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Recently I wrote the Ninja Blog Writing Blueprint on TechnShare which showcased the cool tools that were available for writers to have fun with online. One of it included ‘Write or Die‘ by Dr. Wicked. For today I want to introduce you to another writing gem I found on the net through reading Scott Berkun’s blog post Rules to Live By.

The Artist Way CoverCreated by Buster Benson, 750 Words is more sophisticated as not only is your writing analyzed but with projections on your mood, mindset, concerns and more statistics through writing everyday, your progression is also charted. This could be your blogging brain child to help get you into the habit of writing daily!

Inspired from The Artist Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron which brought the idea of the morning pages to the forefront, it’s surprising what you can reveal after cranking out 750 words every day.

Readers of this blog knows that’s exactly what I have been doing and more since the onset of Blogging For. While I thought the creation is ingenious, my energy is also reserved so I rather put the work through the blog here. However, I might take up on the challenges the site has offered for writers/artists who wants to crank out their 750 words daily just because the temptation to see where I stand in analytics is attractive. :)

Furthermore, here’s what Julia states on The Artist Way website about Morning Pages:

Morning Pages are three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing, done first thing in the morning. There is no wrong way to do Morning Pages–they are not high art. They are about anything and everything that crosses your mind–and they are for your eyes only.

750 Words lets you accomplish that. Furthermore, the site is so simple, all you have to do to sign up is log in via a secret word you’ve created by authenticating through Facebook, signing into Google, Yahoo or an Open ID account.

750 login screen

Purveyors of minimalist designs will also love that 750 Words is beautifully structured and ad-free. How the site makes money is through donations where you become a patron and have the added opportunity of following other writers. There are constant improvements from the feedback everyday which helps keep the site in working order. This is a community-driven site at it’s best as the service is completely FREE.

Let’s walk through the service and see what it can provide potential new writers.

After Logging In

750 Writer's Dashboard

I went ahead and authenticated through Google since I tend to edit my articles through Documents. So the first thing new writers will notice is the menu under the site name, the month and number of points accumulated, the boxes of written entries which will be marked by X’s if 750 words was accomplished as above and the present date.

750 Words Success!
To start, go ahead and bang away with your writing. Keep going without correcting yourself, the less you get distracted and empty out what it is you’re thinking, the better. Once you’ve reached 750 words, you’ll be alerted that you’ve made it. When you’re done, you’ll be forwarded to the statistics page.


750 Words Statistics 1

It’s amazing what I saw about my writing after I finished. For users who are afraid that their writing will be exposed, don’t worry, it’s private and yours to go through only. Statistics are gathered through your actions and not quoted individually. Thus, the service makes use of gathering data through your input to help it better understand you.

Here’s what I learned about myself:

750 Words Statistics 2
750 Words Statistics 3

Can you say ‘Wow!’ There are also keywords which displayed what was often used or mentioned a lot of. I didn’t want to share that because, well, that’s private. :)Furthermore, you can configure your sharing preferences which is off by default to how much you want to share.

750 Words Sharing Preferences

Point System

After my first entry, I gained 2 points for 791 words. How the point system works is if you accomplish 100-750 words that’s 1 point, anything beyond 750+ without being distracted that’s an extra point. Here’s where it might get confusing for folks so let me try to break it down as the accumulation of possible points can increase dramatically.

  • 2 points today for hitting 750+ and beyond
  • 2 points tomorrow for hitting another 750+ and add the previous day (2+2)
  • 2 points for 750+ words 3rd day plus the day before that and one before that (2+2+2)

Thus, you can see the motive is to hit your 750 Words each day which will give you more points for doing so. I’m uncertain of how much points are accumulated to the next day and the max which can be carried over. The rule of thumb is if you’re hitting your purpose, you’ll be rewarded. That brings me to my next topic – badges.


750 Words Stats

750 Words incorporates a fun little animal badge system designed by Ted Savage. You will find this under Today’s Writers. For starters, you start off as an egg as you can see from my first entry above. There’s no identity to your actions yet.

However, over time you can grow into a penguin for writing 5 days in a row, a hamster or cheetah for writing quickly or often without distractions. Furthermore, there’s a whole slew of birds and animals waiting to grow out from your morning pages streak and behavior. The 750 Words Badges page tells you more on what you can learn from someone’s badge.


750 Words Customization

There’s more power to the users who don’t like the default settings to start. For that, 750 Words will have some choices in customizing their writing board under the Settings.

There are over 10 fonts to choose from – Arial, Buendia, Georgia, Meta, Obliqua, Palatino Linotype, Sharktooth, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Trebuchet. The sizes can be as small as 10 point to 30 point. Consequently, the colors for the font, background, header and even link can be changed as well.

Fans of the Mac’s Write Room or Windows Dark Room will find this useful.

More Useful Features

Challenges are open each month and writers are encouraged to sign up. The greatest thing about this feature is you’re held accountable for your actions. So if you succeed you will be added to the Wall of Amazingness. If you fail, you’ll find yourself in the Wall of Shame. Thus, your amazingness will be wiped as well if you fall into this hole which makes it quite a challenge indeed.

Furthermore, you have to sign a contract. This is the part where your message is visible to everyone else. Talk about accountability. :)

750 Words Monthly Challenge

If you freewrite a lot like myself, then the Search and Export feature under Settings will be a great fit as it lets you download a .txt file to your hard drive. You can then back up what you’ve brain dumped, modify it elsewhere and more.

There’s also the Lock up your words feature under the same title menu where a certain entry can be further protected just for your security. Once again, since what you’re writing is private and seen only by you online, you can never be sure from what can go wrong. However, with this added protection, it can ease the worries.

Want to go deep into data engine and explore 750 Words gathered research?

If you’re loving the statistics, try to also Enter your subconscious where you can see more text analysis performed through the Regressive Imagery Dictionary (on your emotions) or Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count System. I was at awe at what I was up against when my stats were compared with that of other 750 Words users.

750 Words DistractionsFinally, you’re reminded if you trail off the writing board and suddenly explore around the site that you still have to start writing your 750 words. I thought that was clever much like ‘oops, got caught up!’ :)

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