How I Reviewed, Rewrote and Revived My Ideas to Keep Hope Alive in Times of Blogging Slumps

As a blogger, it’s a fact that we all run into bumps which either made us fall and can’t get up or you can look at it another way, just sit on it and flatten it out again. Especially when you’re new, being armed with a nice big ambition and an unrelenting desire to crank out those articles can be quite overwhelming. You’re loading onto yourself a heavy stock there.

So one of the ways which you can overcome that feeling is to review mission statements or objectives you’ve made in the past. Doing this allows you to tackle a few matters:

  • it reminds you that you had a purpose in the first place
  • brings back momentum to make your ideas happen
  • let’s you see how you’ve changed in mindset
  • helps you to continue the focus on a topic

Back in my first post, I shared with the blogosphere the first ban ever which I’m ashamed to admit, I’m proud of. Now, this lesson is valuable because I want to share with you the mission statement from that blog which is banished to the dungeons of lost souls forever.

Really, a part of me was lost somehow.

So here is it, from PDFscribe which was shut down. RIP.

There is so much information out there that sometimes you just have to sit back, relax and pop open an e-book.

This blog is dedicated to finding reports and e-books which you can download FREE using your e-mail, RSS or twitter. It acts as a point of reference for my downloading frenzy on the net. As you know, FREE information is essential nowadays to promoting your presence online and it is also becoming mainstream as a marketing tactic which works well to capture leads. So while I’m exploring blogs to find various bits of information to promote my blog, you will see a lot of bloggers featured here as they are the source of most of my subscriptions. Finally, I hope an e-book will ensue sometime in the future as a collective of these subscriptions.

So what will PDFscribe be about?

Mostly about sites who are giving away FREE reports or e-books on various different topics of which the bulk may be in blogging, internet marketing, making money online, traffic generation, SEO and related subjects.

What this blog is not about.

I will not be selling Private Label Rights but if a FREE report is available describing the business it is possible. Also this is a not a Master Resell Rights type of business as I’m not selling reports which you can modify to your name. The reports I find are from the original authors and site themselves and most likely be the way I found them.

What are some goals of PDFscribe?

Future plans will include videos, audios and reviews of the FREE reports I’ve found. This enables me to read them instead of letting them collect cyber-dust on my hard drive. Soon I’ll also include an e-mail subscription for those who are interested, to update you on what’s new. Hopefully with the advent of physical e-book reader nowadays, there will be hardware reviews as well.

Overall, there are so many ideas swimming for this blog. The reason why I’m starting it is because I love FREE information and the internet is a great place to collectively hold all the chaos together good or bad. Now it’s only a matter of reading them and that the hardest part is done, the next step is making the project work.

Until then, I’ll see you on the other side.

The Scribe

It’s amazing how the core elements of this statement hasn’t changed much towards this new blog. There are still reviews of reports being featured and most importantly the e-library which has become a result of this process evolved. While, it’s not final, it presently has a place of it’s own and that’s making it happen.

Therefore, what does this say about your ideas?

They tend to repeat themselves.

I’m repeating this one because I passionately believe in it’s deep ambition to really understand the information I run into. It’s true. The numbers don’t lie. You can say PDFscribe was a child idea which eventually evolved into Blogging For dot INFO. Furthermore, ideas like these happen all the time. The hardest part seems to be picking it up again and reviving it elsewhere.

Not so long ago, I branched back again towards the original aim of reviewing reports. This created a drastic change. I had endless content and the traffic started to come in. Either from the bloggers who I’ve reviewed or the followers who are familiar with them but haven’t yet explored them deeply.

When you combine reviews along with blog commenting, you hands can get kind of full. This can happen if blogging is something which you’re working on consistently on a daily basis. Thus, history itself provides us with a lot of actions. The end result is how it has survived the times.

Are you still thinking about your old ideas?

Christopher Rice wrote an article on Fuel Your Writing entitled How to Avoid Stunted Growth During Writer’s Block. In it he provided a few ways which anyone can get the inspiration to write again. I didn’t see checking your notebooks or ideas so I had to say something about it.

Those thoughts while they may be old have at one time been valuable however disposable. You kind of have to look at it from the perspective of constructing new thoughts but with old puzzles. That’s all writing really is.

Quite frankly you may be rewriting old thoughts in many variations without even knowing it and it’s absolutely OK. Heck, remember my article on how history is worth looking at? I revive old ideas all the time. Call me necromancer or whatnot, it’s brewing your own stock of words.

How are you going to create your history?

Path Fast and Slow image

Because our thoughts alone are weak, rejected and limited to the slumbers of the baffling mind, it is a tragedy which has happened when our conscious have been constantly exposed to see ideas die repeatedly. I’m guilty of it myself. So it’s not an easy task to keep hope alive.

And it is quite a long process to overcome old habits of thinking. Give or take about 3 months is a typical cycle which begins to kick it into your mind for habitual rendering. At least that’s how it works for me. It may vary for each individual. That’s why I think most blogging experts recommend that you blog at least 6 months or more consistently to see where you’re really going in terms of direction or vision.

Once you’ve begin to justify your decision with hope and finally succumb to relevant actions, the processing of your ideas will begin to ask for decisions on your part. This is where you yourself can be challenged.

Accept it. Reward yourself along the way when accomplishments are made. This is crucial to any beginnings. You don’t want to tread on deep waters and then drown. When you can’t kick no more ask for an inflatable tube and lounge in it!

Then be aware, you will be judged.

When you take that to the blogosphere, blogging is pretty much on that same level. You’re going to want to step out of your comfort zone and do some guest appearances. So you’ll start to subject yourself to guest blogging or even write reports which will become information products. Those ideas are going to be relevant to blogging in the future.

Overall, you will start setting goals and that is a really exciting journey towards your online blogging venture. So while mission statements are really a path of one destination, the short-term results which came through are going to project some of the long-term paths that eventually becomes something worth pondering upon. Even in company!

And that makes history worth repeating elsewhere in another element, form or voice so you’re less likely to be in a slump but more pumped to revive ideas you’ve been keeping inside. After all, it’s all part of following your happiness which can mean ka-ching if you really put your mind to it. :)

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