret but it will be equally valuable as the prize.

Here’s what you’re going to receive.Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky (cover)If that’s not huge enough, the content inside will be greater.

Released on April of this year, the information you’ll get from within will have actionable guidelines which will help the visionary inside you make ideas happen. Thus, the subtitle Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality sums up the journey which most creatives who go into business face.

If creativity is something you work with everyday and the ideas are something you strive to make happen. Scott can help you work on narrowing down what’s important and how you can make it happen.

He is the founder of Behance.com and the Behance Network which connects creative professionals all over the world.

There’s a creative bone inside all of us and I know that you can unleash it with this book. This could help out the shy blogger nicely to step into the blogosphere as a creative professional.

Well, what are you waiting for! Tweet this post with @thublogger in the subject line so I can track who did it and also comment below how you overcome shyness. If you’re not shy then what’s your advice?

Have fun, be creative, make it happen.

The gift will be shipped via Amazon. So let the ideas begin!

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