Eliminate the Death of Your Blog Online

Chances are you started blogging without really knowing that there are paths which might limit you from getting the most out of it’s potential. As I went through Talking Down a Suicidal Blogger, a new report by Pawan Agrawal, I took into perspective what he was trying to say.

Talking Down a Suicidal Blogger coverPawan is the blogger behind MaxBlogPress who is also known for the Ninja Affiliate premium WordPress plugin. Don’t take this lightly. In fact, there are other plugins worth taking note of on his blog. Best of all, they are FREE to use with one slight caveat. You have to go by the code of Reviewware, which means if you like it, post a review of it on your blog.

I will be doing a series of these plugin reviews shortly. For now, let’s engage ourselves with Pawan’s latest report, Talking Down a Suicidal Blogger.

Inside the Report

Filled with attractive visuals, the content is persuasive enough to make it clear that your money is in the list. While Pawan doesn’t go straight into the introduction of himself, he gives you the main idea behind the report through well-known bloggers like Darren Rowse, Yaro Starak and John Chow.

What do they have to say that’s important to this report?

Quite frankly, you won’t find a full-fledge interview. Instead, the main concern with bringing these successful probloggers into the limelight is to emphasize their words on what building a list can do for you.

Pawan doesn’t wait to lure you into the last page like most reports. He clearly states his reason for believing you can build a successful business online through an ethical way.

You see, I’m just as tired of spammers and hacks as anyone else and I know, if no one shares an ethical plan for advancing your career (like this one) I fear you’ll stumble on an unethical plan, because of course, there are so many out there. Alternatively, you might stumble around the way I did, in the beginning but give up and the world will lose another ethical blogger. p. 12

So if you can get into the ethical mindset in the beginning, do so. There’s nothing worse than knowing that what you’re making now can be more, especially if you’re starting off right. Now there may be a bit of a guilt factorinstilled here. But it’s purpose is to bring to light the importance of having a list you can work with.

If you’re read my review on Jonathan Beebe’s ListZen, his Online Income Formula report is taking on the same concept of making money from your list. The only difference here is Jonathan gives you a step-by-step process towards making it happen while Pawan is merely persuading you why you should build a list.

It goes the same with John Chow’s Ultimate Blog Profit Model. While John calls it his backend, that’s what it really is. You’re building your profits through a stream which allows you to market through a backend aside from your main blog.

Overall, all these works are complimentary of each other. They stress the importance of building relationships through your e-mail list and how the benefits of traffic will save you when Google fluctuates on your site’s statistics.

The Blog as the Perfect Platform

Most online businesses nowadays are migrating to the blogging platform. If they haven’t got one installed, at least a tab somewhere is ready to direct you towards thoughts, opinions and recent ideas worth noting. Along the way, the perfect way to build a relationship with customers is to offer the incentive to get updates or opt-in through e-mail.

This gets rid of the annoying direct mail which everyday surrounds your mailbox on and offline. Also it’s important in that, you have given permission for them to share their ideas and recommend suggestions to you. So in actuality, you’re building a relationship apart from the usual articles which are available to the public. You’re basically getting insider information.

Now, you can say that unlike SPAM, e-mails are the goldmine of internet marketing and by using the blogging platform, you can establish a presence which by word of mouth can generate fantastic income for you long-term. That’s if you choose to promote.

Pawan gives you reasons why he thinks e-mail along with your blog can mean a lot.

Some of the advantages he states are:

  • there’s ease and portability of building a presence before the search engines realize there’s even you
  • e-mails travel through time and are timeless when you’re referring to something you’ve already wrote about, thus advising readers to read for more info a post you have written in the past
  • the potential of passive income from your personal recommendations or something as exciting as a short e-course blown to a full-fledged premium course can be bring in great extra money
  • the combination of the above will help eliminate your blog from it’s future suicide

No Sugar-Coating with this Report

Pawan did not hold back as he explained how RSS and social media aren’t really as effective as we think. In fact, the old age medium of e-mail has been around since the beginning of the internet and continues to be the number 1 medium for making income continuously.

From a large landslide, you’re building relationships with folks on a personal level. I mentioned this before when I referred to John Chow’s case study on e-mail vs twitter vs blogging. While feeds may never be read or tweets may not be found, knowing the strength of where you should put your focus on puts a big emphasis into the blogging process for you.

Thus, you don’t want to be distracted by so many opportunities. It’s always been e-mail and I find there’s a truth to that matter. While e-mail continues to be one of the biggest distraction in our lives, it’s also necessary to any online endeavor. By habit, we can’t help but to open up our box and see what’s new.

So while I’m convinced the report made it’s purpose clear that e-mail is the de facto standard when it comes to making money online, the reasons Pawan gives you one after another and in support of the probloggers who presents their reasons why, there’s no denying that if you’re not building a list, your blog will die soon.

If you want to really know why e-mail is important to your online business, give this report a read. There’s no reason to let your blog die a slow death. In the long run, that’s something which we can’t really forecast but it’s good to know that there are doctors out there keeping an eye out for us.

Check out Talking Down a Suicidal Blogger and see how you can eliminate your blog from dying a slow death online today.

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