Content May Be King But List Building is the Intention

In the process of building the first mailing list here, it became so obvious what should be more relevant for my daily efforts, content creation. In addition, this goes to say that articles that are evergreen should be something which will always be in the front of your mind. After all, you can always reference to them later on.

And one of the ways which you can write content to your advantage, is to think about them in terms of your newsletter.

For example, how are you going to refer this article to your audience when you’ve finally have it finished? When you question yourself that, eventually you’re going to go out there and market yourself that way, and part of the process in getting your material seen is to build a following. And that will come in the form of a mailing list.

You see, they will be the most responsive audience out of all your networks online.

These are the guys and gals who have given you permission to e-mail them whenever you have new material out. Now, don’t take that the wrong way and define that as spamming. No, no, no. These are your awesome people who actually like and want to hear from you, so why not think of it as killing two birds with one stone when you’re writing content?

The Realization

Mail and Men

Building a list has always been seen on blogs and it doesn’t have to be with e-mail. Look at the first obvious area, the RSS reader or products which are being promoted. So wherever you go, there’s this notion of the numbers hitting you with THIS much readers right now or THAT much amount sold.

How the heck does one get to stand out the same way?

Simple, the preach for content is king is resonated for many reasons:

  • It is something that interests or entertains the reader.
  • It is something that helps the reader in some way as a reference or practical advice.
  • It is something that allows the reader to contribute, voice their opinion to or rant on.
  • It is something which gives the reader a great experience – i.e. challenges, contests.

Overall, I’ve seen a lot of content in the past few months becoming more obvious in the way that quality will be more stressed for an audience who isn’t looking for it and for those that are, it better be one heck of a killer article. That’s where judgments against quality verses quantity comes in.

Thus, writing content is dependent on the blogger. You don’t have to write killer technical articles, sometimes just being yourself is all that matters. As I mentioned this in my whitepaper writing post, it’s definitely about your blogging voice. More than that, it’s consistency.

Take a look at the archive.

What you’ll notice is that I try to put out at least one article per day and I do it often. Even consistently. However, now that I’ve added off-site article and newsletter writing to the mix, the time spent for content creation is diminished.

So how could I better leverage the three and even stand out?

Integrate all the Processes Together

There’s no rule against article marketing in your own list, so why not think of that when you’re writing content. This definitely will give your personal audience a chance to get to know you better, which means referring them to your classic posts that reveals where your experience has grown.

I don’t believe there is a reader that has read every post you put out. Heck, I haven’t had that advantage but with a mailing list, you can enable that to leverage your focus and make your point without repeating yourself.

And when that happens, you got yourself a strategy.

Network WorkflowYou see, you’re not only writing for your visitors but for your faithful list friends. Thus, let’s look at a few examples which I have taken on with the categories that have been utilized for this blog so far.

What you’ll notice is there are definitely a lot of ideas, specific ones which can be instilled in a possible mailing list and even into an e-book if I wanted to.

  • Performance: Technical documentation of services, programs, walk-through.
  • Self-Development: Creating vision, focus, stories which helps you develop as a blogger.
  • Understanding: My personal experiences through dips and overcoming them.
  • Relationships: Connections with other bloggers by gratitude posts.
  • Inspiration: Bloggers who influence, roundups, biographies, ebook reviews.
  • Amusement: Humor, fun and creative tangents away from technicalities.
  • Humanity: Society, economy and cultural influences to cognitive development.

To help my audience see all this, I use plugins to unlock a sitemap and archive to the site.

This is beneficial when you have specific categories as you see above. This gives it a concentration which is simple to follow. To implement that, I use the Google XML Sitemaps and Dagon Design SiteMap Generator to help me organize the posts.

I’ve also incorporated the Clean Archives Reloaded plugin which helps visitors see how often articles are posted. Overall, with these additions instilled, as a blogger, you can look for ideas at the click of a mouse and think of how far you want your direction to go.

Thus, a simple prediction can be made for your next post.

Now Get Ready to Write!

As I mentioned above, when you go through your archives, ideas begin to form so to help you kick-start what was said into gear, you have to get right into the meat of the action.

Here are some references to content creation which you can utilize and that I personally use:

  • Different Types of Pillar Content
  • Strategy For Best Time to Write
  • Tips For Article Writing
  • Establishing A Process For Your Blogging
  • Integrating Relative Conversations into Posts
  • Rewriting Content and Ideas
  • Openers/Prompts to Break the Block

Now, the next time you write, I want you to think about your mailing list whether it’ll be in the form of a newsletter, updates to the blog or even a promotion. That way, you’ll always be writing content. There is no excuse then to give it your all.

I wish someone had told me that when I first started. Well, guess what, now youknow.

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