Create Maxims For Better Results in Anything You Want

It’s amazing how words can provoke action. Because of words we’re able to invent systems, thought processes and strategies for everything we do. So whether it’s mental, physical or spiritual, words have the power to educate you. Then when you’re tired of words, videos and pictures take over.

Browsing through archives recently, which is something I tend to do to hose in ideas, I looked at the variety of books that were available. I must have glanced through a hundred or more headlines already. Suddenly, I fell upon the relationship scene.

How to seduce …

How to get more from …

How to know if …

Do you see what I’m seeing here? Even though the psychology of relationships is still a relatively new thought, over the years the surge on romance, seduction and open relationships have emerged. It’s OK to be sexy. Thus, the writings of this market have grown quickly.

While I didn’t find the topic of valuable interest, I was pulled in from the power of the market. Truly, by putting these thoughts out there, people have reached out and responded back. Suddenly a whole movement is spinning around this trend and whether you want to or not, you’re going to hear more about it.

Have you found your dream (plug in word) yet?

See what I mean. Evidently, the market here is strong and they are hungry for anything that will ease the pain of loneliness, deprivation and attraction for wealth, health and love. When I thought about how the idea has ridiculously spun a web on itself, I also saw the ingenuity of it’s servants. It’s hard to believe, but it only takes one to tip the scale for you to see the other side.

Crazy means you’re getting close.

Psychology has long fascinated me. When I was in college I began to align myself with all the chronic illnesses. Little did I know that the words on the printed page were only a translation of long-term studies. Thus, it was hard to figure that out because the words just hit me abruptly and wrapped itself around me so that I felt the binds which suddenly took a hold of me roll me in. That’s absolutely amazing now that I think about it.

While I went on to move past that phase of questioning self and identity, it did cost me a lot of time which I couldn’t get back. In fact, it made me a fool to random acts which I gave myself up entirely to experience.

Has that ever happened to you?

When I think about it, it’s kind of crazy and it’s these crazies in our life that makes it all the more worthwhile. These will be the reflections I’ll look back on. Little did I know that without much as an effort in trying, the rebellious act of challenging society became all too much to handle. It’s me against the world. I’m gonna rock it now.

However, these spurts don’t last long. You get your 5 seconds of rock stardom and they go away in the middle of the night to someone else. It is these opportunities that makes it into your life once in a great while. Without much as a thought to it, you’ll realize that the best times come from these bouts of craziness.

With power comes responsibility.

Nothing in the self is easy. In fact, if you bring all the psychological examinations back again, retreat to choosing an illness from a long list of possible chronic disorders, it would be a shame to live in the shadows. So having a process which you can work with to put all those behind will definitely challenge your assumptions on power and responsibility.

Unless you like to be dominated, that would be another matter but for most, submitting is a form of weakness. Leave the analysis behind and step up to the plate. You’ll be surprise. Even in a week, you might not even know who you are anymore. That’s probably a good sign. You’re turning a new leaf.

Now, let’s take that probability to the market. The power to transform and break someone has been possible with words. At least for me. So if there was any value to results, only the market can tell you what’s true. It’s pure facts.

And let’s say if you’re sick, there’s a bit too much of something overwhelming you. If you’re well, there’s a good balance of information being leveraged. Do you see the pattern?

As you follow along and question the very action you’re doing, somewhere in the back of your mind you’re also wondering, ‘I know what the heck this is for but for what reason I don’t know.’

Not knowing is a good thing. In fact, not knowing is what you’re going to learn a lot of.

It’s when you know that it gets a bit scary. There’s a power that comes along with it and how you represent yourself can make or break your credibility. It’s the same way in life as well. In fact, it’s only process. So instead of backing out, step back, take a look at it from a different point of view, breathe a little and tackle the process again.

Age ain’t nothing but a number.

As you get smarter and learn how to respond accordingly to the variables in anything you do, how you learn to associate yourself with the information you gather and mold it into your own style will need your trust in time. Not age.

The more you get into any hobby, any activity at all, there’s going to be someone who’s better, stronger and faster than you. So instead of colliding head on, it’s OK to be limited. This was also something mentioned inside 37signal’s REWORK.

Underdo your competition.

You can also think of it as the 80/20 rule of efficiency. Just focus on what you want to work on and stay on that topic. This is how Timothy Ferriss works his 4-hour work week. He outsources all his work. This leaves no room for distraction. Only results.

So while the new generation is molding the technology for us, it’s better to understand that time is on your side. You don’t have to be an expert at everything. Just find out who can accomplish the task you need and outsource it to them. Besides, they’re the new rich which we’ll most likely donate our money to just to get some information out.

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