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Now this has been in the back of my mind and I want you to know that I in no way condone the marketing of piracy. But if MP3s have become mainstream and changed the way music has been distributed, at least online, think about what I’m going to say in terms of selling information as well.


If there is a product that is out there on the market, I can get it for FREE.


Through forums, the filesharing community, torrents and peer networks.

Remember Limewire?

Yeah, just as easily as you can download movies onto your hard drive, information products can be found the same way and it’s not funny.

You want to know what I have found so far?

Here’s a little taste.

31 Days to Build A Better Blog, Thesis Themes, Headway Themes, How to Promote the S*** Out of Your Ebook, Product Launch Formula, Niche Profit Classroom, Squeeze Theme, Small Reports Fortune, Blog Mastermind

and so on …

And that’s from the online marketing niche alone. There’s tons more!

Can you imagine all the premium stuff that you’re buying is actually being given away for FREE? And I thought about this because I was wondering how in the world could these information be leaked and the owner don’t do anything about them? What about the hosts which lets them?

So then I thought about it more.

Piracy can turn itself around. Even if you do launch a product, there will be hardcore fans who won’t spend a dime but search the net high and low for a pirated copy. I call these the ghost hunters. Just like the blog drifter from the 3 types of visitors. The invisible exists in all actions. Only they don’t want any bit to be seen by you.

So when they finally get it, browsed through and implement the information inside, your name might be credited. Then again you might not. If you’re lucky, your brand value will certainly increase, at least in the search engines. But you won’t get linked for it. Their site will.

Now let’s take the worse case scenario, which is more realistic. We’re surrounded by a lot of haters. I can’t stop the noise but you know, when information is manipulated, repackaged and made into something similar which goes back out into the market, that bad energy which goes to take the people’s money, actually succeeds!

And when you have a legit product, the generic striped down version and repackaged product – who’s going to believe which belongs to whom? Despite all the copyright and infringements that comes with such downloads, have we actually ever heard of any major information shakedown?

Besides the Salty Droid which attacks the gurus for us, what about those scammers that aren’t gurus, but are regular joes like you and I? I have a feeling that they don’t have a chance, but … pirates are smart too.

They can cover their tracks. In turn, we end up asking the market to be aware of what’s happening and voice our bitter concerns. Because someone has got to pay! There has got to be a change.

So another product comes out. A problem to solve.

What is happening here?

Niche markets are now forming on these matters. The tiny concerns will start to rise.


Another cycle starts over again. When you hear that ka-ching, consider more ears listening.

Free Red Tag

Now, let’s talk about how I was able to find your products for FREE!

The secret comes from adding some keywords to the searches done online:

Ex: keyword + rapidshare, keyword + mediafire, “keyword” download

Adding quotes help give you a direct search. What you’re adding after the keyword, which is normally the product’s name, is the file sharing service. I covered this awhile back when I was reviewing some of the common file sharing sites on the web.

At that time, they seem to be around the many forums I have been visiting and are a huge hit with making money online enthusiasts as well.

So there, I’ve spilled one of secrets to finding premium content online.

Why, I could have used all those wonderful information but the blog itself already is keeping me busy. Content creation and article marketing is one heck of a power punch to your time online so, no thanks! I have enough on this platter. I don’t have time to be a busy bee.

Besides, something about the way I have viewed information has also changed.

It’s not going to matter to me unless it can help with my business. And that’s where the information overload has stopped. All that was glorified won’t mean much unless it can provide value in some way and that goes back to that small sector which has grown online. I need for it to solve my problem.


So do you think I’m going to need all those extra premium goodies when my main focus is on blogging at the moment? Soon with the implementation of a mailing list and newsletter writing, testing conversions will be on my mind.

The excess in all it’s holy goodness are going to have to sit on the backburner.

What am I going to do even if I possess the product? I can’t test it out now.

I hope you do take away something from what I just shared with you. Because if you’re still craving for a sense of direction at the moment with your efforts online, it goes back towards exploitation.

Murray said it best when he revealed the dirty secret to win the web. However, I must add that timing is needed as well. With purpose, the timing will bring with it demand. But unless there is no need to get involved, might as well call it a pile of useless crap.

To one it’s value, another junk.

After all, you can get it for FREE. So call it whatever because right now, if it’s not important to your current path. It’s a big distraction. But that’s something that will come back and it’s like a big ‘I told you so!’

Who’s going to go dig through history anyway? The Wayback Machine? :P

So if you have an idea. Get it out! Even if you are late.

That’s why I think aggregators of information are in one of the most luckiest sectors of marketing online. They have more opportunities and in so many ways unimaginable. Their work can be distributed without their knowing and virally become a hit through blogs, videos, social networks, etc. It can happen now or later.

But the downside is, if you’re in it for the profits, you might not see any … for a very long time.

Worse, your brand, can be contorted and rebranded to a commercially packaged design and become a foreign entity, just to revive the idea. We see that happen all the time with big name brands in the real world. Ideas try to make a come back through a new image.

Makes me wonder, if the next product coming out will also be pirated too?

That’s a thought to consider. However, if you think about the value that comes from respected individuals who are also your friends. They would have given you their testimonials.

And to those that don’t respond.

Who cares! So I say, if your product is leaked, make sure it is the best there is.

It’s a loss of money in sales but in the long run it’s a gain in experience. That’s where I think you really need to sell the heck out of yourself, whether you make money or not.

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