How to Keep Up With Production in the Industrial Age of Article Marketing

It’s been over 2 weeks so far in the 1000 Articles in 100 Days Challenge and I’m averaging in at 2 articles a day on Helium. The excitement started out with a big bang bringing in over 10 articles on the first day but afterwards, the numbers went down.

Why is that?

Several factors came into place:

  • competition in the titles
  • distraction with contests
  • deletion of articles

Now I’m not saying the complications faltered my spirit, in fact it made me stand back a little bit and see more of what I could do to keep the momentum which will take me to that goal. Thus, I’ve documented the ongoing efforts on the 1000 Articles page.

The Article Marketing Business

As you get yourself deeper into the article marketing arena, writing becomes all about classifying chunks of information and putting them into it’s own proper place. So you practically become a filter which sorts out the goods you want to produce. Depending on demand or need, how well you craft an article will become a matter of time and the creative efforts you’re willing to put into writing it.

I say creative because not everything is the way you think it is. You see, the article marketing business is an open market to which the length, style, voice and formatting of your articles are limited to the place you submit them to. With the 1000 ArticlesChallenge, our goal is to ultimately crank out 10 per day. However, that will take some major industrial organizational skills. Not only that, an arsenal of information to which you already possess is needed to load up your pen.

The Tools That Helps Us

Tied Hand by Filomena Scalise

Let’s imagine for a moment that the industrial age is upon us again and the only way which we can overcome that is to utilize the tools which help us produce the content faster. However, the only tools at the moment which allows us to do that are the article rewriting and submission softwares which literally takes something you wrote or even anyone else’s and spin it for you. Furthermore, it’ll also submit the content for you. Here are some examples of those programs in this FREE list of article spinners.

With Google always changing, the agents for it’s search engines can detect duplicate content now. So with this method, it may seem like you have to learn a new skill just as you’re starting out a new job just so you can beat the system. You see, it’s not a press a button and go thing. It’s more of a highlight, choose possibilities and spin the words factor.

You have to do this for each individual word you want to change. So imagine cranking the machine until it comes out with a well-written article. Basically, the point of these tools is to help you rewrite content. It will vary with the software you use. Thus, the outcome is dependent upon the software which you put into rewriting the content.

Times like these would be better suited to take notes and then input them into article templates. Evernote is one such program that can help you with your brain dumpings. Read the Evernote review to learn more about this organizing software.

Natural Strategies to Gather Information

As we want to steer away from software which might require more time to learn and more editing to work with, naturally writing content should then be an easy job. With that, compiling the content becomes a matter of preparation.

Mannequin Cartel by Filomena Scalise

The first thing you need to do is continuously read, read, read. The topics which you want to fill yourself up with are those that you’re interested in. It might also be a good idea to branch off and be open to something new just to refresh your arsenal a bit. That’s the ultimate source through which all your supply is replenished and stocked up on.

Next, as you’re reading you want to take notes so that you can implement those ideas into an article you’ll write. You’ll be surprise by how much great ideas you’ve got but nowhere to put them. Here’s an article by Dustin Wax on effective note-taking. He mentioned outlining and mind mapping which is commonly used but the one that is the most effective is the Cornell System. This is very similar to the Action Sheet which was created by Scott Belsky, the author of Making Ideas Happen. Feel free to download the Action Sheet in Excel to try for yourself.

Finally, article templates help you put it all together. Let’s say you’ve got your notes and now you need to plug in and write away. Systems which are already outlined help push you to start. You can check out Ezine Article’s FREE Templates which comes directly from the their own blog. Helium’s Writer Resources also has articles on how to format your topics accordingly. As a participant of the 1000 Articles Challenge I find the Helium community forum a great place to network around as well.

Here are some more sources which might help you with writing your articles:

  • Creative Article Marketing Templates
  • Article Speedway FREE Templates and 7 Day eCourse

Instilling Your Own Voice

The head honchos of online news can be found at the Net Top 20. They will give you some ideas on articles which you can spin naturally. Keep in mind, copying word for word is considered plagiarizing someone else’s content. You should NEVER do that. However, who says you can’t take notes, reword it to your own voice and rewrite your own article.

With news, you may find yourself lacking sources in some instance. A way to get over that barrier is to link to the original article as a backlink. That’s if it’s possible, if not just insert the whole URL at the end. This is good if you feel a quote is needed from within. Thus, elementary research would have taught you that citing your sources makes your content credible. So when in doubt, link it.

Other sources which you might find article ideas from:

  • Technorati’s Top 100 Blogs
  • 50 Ways For Writers to Find Article Ideas
  • Using SCAMPER to Generate Article Ideas

Keeping It Related

It’s a good idea to focus on a one specific topic at a time so that you won’t be bouncing all over the place. This is also good mental exercise as while you’re cranking out materials that are relative to each other, your knowledge on the subject also improves. Point is you want to know your subject well enough to continuously write about it in the future if you have to.

Doing this is good for several reasons:

  • Promoting your affiliated products can be more targeted.
  • Writing series of articles on the same topic will be possible.
  • An ebook might ensue.
  • Your article marketing practice will become more valuable in the marketplace.

So you can see, the area of article marketing itself is quite vast and deep. As you go further into the innards of the process, it just gets easier. With a little persistence, production will come naturally. Keeping in mind of the resources and tools above, I’m sure I’ll be cranking out my 10 articles a day in no time. Ultimately in your perseverance, I hope you can too.

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