How to Find Backdoor Sites That Are Great For Building High Ranking Backlinks to YOUR Site

As I subscribe to get my reports from mailings, I’ve been noticing how double opt-ins work. Thus, you might be familiar with the process.

subscribe -> confirm -> get download

John Chow covered this aspect from an analytical point of view as he taught you how goals are defined in his Ultimate Blog Profits Model. So let’s go into that process further today and follow up on the action which resulted from getting the download.

First, did you ever notice that when you receive your e-mail for the download page that there’s also a possible sweet spot there, the opportunity for you to provide feedback. I’ve seen this with a few marketers in the past couple of months. Some of which you may have already heard of but then again you might have not.

Here’s a gallery presenting my point below.

Rich Schefren with his Internet Business Manifesto

Rich Schefren Backdoor Internet Business ManifestoGeorge Brown with his Traffic Ultimatum Videos

Backdoor to George Brown's Traffic UltimatumKatie Freiling with her Social Media Wealth Manifesto

Step backdoor to Katie Freiling's Social Media Wealth ManifestoEben Pagan with his latest GURU Blueprint Reports

Backdoor at Eben Pagan's GURU Blueprint

James Francis with 7 Deadly Secrets to Internet Marketing

Backdoor at James Francis Easy IM Profits

These are hidden areas that are absolutely immense in traffic. No matter where you are, people from different corners of the blogosphere are leaving comments which can reach the thousands. They are a current and rich source of information which marketers love and because of their time-sensitive nature, you can find them only when promotions are going on.

Recommended By the Gurus

Just from looking at mailing lists alone, you can imagine the amount of subscribers already giving out permission to be promoted products and information online daily. Many of the big bloggers do this as they send over their affiliate links to string your e-mail to their name. So the more and more hungry prospects are presented there, the more and more comments are given. Thus, you have a chance to make an impression here and those who do comment after you probably can see what you have to say as well.

That’s a chance for you to take note of. Plus if the marketer who responds to the posts reads your comment, they will take note of you too. Overall, you’re contributing to a community which is already vibrant with energy. They want to hear what YOU have to say!

Now, most of time you may have abandoned ship and just go for the download item right? Think again the next time around and see how you can contribute to hidden areas like these promotions and see how you can find like-minded individuals who are blogging, marketing or just peeking in to network with someone like you.

So while you’re afraid your message will never be heard here are some advantages:

  • these sites are highly ranked so you’ll get some great backlinks
  • comments sometimes start with the recent rather then the first
  • older posts to more information have more areas for feedback
  • more exclusive insider giveaways with more posts for reactions

Accidental Case Study

The first place which I’ve posted a reaction to was Katie Freiling’s Social Media Wealth Manifesto report. I got some visitors the first week and it waned after that. One of them actually took the initiative and comment. Thus, we followed each other on twitter and build the relationship further.

This goes to show that anything is possible when there’s a large amount of traffic already inside. You just have to be willing to try. So don’t be ready to click the close button next time. Take the time to explore around and get a few links to check out networkers who are ready to send traffic to you.

Start with building a relationship. Open up the conversation first if you have to. Refer to John Chow’s Secrets to Getting Blog Comments if you want to learn more about the different strategies that can help you so.

So are you curious about how I got a backlink? Here’s proof of the actual reaction below.

Here's my proof of backlinking

Contrary to what you may believe, this wasn’t planned. It was accidental as I said. But sometimes what you do without thinking can benefit you more because you’re unaware of it. When you have someone point out to you what they like, what they don’t like, these are opportunities for you to reflect on how you can improve your blogging endeavor and they are great future blogging topics as well.

What I learned is as long as you provide feedback that isn’t the usual praise or ‘following the herd’ mentality, you’ll filter through some genuine connections which are honestly interested in what you have to say. So just be yourself.

Plus, you don’t have to stand out in any way. I think this is highly overrated. You just have to provide valuable feedback and as I said, be yourself. That’s something that works for me and it’s something I will continue to do.

I find that if you jump the wire and are persistent one day, falling off the next,  your followers will notice and you won’t come across as genuine as you first started with your content. So you definitely want to be consistent with what you write about even if you’re implementing a new subject. Your readers will then see how you understand a concept and how you have put it all into action. As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Do what you preach.

Do They Follow?

If you have found some reactions which you like to connect further with, go on ahead and check out the individual’s site. You might want to keep in mind the strategies I used to build value with this blog. Check out my post on how to convince someone on how blogging works to grab the tools which will help you do that. This will help you track a site’s overall ranking.

Reason being, you want to keep yourself mingling with bloggers or site owners who are active not dormant. When you’re both shooting conversations and sharing ideas back and forth, Google likes this. So you’ll both be building value with each other but also working on a blogging relationship.

This provides the wanted backlinks if dofollow is enabled. Plus if you’re both supporting each other in your blogging endeavor, it all starts with leaving the first comment. So reach out and say something. Let yourself be heard and continue to drive those thoughts back and forth consistently.

Your Feedback

Imagine that this is a hidden area, will you comment?

That question wasn’t meant to lure you but challenge you to take action. So I dare you to leave feedback. You can break through the barrier for the next commentator. You’ve already read this far. Now is the time to react.

But if you’re on the see-saw right now with me, here’s a re-cap of what I’ve went over.

  • your e-mail box is full of promotional backdoors
  • these backdoors can provide highly trafficked pages
  • your comment can get a backlink
  • there are other pages within these backdoors in need of feedback
  • write comments that you would SAY in person
  • find some interesting comments to explore
  • reach out and comment on those relevant reactions
  • ask yourself, do they follow?

Remember your e-mail box is always promoting new opportunities which comes with a secret area you can provide feedback to daily. All you have to do is opt-in, go through the process to confirm and once you’re inside the downloading area, make a good comment!

I hope to hear some of your reactions to these hidden areas you’ve visited and whether you commented in these spots or not. In fact, why don’t you share some of those hidden areas here. Promote away!

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