50 Things I Didn’t Know About Starting A Mailing List (But Do Now After Studying Others)

Thanksgiving is around the corner. Yay! I have lots to share with you on what I have been doing. There isn’t too much explanation though as this will be a blitz, a giant of a list post for you to peruse. However, they are pretty self-explanatory.

These gems were uncovered from my ongoing endeavor as of recent in research. As you know, I’m doing everything myself for this upcoming mailing list launch. The 7 tips I’ve shared earlier are only a summary of what’s below. You’ll definitely see the meat of the whole process today. So take note because as I took action on them, I realize I have quite an arsenal to give back. Only 4 more posts until launch! :)

Now I want to share my discovery with you in hopes that you too shall gain some insights on what launching your mailing list might take you into. Refer to this article down the line as you get yourself into the habit of building your own list. The best way to see the idea in full is to work it’s magic by taking action. I could have called it the step-by-step approach as well, but hey, now you know how I’ve done it. Away with the thoughts then.

Here’s hoping you’ll learn something about building your mailing list. Let’s see them happen soon. Oh, by the way, Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks to all who have been friends and supporters of Blogging For! Hugs! Hugs! Hugs! Ok, here are those findings.

Right From the Heart

Source: Right From the Heart

50 Things I Didn’t Know About Starting A Mailing List (But Do Now)

  1. If you don’t know, ask your readers. Start a poll and get some feedback.
  2. From what they’ve given you, what do you know for sure? Take that as a starting point.
  3. What do they like? Plan to put a lot of that in. Don’t leave out your voice.
  4. What don’t they like? This will help you focus better and you will steer clear of it.
  5. Decide your type of incentive – ebook, ecourse, interview, PLR, etc.
  6. Instill a deadline to light a fire under your behind. This will give you a kick in the rear!
  7. What are the formats you’ll send the info in – text, audio, video? Let your readers know.
  8. Spend relevant costs for ecovers or make your own ecover? You decide.
  9. Determine how you want to distribute the information – by e-mail or onsite?
  10. Will there be a squeeze page too? You might have to write copy afterward.
  11. You now have an impression of your audience. Create a rough draft of the giveaway.
  12. Think about relevant products you can promote too. Ones which you already use.
  13. Try mind mapping. There’s Freemind or on site with Mindmeister or Bubbl.us. FREE.
  14. From what you’ve see, where do you need more research? List some keywords.
  15. Search for your specific keywords and relevant long tail phrases.
  16. Organize those finds in an manager like Evernote. Here’s a research template.
  17. Also use Google’s Wonder Wheel for more awesome, relevant searches.
  18. Get a new e-mail like Gmail for opt-ins. Saves you time so you can tag and label.
  19. Sign up for your competitors info. Study their delivery and effectiveness.
  20. Look at the thank you page. Did they send you elsewhere or to a freebie/bonus?
  21. Do you want to send your readers an upsell too and with what relevant product?
  22. Look for patterns in your subscriptions as you receive them. What are you sold on?
  23. What don’t you like? Think like a subscriber. What won’t you do?
  24. Look at the ratio of the e-mails in value and promos. Too much or too little?
  25. Decide on how you’ll send your material. Weekly, daily, what’s yourfrequency?
  26. Look at the tools they are using, free or premium? They will promote them often.
  27. What autoresponder delivers the goods? Who uses it that you know and trusts it too?
  28. If signing up, consider their affiliate program to promote to your list as well.
  29. FREE and reliable autoresponders are also available – MailChimp and Listwire.
  30. For creatives, take note of email template designs. How will you design yours?
  31. In time crunch, stick to simplicity for results. Design is second to actual work.
  32. As you receive content, look at how it is distributed. What type of audience reads it?
  33. What are the formats sent – text, audio, video? Take note on how to format yours.
  34. See possible templates for your material or consider hiring a freelancer to design.
  35. You can do it yourself with Open Office and searches for FREE ebook templates.
  36. OK, do a second draft of your information. What will you take away or add on now?
  37. Put yourself in product creation mode and think in layers.
  38. Who are your audience again? Refer to mailing list notes you’ve taken for approaches.
  39. If you can, keep everything organized so you can find your information when needed.
  40. Refer to your mindmap, notes and blog archive for ideas when you lose direction.
  41. Consider openers/prompts, freewriting on 750 words, article templates for continuity.
  42. Set aside time slots to focus on specific writing jobs. Chunk tasks together.
  43. Don’t try to do everything all at once, you’ll overwhelm yourself and lose motivation.
  44. Don’t fall trap to new ideas. Finish the ones you have to do first!
  45. When finding yourself overdoing tasks, take a break! Come back later.
  46. Don’t throw away any drafts. These can be possible guest posts later for marketing.
  47. Don’t be afraid to make new charts, new designs, see new visions or processes.
  48. Be careful as over-editing can erase your original intention. It might change everything.
  49. Feel free to test your material on your family members, get their opinion and reactions.
  50. Remind yourself this mailing list is another extension of you, a deeper you!

Alright, so you have seen now how I have done my process. From getting the feedback and into the act of market research, anything you do online, when you know your competitors, you get an idea of where you can step up. Now that can be different for someone else, but with the discovery above, I clearly see that the path is doable.

That gives me motivation to keep going.

The rest is just an injection of the knowledge.

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