How to Get Your Blog Ranked Under 100k on Alexa

Alexa Current RankThe awesome thing that happened over the weekend – this blog is now under 100k according to Alexa. Yay! Which means I’m well on the way when it comes to monetizing this blog if I wanted to. As readers of this blog knows, the kick could have been more but because the topics are experimental in nature, promoting Blogging For dot INFO has been an organic journey.

Alexa LogoFurthermore, knowing Alexa over the last few months has been quite a pleasure. If you have followed along with the monthly reports, showcasing the changes in numeric trends allow you to practice the art of predictingyour blog’s future. This is a valuable feat when and only when you want to seriously consider the online business down the line. So folks if you haven’t already done so, it’s never too late to look at what you have now.

Here are some references to help you so:

  • June Month in Review
  • July Month in Review
  • August Month in Review

What is Alexa

A little tweak on a New Yorker Cartoon about Alexa ranking

Everyone knows Alexa and strives to improve their ranking with her. For some reason, the statistics from this site in general tells an advertiser if he/she wants to work with you. The upper hand you can get from this is on the bids/pricing of the ads on your site. The keyword which you should focus on here is traffic.

Are you receiving valuable insights from your visitors or are they just bouncing off? The more you can detail the specifics of your audience, the better the catering to it. Other than that, I would say if making money online is your goal, increasing your ranking with Alexa should be one of your concentrated efforts online. Hitting home here is where the heart of online profits are seen.

Some of the things which you can do to boost the ranking of your blog is really simple. However, what’s simple isn’t always easy. So let me share with you some of those strategies which is fair to say has done this blog well in terms of Alexa ranking. Feel free to add your two cents if you feel I may have left anything out. Without further ado, let’s get into the gist of the process.

It’s All About Documentation

Geeks and Documentation

There may have been a few dates missed on this blog dating back to April 7th of this year. However, these bumps weren’t really major. I’ve even doubted myself on the mass information I’ve put out. Overall, committing yourself to a daily dose of blogging effectively is quite a journey.

Who says that ideas are in abundance? You do run dry at some point and it’s not that you’re incapable of writing, the spells of information overload just sits on you like a big fat lady. (Please excuse the pun ;) )

While quality over quantity is preached in the blogosphere, just look at your own standards for what is quality. The first few months online should be more of an experimental filter. Question everything.

One of the mistakes I made was stopping myself from blogging because someone else said it was bad to do so in a certain way. So there is influence here but remember, it’s positive influence you’re looking for. Sometimes you need to make your own mistakes to notice. Not the other way around to which you’re sitting still on your tracks.

The best way to see where you’re heading is to document what you’re doing. This way you get to see the logical steps behind your actions so your emotions won’t get the best out of you. Believe me, we will put up a fight to not continue rather than shut the blib to make something of it. It’s just in our nature.

So when you feel that inspiration is something you need, look at your notes. Where are you now? The timeline I’ve created provides a skeleton of this blog’s progression. Thus, getting your own back is something which works well in this manner. You can’t blame the unseen when in fact, you’ve seen it all. It’s all about taking action and consistent effort towards pitching things out there. Soon enough you’ll see rewarding results.

Letting the Online World Hear You Out

Duty Calls by xkcd

I’ve learned about blog hopping in the latest project I participated in – the 100 Blog Comments Challenge. This will always hold an epic turning point for this blog because not only did it bring together folks from all walks of the blogosphere, but the camaraderie in making it happen was inspirational. This led to the importance of spreading your influence online.

Let yourself be heard outside of your blog. Make an effort to connect, like, share links and favorite one another. Find a community to which you can challenge one another. It doesn’t always have to be like as well. Your two cents can come from righting the wrongs. This works well as an update post for later on.

The outlook you should get from commenting is long-term relationship building. It starts with making an effort and continuing to build yourself through sharing insightful thoughts while you’re leaving traces of yourself out there. Basically, finding out who agrees with you and who won’t is a win-win series of effort.

The benefit is you’re building backlinks on sites which will allow you dofollow. This means they offer to link back to you and in turn give a little bit of their ranking to you. Furthermore, this is great on a personal branding level and is the basic of practicing search engine optimization (SEO). Besides, you won’t know how much value you provide until someone else tells you. Thus, branding is very important here. Just go out there and give your opinion.

Tasting a Bit of Fame

4th Stage of Blogging Fame by Alex HughesPin ItI’m having a ball now because surpassing the first few months of your blogging life should take you into the throngs of three things:

  • guest posting
  • connecting with other like-minded bloggers through small projects
  • clearer vision of your efforts to finding future prospects to build partnerships with

This is the interactive part of your blogging life where your social status online will be found. You probably don’t see it now but the calling will propel you to. When that does happen, you’ll find yourself falling flat on your belly at moments because that’s how busy it’ll be. However, it’s all part of the hard work involved which ranks you high on Alexa.

To keep up with the momentum of your online efforts, scheduling blog posts ahead of time might be a good idea. Next, recognizing opportunities to share your thoughts by acting on them in a timely fashion whether it’s through reviews, writing a counter-post to respond to a conversation/post or featuring the blogger which gave you the thought in the first place.

Don’t let your chances slide. Filtering out what is worthwhile is a matter of taking action and learning from them, not standing by and reading what someone else said. The difference between you commenting on someone’s blog and expanding upon a post of your own is taking the conversation further by making it personal. That’s the magic of blogging online. You have to reach out and be heard. Filter out the hype from the truth by writing about what is relevant to you.

Reminding Yourself That Blogging Means Business

Computer Demands A BlogEach day you neglect to focus on blogging, that’s where your business online will dwindle. Make it a point to devote at least 10 minutes a day to writing on your blog. That’s not a lot but that’s enough to kick start 20 or more minutes into writing an insightful post.

Basically, you can brainstorm a million thoughts but if you aren’t putting those plans into action. Forget about complaining. I’m going to be harsh and say ‘it’s your fault’. I’m guilty of it as well but I’ll admit it because sometimes you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone to see results.

So if you feel like your blog needs a boost in ranking, take a look back at the process above. They have continuously help this blog rank well in the search engines. Moreover, they are the basics to which the foundation of your blog will be build upon. The advancement of it will further continue when you’ve got the hang of ‘thinking that your blog means business’. This can take awhile. Whichever way you wish to go, continue and you will prevail.

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