A Post of Gratitude to All My Friends and Bloggers

I know it’s too early to celebrate but today is a special day. It’s my husband’s birthday so I want to shout out a big ‘Happy Birthday’ to him. Let him know that he’s special to me and while he stands behind the scenes most of the time, he has been a big support towards my blogging endeavors. Thank you so much honey. Have a wonderful day today.

Now in this special post I’d like to do the same for those who have came out and shared some love in the blogosphere with me recently. I want to celebrate the little things that has gotten me this far and have made my blogging experience worthwhile.

So I hope you enjoy this gratitude post as I whip out the names of friends from my twitterverse and blogging buddies. They are quite a few but you’ll find that when it comes time to celebrate, having a small social network to share a drink with you is so much better than drinking alone.

Without further ado, here’s a toast to you all.


The Teacher

The first person I’d like to thank is Yaro Starak. He runs a blog over at Entrepreneur’s Journey. That’s where I got his Blog Profits Blueprint report which eventually propelled me to jump into the blogosphere. This report has opened up my eyes to the possibilities of what I can do with my interests online. It gave me a call to action and so I began to put myself out there actively. Thanks so much!

The Networker

I met Monique Wade Sno in a teleconference call. I was so impressed with her giving attitude and ‘you first‘ marketing, I wrote about it on my review with Yaro and Gideon’s Call. This is what great marketing people should be like and even though I barely catch her on Twitter, I want her to know I still remember. It’s those experiences which gives me incentives to network further with people. Thanks so much for giving me a wonderful outlook on networking!

The Informant

One of the few marketers which I respect but don’t hear enough of is Tyrone Shum. He is an expert on outsourcing your activity and is a mastermind in finding ways to work more efficiently. You may have heard of Timothy Ferriss’s book, the 4-Hour Work-Week, well outsourcing is the main ingredient to this idea. While it’s still new to me, I like keeping in touch with Tyrone to learn a few things about how I can work better and how he has helped the people who are benefiting from effective outsourcing as well.

The Creative

I can’t get enough of Mars Dorian. His creativity and writing style is so unique at times even hypnotic, I can’t stop reading them. They jump off the pages. You’ll find that there’s a treasure trove of love here for the efforts he put into his experiences and how it all ties into branding and marketing yourself. Note: No boring stuff here. Over and out.

The Young At Heart

I have to give love to my friend Cheryl Ragsdale. Now don’t be alarmed for someone over 50 this is one powerful kicking blogger. She totally rocks. While I didn’t have any comments on my blog for awhile she broke the ritual and led the downpour that eventually came in. I am grateful for Cheryl’s living out loud words. Get her 51 Must Know Habits for Staying Young – from the Inside Out at thatgirlisfunny.com. You’ll learn something worth kicking too.

The Social Strategist

I found Garin Kilpatrick’s post through Yaro’s tweet. He wrote about what he learned from the Blog Profits Blueprint. I went ahead and comment on his list of knowledge and commended him for his post. He did the same for my blog and commented back. That to me established a social relationship which I think helped paved the way for me to learn more about him. Not only is he a talented writer but also a creator of useful tools for Facebook. The first thing I did was download his Social Media Strategy Guide. Wow! It was packed with so much valuable information I couldn’t believe he gave it away for FREE. Check out his blog and grab your copy too. Thanks Garin!

The Business How To

Even though we live in the same city, I haven’t ventured out into 37signal’s office yet. David Heinemeier Hansson is an inspiration to my online business pursuits. His straight-talking and simple thinking which jumps off the pages of Reworkwith Jason Fried was worth the buy of the book. Recently, I was on his site where I caught a presentation he did at Stanford about unlearning your MBA. Based upon his company’s experience, he shares what has worked for them. Most of the time this is going against conventional thinking and learning to kick ass as you go. That’s how 37signal succeeded and that’s how they will continue to work. Read more about 37signal on their blog, Signal vs. Noise.

The Sideshow

I found Marek Policha on Twitter from someone’s retweet. I liked that he simplifies his topics and really put himself out there. His resume is quite interesting as well. While he’s a history major by day, he’s an internet marketer by moonlight. Very nice fellow to converse with and very knowledgeable for where he’s going with his blogging. He’s on my list of contacts.

The Writer

One of my passions is writing and even though I haven’t tap into my authentic self, I admire Josh Hanagarne whose doesn’t bore you with autobiographical psychology. His blog entitled World’s Strongest Librarian gives you interesting posts one after another on Tourette’s Syndrome, working with kettlebells and reading books. I went ahead and followed him on Twitter to commend him for having such a wonderful blog. After all life’s too short to get bored on reading.

The Savvy Entrepreneur

Alex Monroe came forth and said hello. I wanted to do the same but found that this guy is really passionate about entrepreneuring. His comment on my blog about forming relationships really was the basis for me keeping in touch. While the blogosphere is littered with so many names, the best ones are sometimes under your nose. Alex is one of them. Thanks for coming through!

The Strong-Willed

Here’s a soldier who’s hammering his entrepreneurial empire. His name is Nathan Hangen and I found him from a retweet from one of my friends on Twitter. While I’m reading through his blog, I really like his ‘let’s make this happen‘ attitude. While there may be bloggers out there who are complaining, he leaves no room for that. I commented on one of his blog post and he answered back. Followed him on Twitter and commended him for his great article. There’s no doubt about it, I’m going to find more coming from him in the future.

The Wise

Robin and Judy found me through Twitter. I make it a habit to manually follow my friends and while this dynamic duo is packed with energy and fire, they have more words of wisdom to share. I tuned into one of their audio training, in particular the Polish Your Persona – And Attract Like-Minded People and got a lot of great info. I had to post something to let them know how much I enjoyed their topic and what I learned from it. I hope you guys can too. Learn more about the Robin and Judy show on their blog.

The Twitter Kid

I’m always amazed when young people are blazing a path which makes you think how far behind you are. That’s saying it in a good way but one of these young folks that’s really networking and making use of social marketing is Aaron Lee. His blog over at Ask Aaron Lee keeps you up to date on the Twitterverse and happenings through plain o’l fun. If you check out his Twitter profile he has over 100,000 followers. That’s a whole lot. While browsing through his blog, I sent out a comment on one of his articles but young folks are so busy nowadays they haven’t had the time. :P . But I’m learning a lot from this guy. Find out more about how you can too from AskAaronLee dot com.

I know this list is short but that’s who I’m sticking with now. Let me know if there’s anybody you think I should check out. I would love to hear more recommendations from you if any. Tweet me your comments on this post.

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