How to Convince Someone There s Absolutely Value and Money to be Made with Blogging

Yesterday, I was able to convince my husband one thing. There’s value with the work I’m doing online. Thus, it’s possible to make money otherwise if I choose to be consistent.

For the last two months as I work on the blogging process, the support he has given me has been great, however in explanation I just told him,

I’ll have to show you in order for you to believe it.

While I knew that the patience he has is tremendous, at least it worked with me :) , I finally found a way to show him how blogging can benefit us long-term.

How did I do it?

Using Mozilla Firefox as my browser for my day to day research and work, I installed the SearchStatus add-on which locates itself near the bottom right of my screen.

Now, my husband isn’t familiar with anything technical about computers besides knowing how to use it. However, he does know numbers so I presented to him what rank I was on Alexa by hoovering over the bar. I did this last week and yesterday mentioned it again.

I’ve been keeping up with the progress of my blog, namely in terms of dropping in numbers because we all know that the closer you are to Google, the better the traffic. So within one month, I’ve watched myself drop at least 20-50,000 each day.

This was possible through three rituals.

  • daily updates on the blog with relevant backlinks
  • commenting on blogs that are better ranked than myself
  • getting rid of plugins and widgets that are slowing down the load time

Overall, these strategies worked wonders and the first day I gave my husband a taste of my blogging process, I told him what the possibility of rank means. I wanted him to see there was real work here and that I’m not sitting at the laptop tapping on the keys for no apparent reason.

To make it easy I said,

Here’s a big lottery and you’re new. You enter in the market but you’re at the very end. Everyday you have to put value and time into your property (your blog). When you do this, the value of it goes up. You can think of it as investing your time into building virtual assets. You can also define it as virtual real estate. What happens is everyday just like real life, there’s a market online which bids and buys these websites. If you build it up long enough, you can make a profit by selling it later if you no longer want to blog anymore.

When I told him that, he began to understand a little of how Google fits into the overall picture. Since it’s number 1 and Facebook number 2, it’s obvious where I’ll be utilizing most of my time and research on.

The tipping point which convinced my husband this online thing is real, was when I used SmartPageRank to give him the analysis of my site. Along with Alexa, it showed how much traffic has jumped, the variety of visitors I had, my overall average ranking and here’s the awesome part, my value.

As you can see from the depictions above, my traffic really went up in a month. I’m averaging at least 10-30 visits a day. While that’s not much, it’s enough to show Google that I’m picking up.

Even though I’m not making much of a bump on Google with backlinks for now, what else does this analysis show me? A large part of my audience is from Yahoo. So I implemented the Yahoo BUZZ button below each post. Another thing is my URL is ranked better without the WWW. I’ll touch upon that in another post. But you can see, even though this blog is valued at $294, it’s enough to show I’m getting somewhere.

When my husband saw how I used SmartPageRank to analyze my blog, he decided to measure the performance of an online game site he frequently visits. Just from seeing that alone he got more curious. So he input in Google and saw how much the company’s site was worth. He began to believe.

Valued at over 3 billion dollars, who would buy Google?

Everyone wants to be like Google. The amount of traffic they get, the information they provide, it all gives value to the online community day to day. I don’t have the money to buy it but if I did, I would if I could.

For now, thinking on the small scale, I’m doing my part to provide value to the blogging community everyday by engaging myself in as many conversations and networks as I can. All the while updating this blog with content to provide new and old readers something to think about.

All of this comes back eventually but it starts with you taking action.

Let’s recap what we’ve covered.

  • If you’re using Mozilla Firefox, install SearchStatus.
  • Keep your blog updated with recent posts on topics which can provide relevant value to your readers. Use keywords if you can. Refer to my review of David Jenyn’s training on SEO for more tips.
  • Eliminate any slow loading elements that stops your site from being as fast as it could. Check your plugins, widget and/or graphics size.
  • Comment on relevant blogs which you’re interested in at least 2-3 times a week. Make posts expanding on these conversations if you can.
  • Check the stats of your blog daily on your browser.
  • Analyze your site at SmartPageRank and Alexa weekly and show it to someone who’s skeptical of believing it’s possible.
  • Write a post and show proof of your progress.

That’s it! I hope you’re inspired to continue to blog. It’s a process which rewards itself in the long run. Best of all, have fun while you’re at it. Integrate any conversations, creativity or even ideas you may have. Don’t be afraid to share with the world what you think!

In the beginning, everything has it’s process so just stick to what you can do for now and take it step by step daily.

Here’s to your progress!

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