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How to Start An Internet Business

Yesterday I talked about the BUM Marketing Method which is a popular form of article marketing online. In fact, it is quite easy and is regarded as one of the most widely used strategy for making money with affiliate products. You don’t need a blog to see results from this strategy however in today’s post I want to explore the opposite strategy where having a website can benefit you long-term. Thus, this review will be taken from a gem I found from Yaro Starak which not a lot of people have mentioned. I hope you enjoy the article and post any comments you may have.

What s Inside the BUM Marketing Method

Here’s a review of Travis Sago’s BUM Marketing Method. If you have noticed previously, it was listed in my post Over 50 E-Stuff Online FREE! (Part 1). Today, I want to tell you more about what the e-course entails and what you might expect from it as you subscribe to his mailing list. The links below do not have affiliate cloaking so you don’t have to worry if I’m profiting from this information. The guy’s a sweetheart so I want to pass this along. I’m sure you’ll find his course worth a look at.

The Million Dollar Report Review

Yesterday, I talked about how I found Igor Kheifets report from reading his blog. It’s entitled The Million Dollar Report: A Perfect Business Starts With A Perfect Vision. I opted-in through e-mail from this site to receive it. It’s about 10 pages and very simple to read. However don’t estimate the size of the report. It’s packed with powerful thoughts and actions to help you achieve your perfect vision. Check out how I stumbled upon him in order to see why I’m reviewing it today.

Rich Schefren’s Internet Business Manifesto Rocks Like Yaro s

When Yaro Starak introduces himself in his Blog Profits Blueprint, he also revealed he studied with Rich Schefren on the development of business systems. Rich is considered ‘the Guru to the Gurus’. He also has a report called the Internet Business Manifesto available FREE to anyone who wishes to opt-in.  Alternately, you can also get the paperback copy from Amazon.

Extracting Your Commentators E-mails in WordPress

The idea of extracting your commentator’s e-mail addresses spawned recently. Now, I know what you’re thinking. No, I’m not going to spam you. This is a project that I want to undertake to show you that it’s possible and I in no way have anything to offer so don’t worry, you won’t be hearing from me any time soon. 

How to Restore Your WordPress Site in Less Than 1 Hour

I ran into a horrible dilemma yesterday and it would have cost this whole blog it’s life but luckily using a few tools, I had a backup of the database which helped me restored everything. Strangely, everyone always preaches backing up but don’t really explain how you can put it back up online.

WWW or No WWW Does it Matter and How You Can Set Your Permanent Site Structure

I’d like to make it as easy as possible when I’m typing in my URL. Thus, I leave out the www. It gets me there faster and at the same time gets the job done with half the effort.

So if your cache isn’t yet cleaned, of course you can pull it from your browser’s URL line with just a keyword and click. But I wonder, what’s the SEO effect or is there any advantage to having a shortened version of your URL instead of the long way with the www?

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Toolbars

Oh, that’s Wibiya. It’s a toolbar which you can install into your blog that allows your readers to share and interact with you. Services like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and more are integrated so it makes your efforts minimal while you do more on the blog you’re on.

How You Can Make, Expand and Install Your Own Shortened URL Service Right Onto Your Blog

If this is a trend, I’ve begun to do a little bit of it myself. Reason being I saw it done on Twitter and considered it an effective way to bring some of the classic stuff back into the pool. If that’s ethical or not, I don’t seem to mind. There’s always room for reviving some good o’l ideas.

Make Your Readers Feel Comfortable Browsing Through Your Site, Not Overwhelm Them

I’ve got a comfortable bed, I admit it. My younger brother would come in while I’m in the middle of reading something, sits next to me and starts to remark