Breaking Through the Wires Online – Some Tips For Blogging

I just went through a melting pot of information and while it’s still simmering in my head I think I’ve got something here. Backlinks. Blogging effectively. Being seen. It’s picking up gradually and it makes blogging … doable.

Apart from the beginnings which you have to tinker with technically, once that’s out of the way, your focus then sets itself towards content creation. As you pick up the process, you’ll want to start making conversations and learn a little more from bloggers elsewhere.

While there are many talents online, scanning and then moving on is a common process.

How many times has that happened to you? You’ll read an article, comment, check your e-mail sometime later, go back and comment again. Without tracking it all, it can become a lost marketing cause. However, that’s not the focus right now. I want to give you some strategies for blogging today. These are from my own personal experience but take note, I’ve only been blogging close to two months.

Build A List

Start with a list of bloggers which you can converse with. You’ll know this from the posts they have on their blog.What topics are they covering? Can you share your thoughts or will you agree and just say so? It’s OK to move on. You can’t connect with everyone online, it’ll take ages.

Now this part here is only for you search engine enthusiasts. If that’s something you’re not too specific on you can skip this paragraph and also because it’s regarding Mozilla Firefox as your browser. There’s this great toolbar extension you’ll want to install called SearchStatus. Don’t worry it’s FREE just like Mozilla. This handy piece will help you see who you’re interacting with. So as you converse with bloggers more, you will see their Alexa or Page ranking.

I’m not a SEO expert but what I have noticed is, as I comment more on blogs that have a higher ranking than myself, my own ranking goes up. It seems everyday I’m getting closer to number 1. That’s kind of a dream because we all know that’s Google. :) Consequently it’s also the same for blogs that are ranked low. When you converse with a lot of these, search engines will regard it as spam more and eventually drop you from the top ranks.

Find blogs with the CommentLuv plug-in installed. They will most likely enable DoFollow. You’re going to get link juice back to your blog for sure whenever you converse with these bloggers. There’s a directory with blogs already doing this. Check it out at

Side note – please comment and converse with the blogger not just for the darn juice. As they moderate your comment, you are most likely going to be deleted. So comment as you would talk. Ask questions, reference to something you’ve read elsewhere, congratulate and write as you’ll speak face to face.

If I had started this brainstorming list earlier it would eliminate the rounds of commenting which I had to pound looking for insightful posts to read from. While this is essential for marketing your blog, building it will take time. I’ve learn to just have fun and while monetizing is somewhere in the back of my mind, it’s something that will soon be explored. For now it’s just the basics.

Establish A Process

Salvatore Vuono

Putting up your blog, installing WordPress, picking a theme, choosing your plug-ins and writing content – sounds simple doesn’t it? Believe me, the technical process which comes with blog installation and getting it up and running is not going to take up your time but finding a good theme, the exact plug-ins you desire and position of your widgets and how they should be displayed will be more of your concern.

Once that is handled, your content creation process needs to be established. If you hate writing, this is where you’re going to have a bit of a challenge. For me, technicalities was not the problem nor was it writing. It was the process of generating a flow of ideas. As I worked on that the first few weeks, I finally found the process that I needed. I didn’t burden myself with the worry of writing new content anymore, it was only getting them on the blog each day that became the worry.

So my second tip for you is after the technical difficulties, work on a blogging routine. You’ll want to write when you’re fresh or within a groove which will help you crank out content one after another. For some it’s early in the morning, another late at night or at the crack of dawn which seems to work for me.

Before the bustle of the day, that’s when I allow myself to pour out all the thoughts that are ready to spawn webs on my keyboard.

In this journalistic practice, I can piece together a draft which will become a topic for me to explore further. Thus, it keeps the momentum of writing going. It helps to know what’s rocks for you. You just have to commit to exploring it.

Get Heard

Once you have found your groove, it’s essential to start your research for guest blogging. Now this is scary but I’m going to attempt to do that soon. It’s a risk which all bloggers should try. Once you get yourself comfortable with pitching your ideas to the public, the feedback will help you become stronger.

One way which I’ve overcome that fear is to read other guest bloggers posts and also the comments they received. How they respond and how I was led back to their site is the influence which makes me want to connect with them further. I would then subscribe to their blog and if there are any free e-books available, it would be a nice gesture to review it on my blog some time in the future.

While I do have a large e-Library, you’ll notice I’m hitting through them. So far, they have been beneficial. The information which I was able to get from them helped me become more apt in the niche I’m currently interested in – making money online. This also allows me as a blogger to reach out to you and connect on the same topic if that’s something you’re interested in as well.

Even for thanks, you’ll find that anything that is offered FREE from a blogger is a post waiting to be reviewed.

Now that your ideas are filled with a few choices it’s easy to see blogging as a truly remarkable process. Having your list of bloggers will help you align with them and in turn also connect with the other bloggers from the comment section as well. You’ll be surprised who’s within your community and who’s commonly active in the conversations you’re in. This would be a good point to reach out and connect soon. So do check out their blog and read some of their content to get a feel for who they are.

Let yourself be seen and slowly establish a relationship which you’ll both recognize as you get better and better socially in the blogosphere. I hope you’ve gotten something beneficial in today’s post. Be well.

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