Do YOU Leave Room For Distractions

Here’s a question which I’ve often pondered about but haven’t really figured out. The reason is simple. Different personalities get things done in different ways. Whether it’s right or wrong is a matter of perspective. For example, I consider myself a flexible person and that goes for mostly 90% of the things I do. This is regarding lifestyle, thinking, implementation or study. If there’s a barrier, I’m not going to kill myself to get it perfect. In fact, I’m oftentimes considered lazy.

Now don’t get me wrong, productivity is absolutely a big discipline in life. If you don’t know how to arrange your strengths and weaknesses in a way that is beneficial to you, you’re going to lose a lot more than gain. Thus, you might end up procrastinating. That is one sickness which I have been guilty of. I’m sure you are to some extent too.

This feeling can be attributed to knowing that there are no limits to anything that can be done. So taking advantage of the opportunities that are present, surrounding yourself with resources is good, but without implementation there’s no tangible success. I believe this is the reason why so many seek for answers for how they can start when it’s obviously better to start doing it for the sake of experience.

But there’s one thing which changes all that and it’s expectationsHow much progress do you expect from yourself? While this will vary for many, it’s oftentimes overlooked because we’re so used to letting someone else dictate our lives, we can’t even voice our own.

If you remembered awhile back, I touched upon the 80/20 principle also known as the Pareto rule of efficiency. I’ll re-emphasize it again today because it’s so essential to know what your strengths are and not branch off into an everlasting long list of unneeded necessities. Here’s a video by the artist Lev Yilmaz depicting Procrastination from his Tales of Mere Existence series. It illustrates the process which entangles us daily into our web of tasks.

Despite the possibilities for success, failures are more likely to result from the lack of a driven purpose. It’s also attitude which allows you to do one task and focus on it entirely until it’s done. Then you can give yourself a reason to branch off elsewhere.

Quality Distractions

To start, it’s not easy to begin with because the distractions we’re bombarded with everyday are of immense quality. It seems even the volume of creative randomness is one of the reasons we do not work well. Instead we work less because our wants overrides our needs and that’s what online blogs do so well.

Now, I’ve came up with a couple ways to make your distractions online worthy instead of useless. Thus, in putting it in it’s place you’re more likely to be productive than not. Read, reap and reward yourself for who you are, not what you’re guilty of.

If it thinks …

  • Put it on paper, napkin or rip the article from a magazine. Consequently, organize your web bookmarks and save them as an offline file.
  • Take the necessary action to accept the process of internal receiving and external giving. This will allow you to have more ammo and creative spurts to share with others. Thus, you’re more likely to become a great ball of fire, ready to give back.
  • Design a mind map that integrates your wandering thoughts. Nail it back to an inspiration. Is there a purpose here? What can you gather from all those ideas?
  • Get some sleep. You need the energy for the continuous effort that comes from thinking. Nobody works well when they’re full of fatigue.

Listen without judgments.

  • It’s OK to be a rah rah cheerleader for now. Everyone likes support.
  • Follow Stalk if you can. Twitter. Youtube. Facebook. You get the idea. Make use of their social buttons. Connect.
  • Who else is there supporting this argument or alliance? Numbers are always stronger than self. A community involved means there’s likely to be a strong voice so you might be outnumbered if you disagree.
  • More money makes more problems. It’s a marketing game. Sometimes, it’s these controversial thoughts that gets more things done than the nice ones. Can you hear the roar?

Read but don’t click

  • How often do you scan your e-mails? Confirm subscriptions but if you’ve got downloading gifts, mark them so you know it requires some special attention.
  • When doing research, get what you need and leave the unnecessary information by bookmarking the site. A lot of goodies are usually found this way. However, don’t branch in too deep that you’ve forgotten what it was you were looking for. Remember there was a purpose.
  • Curiosity kills the flow. Even there’s distractions in distractions. Don’t let yourself become interrupted again. The process of being in the zone is sacred. Ride on it and if it’s asking you to click elsewhere, just click the X button and put it to good use.

There you have it. These are some ideas which will allow you to make use of your distractions more effectively rather than ignore them.

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