Have You Written An Alexa Review Yet? Here’s How

One of the things I noticed is there aren’t a lot of folks willing to review each other’s site on Alexa. Kimi made this a point back in How to Rank Higher in Alexa, that it gets you some good droppings so perhaps it’s time to put it into your marketing plan.

Review http://www.bloggingfor.info on alexa.comWhile I know you probably have had enough with commenting in the last few posts I’ve given you, there’s probably some benefits to be seen here as the point of entry is low. I mean loooooowwwwwww!

Some examples:

  • Problogger – 5 reviews
  • Entrepreneur’s-Journey – 0 reviews
  • John Chow – 6 reviews
  • Zen Habits – 1 review
  • Famous Bloggers – 13 reviews
  • Huffington Post – 15 reviews
  • EnGadget – 10 reviews
  • Technorati – 7 reviews
  • Google – 429 reviews

Now I’ve varied the list so you can see the different types of sites that are being reviewed on Alexa. While the point of entry is low for sites that are blogs, I know I’ve said that already but the more you trend towards commercial sites, news sites, networks and technology, the numbers go higher. So today’s post will walk you through how you can leave your two cents about a blog and have it seen forever!

Furthermore, the more you review, you’ll see the portfolio of sites under your public profile. While this page is where most would like to include their site’s URL as a backlink, there is no such thing here on Alexa. Instead what I did was wrote the site address next to my name.

Alexa Profile

When you do this, if anyone glances at my public profile, they’ll not only see my name but also my site as well. As mentioned, there is no backlink provided here, however the turnaround is the space to market yourself. That’s good enough. The more sites you review, the more you’ll be seen and the more your Alexa will also improve.

On a side note, this may be great for site owners who wish to monetize their sites down the line. Otherwise, if you’re just building a site for fun and not for profit, all this information probably don’t mean much as ranking may not be something that pertains to you. However, read on as it might be something new to learn. :)

With that, let’s get into the process of reviewing a site on Alexa.

Registering For An Alexa Account

Alexa Register For an Account

If you haven’t already done so yet, register for a FREE account on Alexa either through signing up with your e-mail or through Facebook. Once you’re in, input in the site of your choice to see the Alexa ranking under the Site Info tab. Then scroll on down below and find the Reviews tab and click on Write Review.

Most of the time I’m in a hurry and just want to see what’s going on with my Alexaranking, so I found the fastest way, which is basically a quick hack to skim the surface of my blog is to input in :

http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/ + sitename.com (or .net)

This is  great way to pull up the site you want to review immediately. If you take a look below at the reviews for the site, you’ll see that there are Facebook and Twitter buttons to share the review on your social network. This is great for when you want to point out something somebody said about you. Also great for controversial debates to prove your point if necessary.

Writing the Review

I decided to review Entrepreneur’s Journey because it has no reviews at the moment.

Alexa Entrepreneur's Journey Review

To start, I clicked on the Write Review button which lead me to a page where I’ll be able to write the headline of the review, select the star rating (1-5 at 5 being best) and any optional information about the site.

This includes:

  • How do you use the site?
  • What do you like?
  • What do you dislike?
  • How often do you visit?

Alexa Writing the Review

Then you’re free to comment how you like. Alexa suggests:

  • A description of your experience with the site
  • What you like or dislike most about the site
  • Any tips or recommendations you have for other people who visit the site

Alexa writing the review bottom page

Finally, if you recommend this site to a friend. Afterward, you can preview before submitting. Then Alexa will take a look at it before it is published.

Alexa Review Preview

Enabling Readers To Review

Alexa provides users with widgets to put on their site to further asks readers to notice. While this trend is often neglected, it should be something we can all contribute to one another when we can.

Alexa Site Owner opportunities

If you are a site owner, you’ll find that there are traffic and review widgets for you to customize and use. All you have to do is insert your site’s URL and copy the code onto your site. Thus, I ask that you review my site on Alexa. In turn, upon receipt and seeing it, I will review yours. We can start a Alexa-Follow trend. :)

Alexa Widgets

To help bloggers or web surfers who want to build up their review portfolio, installing the toolbar onto your Firefox web browser will allow you to immediately see any site’s ranking. Furthermore, it helps you rank better as well. (Thanks Steve Scott!)

Alexa Toolbar

From there, you can review as much as you want when you’re on someone’s blog. Not only that, you’ll get to see the latest, hottest trends on Alexa as well. This is great for niche studying later on, especially if you want to dive into niche sites.

So just hoover over Toolbar and click on Install Alexa Toolbar to power up your browser for keyword research. Follow the directions on screen and restart your browser if you have to when prompted.

If you haven’t saved anything you’re doing online, now is the time to do so. Otherwise, you’ll see the toolbar the next time around with a lot of cool features. Just have fun and explore the buttons!

Alexa Toolbar

More Information About Alexa

Interested readers who want to advance their usage of Alexa might want to consider reading the Alexa Blog. They provide updates on what’s new and walk-throughs. Content there is rarely updated, but that leaves you time to read more. So do take a look at what Alexa offers and read up on how effective it may be to utilize it’s other features besides taking advantage of it’s ranking ability.

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