Have You Raided the Nearest Blog Lately

I’ve been noticing a lot of views on my Sitemap page as of recent, but what’s more is that I’m also doing the same elsewhere on other blogs. At first I thought, ‘Is this a problem?’ But then again, I put on my optimist hat and turn the effort into getting to know the bloggerindirectly.

Here’s why.

One of the things all bloggers love is traffic to their site. When you can stay longer and browse around the pages, well, the stats will show up on their Analytics that the time spent will be more than the average visitor. So you’re a golden nugget here.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re a commentator, social networker or drifter. Out of the 3 types of blog visitors, the drifter will stay around the longest. Why is that?

Well, you can’t comment on every blog post. While you would love to go through them all, there’s just not enough time. There are other blogs to visit as well.

The next reason is you’re not ready to give out your e-mail yet or even be seen in the blog’s community. Strange but trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve hoovered around hundreds of articles, comments, banners and whatnot and found that that Casper-like behavior only makes me want to reach out more.

It looks like I’m building up my arsenal and infantry but at the same time, I don’t want to be bothered with spam from commenting! :P So I’m on the defensive here and really, I just want to watch my back.

So what the heck am I blog drifting for then?

Research. You see, blog drifting, in it’s truest nomadic form is the most experienced visitor of them all. This may now seem like an addendum to the types of visitors I’ve written a few weeks back, but it’s really about the benefits of knowing your community better.

So why should you even raid your nearest blog?

For Content Direction

Career Choice

You want to know what topics your blogging friend is interested in. Right off the bat, just as you’re talking to a stranger, in the first few minutes through the archives, you can tell if you’ll be hitting the right notes. Basically, will you both be talking the same language?

No? Well, then get some reading done. Browse the About page, read the comments, see who the top commentators are and what they have to say about the articles written. I really appreciate it when my visitors leave me warm comments and actually take some time and effort into conversing with me, especially in wishing me well and whatnot.

Because we’re all busy.

And hey, I’m human too. Just because I blog about topics that may be technical at times, it doesn’t mean I’m cold. I love quirky humor, cheesy comments and even dorkiness. There I’ve said it and now you know. :)

Another thing is, if there is a sense of reciprocity given to the visitors on the blog. If yes, I would strongly urge you to network, because there is potential for you to learn, grow and even develop in whichever direction you’re pursuing online.

No, no, no! It’s not taking advantage of them. It’s facing your fears. So reach out and connect!

It’s web 2.0 here folks. Stalking is overrated. We may all be writing about different topics but one of the things besides politeness that gets us across online is direct conversations. So tell me what do you really want?

Just like real life, we all approach the beginnings with a little finesse but as that block is turned, it seems we go cr-a-zy! I know I do. It’s here, there and everywhere. But what’s evident is I’m hungry. I know you are too.

When we can feed that hunger and the blogger who sees it tends to us, once we’re full, we can really focus on the nitty gritty – business. Thus, I believe that frenzy is something to understand.

Psychologically, that’s our actions telling us that it’s curious. So why not feed the cat?

No Hype, Just Truth

TruthI don’t know how many times I’ve been excited and carrying that elsewhere to another blog, I get disappointed when they’re not as excited as I am. Truth is, there is more misery than successes in the blogosphere. However, that doesn’t mean my parade has been rained on, it just means there are now fellow bloggers to revive and inject with hope.

Yeah, superhero time.

But that wasn’t always the case. You see, I don’t think this strength was obvious until I had confidence, and that was mainly backed by a strong army of friends and a network which I enjoy interacting with. It makes life beautiful on the net. But you have to understand, not everything is Pleasantville.

There are problems everywhere and solutions are not found. So when you see solutions fanatically in one place and self-fulfilling prophecies in another, they aren’t listening to each other. And the thing is they’re two languages mimicking one another in so many levels deep, that sometimes I think we are at war.

However, that’s farthest away from the truth. And the truth is we’re all trying to figure out how to make money online. That’s what I thought too but now that’s going to change.

So what is the truth and is all this networking and online hugging real?

This is what I have to say – when it’s love, it’s love. You can’t explain it. That’s passion. That’s something science can’t measure and that’s why I keep blogging. The moment I start to doubt myself, that’s when I’m getting away from my target, the goal.

I don’t know how many times you’ve drowned yourself in misery as well, but that cycle pulls you down, down, down. So I rather lie to myself and raise back up the dead by passionately doing what it is I have to do to get there.

What’s evident is when you realize this, it becomes personal. You can see through the lies and hype. That’s why when you too put in the effort towards seeing what your passion is, only time will reveal the truth.

For me, it’s raiding other blogs to learn that I have something in common with them, connect and linger longer. That may be a weird way to reach out, but really, I’m giving you my time to honestly want to get to know you. And whether I’m valuable to you or not, depends on how you receive me.

Can you do the same?

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