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100th Post and Giveaway! So How Do You Overcome Blogger’s Shyness

Yay! Today is the 100th post for this blog. In celebration of it there’s going to be a giveaway! It’s actually a gift to be more exact to readers who love freebies! Details are at the bottom, but first let’s talk about overcoming blogger’s shyness.

Coming into the blogging game requires you to converse. If you’re going to be a wallflower, well dwell in the forums and lounge at the social networking sites until you’re ready to reach out.

Do YOU Leave Room For Distractions

Here’s a question which I’ve often pondered about but haven’t really figured out. The reason is simple. Different personalities get things done in different ways. Whether it’s right or wrong is a matter of perspective. For example, I consider myself a flexible person and that goes for mostly 90% of the things I do. This is regarding lifestyle, thinking, implementation or study. If there’s a barrier, I’m not going to kill myself to get it perfect. In fact, I’m oftentimes considered lazy.

How to Overcome Fear and Turn It Inside Out

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m going to pass over another Biography Fridays and it’s for good reasons.

There are more important matters in terms of facing and today’s topic is something very real.

After our last conversation about overcoming blogger’s crisis, I thought about the path with great emphasis on the actions that I will soon be making online, and I am afraid.

How to Remove Your Illusions and Face Life in an Alternate Way

Trauma by Francesco Marino
Nobody is perfect. Yet we’ll run into situations where we’re set to notice how our behavior may be and to us, unaware, it’s not a problem, but to another, who cares right? Wrong. But you’ll talk about it. Share your thoughts with someone so that you’ll confirm to yourself you weren’t being irrational for thinking a certain thing was so. And so what happens? It becomes blown out of proportion and what was small is now big.

Inflate Your Head With Time, Even Though You Don’t Have Enough of It

Time by Salvatore Vuono

For the past couple of days, I’ve been taking my sweet time to practice the art of doing research on writing articles for Helium and a few things were revealed to me – the importance of note-taking and better writing. With that, I’ve neglected my blog and skipped a couple of days. I apologize and now that I’m back on the bandwagon, I’m more concern with the shifting of my thoughts and creating time for new endeavors even though sometimes I feel I don’t have enough to begin with.

What Working Under Pressure Has Taught Me

5 Months is a short time to build a presence online. So when the blog went under 100k, the workload didn’t decrease, it grew as well. Furthermore, when you’re thinking of growth, the pressure also grows. You want to do more of this and also that. Because if you don’t, who knows when you’ll get the motivation to try again.

Create Maxims For Better Results in Anything You Want

It’s amazing how words can provoke action. Because of words we’re able to invent systems, thought processes and strategies for everything we do. So whether it’s mental, physical or spiritual, words have the power to educate you. Then when you’re tired of words, videos and pictures take over.

How to Push Yourself Forward When You Feel You’re About to Give Up

Motivation has many mixed emotions to it because there’s just so much which you want to define in terms of purpose, rewards and results. After all, when you don’t feel the muse coming, it might mean you’re just not ‘feeling it’. This is utterly untrue as real work goes on after the initial flow. Sometimes more so after the euphoria of which popular culture has portray it to be, as seen in movies. So your career may depend on this basic awareness to push yourself forward and get over the slumps. Here are some ways which you can do that.

How I Reviewed, Rewrote and Revived My Ideas to Keep Hope Alive in Times of Blogging Slumps

As a blogger, it’s a fact that we all run into bumps which either made us fall and can’t get up or you can look at it another way, just sit on it and flatten it out again. Especially when you’re new, being armed with a nice big ambition and an unrelenting desire to crank out those articles can be quite overwhelming. You’re loading onto yourself a heavy stock there.

Do Less Whitepaper Style Writing, Say More on Your Blogging Voice and Overcome Blogger’s Crisis

I keep forgetting that the internet is more flexible than the formal workplace we’re used to sitting in. It’s an environment which is OK to let loose and lose the prim and proper clean-cut personality.

And what I’ve noticed looking back at the posts I’ve written, I thought, great pieces but only if I’m trying to get into an Ivy League school.