Blog vs Article Directories, Which One is Right For You

As I continue concentrating my efforts on writing at Helium, it brought to my attention, how much more important it is to diversify your writing options online. Thus, how can it be possible to write about a topic twice, maybe even three times or more?

Blog vs Article Directories

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The blogging platform is much more flexible in terms of expression and style however when you’re giving into writing for article directories there are some rules. With that, learning how to write a different way, might be in the best interest of your success. Now you can look at that in two separate ways. One, you’re going to improve your writing or two, you’re only limiting yourself.

With the first ideology, you’re most likely going to find creative ways to make use of the program from documenting it and experiencing it closely to seeing what it is that will work. Furthermore, something like this will eventually become a product like an e-book which you can give away. Not only that, the benefits of making a program a success brands you expertise even though all you’re doing is making it happen. Really simple right?

The latter ideology means that the program just isn’t right for you. That’s quite OK. If you feel that it’s something which you don’t want to invest your time in to master, you’re free to go elsewhere. However, the danger with this is you might end up doing the same thing with your next endeavor. Thus, no work is left undone without some sweat and tears.

Now after a few days with writing on Helium’s system, there is a sense of momentum building. With that, the thoughts of blogging and writing for article directories in general came through. As a beginner, what is a good way to start your writing? Through a blog or article directory?

Knowing How You Grow

In my short time writing on Helium, I have to admit I’ve learned quite a lot. Imagine that knowledge increasing through time. While I do have a Squidoo account as well, my devotion towards it has not been as productive as on Helium. It may also be because the motivation comes from the 1000 Articles Challenge. With it, I have a team which is nudging me to move forward. So the writing just comes naturally.

Moreover, knowing which sites benefits you more in terms of advancement is a good start. That goes the same for your writing efforts. With that, let’s look at the benefits of both blogging and writing for article directories online.

The Benefits of Blogging

Blogging is not a short-term effort. It is a continuous one of which content, social commenting and even relationship building through tweets, diggs, stumbleupons, etc. are implemented. As a blogger, your blog is your flagship to spreading ideas throughout the blogosphere. You’re communicating with bloggers in general, but the aim of your blogging will vary depending on your purpose.

So whether it’s to make money online, share your ideas with the world, doing reviews or even rating other sites, your blog is based upon the categories of topics you have chosen. Thus, the limitation will depend on what the aim of the blog is and that is more or less dependent on your readers who have become engaged with your findings. Do they like what they read?

Overall, the writing is more personal as ‘I’ becomes more dominant. Your blog in a sense is a reflection of you as an individual and what you are doing. Call it an extended biography or resume, if you believe sharing personal stories with your readers is worth writing about, a blog is worth the effort.

In terms of monetization, the work which you put in to grow your site in rankings will have to ensue. In other words, how popular your blog becomes will depend on your search engine optimizing ability which makes use of keywords in your content. These keywords in turn will shoot your site up towards Google rankings making it attractive to potential advertisers.

So when advertisers see that there are traffic coming in with a certain amount of views each month, your blog is considered valuable. Making money through on-site advertising, affiliate marketing and even sponsored reviews might then be possible. How all this works will be dependent on the terms of the services themselves.

The Benefits of Article Directories

Article Directories

Each article directory has their own rules and system to how articles are presented. With Helium, for example, they provide you with titles and from that alone, for someone who cannot write titles, this is great for me. It helps me overcome the first step and that is finding a topic. Furthermore, the internal workings is a matter of research and structuring. A little bit of brainstorming and outlining will provide those thoughts.

Another thing is Helium has a rating system which helps you recognize other writers and their work. So you’re not really writing for money but writing for writing. Their system exposes you to other writers and while they are anonymous, just going through them gives you an idea of how to format and write your articles better. Not only that, the topics are of all different types.

So within a short amount of time, I have found myself challenged to take on topics which I’m interested in. The downside is the research which I’ve put into those topics take away the time I normally use for blogging. Thus, priorities have to be met. Neglecting my flagship was just all too much. However, maintaining my writing momentum on Heliumwas also taking up more time that I expected. With that,

writers who actually want to make money online right off the bat should consider writing for article directories first.

There is already a community, so the exposure you need and even the real-time performance of which you will get from demand is upfront. This is something you won’t find with a blog as it works the other way around. You are the PR of your blog and marketing it comes with writing your content.

Diversifying Your Writing

While you see there are both benefits to writing on a blog and writing in article directories, one may have to think of it in terms of long-term success. If technical setup and even spending money is something you don’t want to do right now, a blog might not be good for you. In fact, getting your spin at writing for article directories online might be a better way. They’re FREE!

Here’s a list of the Top 50 Article Directories by Traffic and Page Rank if you want to explore about the opportunities available with writing online. Personally, I prefer to have both a blog and an account on at least one article directory. This allows me the means to diversify my online writing efforts.

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