How to Overcome Fear and Turn It Inside Out

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m going to pass over another Biography Fridays and it’s for good reasons.

There are more important matters in terms of facing and today’s topic is something very real.

After our last conversation about overcoming blogger’s crisis, I thought about the path with great emphasis on the actions that I will soon be making online, and I am afraid.

Scared Facial Expression by Madartists

I am so afraid that I’ve even convinced myself, I need to have fear in order to succeed. However, another fear appears – the thought of never getting around to seeing success.

And I think it is this cycle that we can viciously run around in until the very last breath of air ceases to exist. So how many levels of fear are there?

Now that’s quite a thought.

What I want to do is look at it constructively.

What then can we do if we’re in such a state of mind?

Well, if you’re tired, your decisions will not be clear. Furthermore, fear drains you of the energy and the motivation you need to ignite the passion that is inside of you.

Taking a look back at the months I’ve graciously volunteered to research, gather and document information which I have no doubt readers will enjoy from this blog, I have continued to stick to that process and have not failed in that endeavor since.

That’s something that I’m proud of.

But fear can rid you of that pride.

It’s burning my insides as well and I’m frustrated. And I’m really pushing myself to get out of the rut, because I know that I’m three feet away from seeing gold. I feel my limbs telling me that it wants to give up. However, I’m not like that.

I’m going to be stubborn and the contradiction is, I foresee good things coming.

Somehow, when you invite fear in and let it mutate itself into your thinking, you’re in for a challenge. One which might be the best of your life. However, you won’t see it that way.

You’ll think that it’s a sign to stop, to quit, to run, to cease action.

I have felt all that and confided in my network of friends.

And I am still feeling it.

At times it puts me in a state of paralysis.

And there will be much more greater challenges that will ask me to be strong.

If I am not taking care of the health of the process now, I will honestly never know.

And that is a thought I want to share with you.

We will all fall into the side effects of fear – uncertainty, paralysis, mind-warped thinking.

So you have to be honest with what you’re doing, who you’re working with and what you’ll do.

And you need a plan. Construct a point of reference through which you will follow and stick to it. It’s going to require discipline and that’s where the progression will be seen.

Goal by jscreations

I will be honest with you, it’ll take more than a couple of tries but that’s the process.

This is why I believe there should be some standard to what you do online, a strict discrimination to the type of information you might read. At first I thought about this and I am against actions which puts me in a corner which I have to choose. However, you cannot please everyone.

You must make a choice whether you are ready or not.

The worse that can happen is you’ll fail.

However, if you haven’t accepted it yet, mistakes will make you the expert.

And because perfection is ideal, it’s not the reality which we live in. If that was the case, we’ll all be achieving our goals right now. However, we’re human and in order to understand ourselves, our strengths and finally, opportunities, weaknesses must be overcome.

So for you to get to point B, consider filtering out some grounds which you’ll like to communicate on, and it can be shocking what you’ll see.

Focus and you won’t drain yourself away from getting to your goal.

Furthermore, I am grateful for being around a community which allows me to reveal my weaknesses. Because I am no superwoman. I’m just like you. I have a dream which I want to put into action and through a plan I can make it successful.

And I believe that’s going to happen.

I believe you will achieve that level of success too.

Together, we  can.

And nothing beats an environment through which you can grow gracefully.

So thank you for letting me be me with you. I’m thankful for the support I have now with the new connections I have online.

That is something money will never buy.

I want you to think about the support you have as well. The energy they have given to you to help you no matter how long it took for you to get to the point you desire.

And because they have patiently been there for you, it’s something to honor.

Because it all comes down to compassion.

Let that overshadow your fear and put a smile on your face – your child, your significant other, your family. They all matter. Remember, no matter how many books, information and people you may surround yourself with, if you don’t get the message that awakes YOU to overcome your fear, perhaps you might not ever.

You might not achieve that vision you saw and furthermore, you’ll regret ever trying.

What do you think about fear? How has it turned you inside out?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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