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Have You Written An Alexa Review Yet? Here’s How

One of the things I noticed is there aren’t a lot of folks willing to review each other’s site on Alexa. Kimi made this a point back in How to Rank Higher in Alexa, that it gets you some good droppings so perhaps it’s time to put it into your marketing plan.

Sharing Ideas – Let That Be One of Your Muses

We touched upon creating maxims yesterday to help you better gain results from anything you may want to do. These short but powerful thoughts can bring you towards alignment with many processes which might have otherwise failed for others. It’s an internal journey that may require your attention but nonetheless will create your best ideas to share with the world.

How to Keep Up With Production in the Industrial Age of Article Marketing

It’s been over 2 weeks so far in the 1000 Articles in 100 Days Challenge and I’m averaging in at 2 articles a day on Helium. The excitement started out with a big bang bringing in over 10 articles on the first day but afterwards, the numbers went down.

Using Pillar Concepts For Great Content

Yesterday, I wrote two articles, namely one emphasizing how I got interested in the Blog Mastermind program and a Top 10 Tips which was inspired from the first. I was reaching another level of writing so I went back to my studies within the Blog Profits Blueprint.

A Research Template To Rock Your Vessel of Words

Words still constitute the majority of the traffic online. For that, text will be around for a long time despite video and pictures being more prominent nowadays. Furthermore, for each blog, the unique voice which shares their thoughts, values and features will use text much more than images to convey themselves. Let me demonstrate this example through the commenting form.

Cat Got Your Tongue? Here Are Some Openers/Prompts For You To Start With

Argh, don’t you hate it when you got the idea right there on the tip of your tongue but you can’t say it right? No matter how many freewriting sessions you dump, it seems your point is incoherent, discombobulated, erratic and boring!

However, you know what you’re trying to say isn’t like that. It isn’t like that at all. So how then do you state your point without the ‘ums and ahs?

Can You Write 750 Words Daily

Recently I wrote the Ninja Blog Writing Blueprint on TechnShare which showcased the cool tools that were available for writers to have fun with online. One of it included ‘Write or Die‘ by Dr. Wicked. For today I want to introduce you to another writing gem I found on the net through reading Scott Berkun’s blog post Rules to Live By.

New Challenge PLUS Find Productive Ideas For Generating Articles

Being bit by the bug of blog challenges lately, it’s been a ball interacting, giving feedback and connecting with other like-minded folks who actually do care about blogging professionally. Just take a look over at my 100 Blog Comments and 7 Link response and you’ll see what I mean.

Find Your Moonlighting Strategy to Writing Good Content

One of the things I found myself thinking a lot at work was my moonlighting business. The reality was I was investing in a possible future. So I pushed myself farther to question fully what it is that I have to do everyday to get ahead. That push was mostly towards better content.

Blog vs Article Directories, Which One is Right For You

As I continue concentrating my efforts on writing at Helium, it brought to my attention, how much more important it is to diversify your writing options online. Thus, how can it be possible to write about a topic twice, maybe even three times or