How to Push Yourself Forward When You Feel You’re About to Give Up

Motivation has many mixed emotions to it because there’s just so much which you want to define in terms of purpose, rewards and results. After all, when you don’t feel the muse coming, it might mean you’re just not ‘feeling it’. This is utterly untrue as real work goes on after the initial flow. Sometimes more so after the euphoria of which popular culture has portray it to be, as seen in movies. So your career may depend on this basic awareness to push yourself forward and get over the slumps. Here are some ways which you can do that.

Do the Happy Dance

Silly as it may sound, I have a little toy that does a little happy dance for me. I would wind it up and get into business. After all, celebrating helps you condition yourself to see the end result. It’s essential to remind yourself why you’re doing something in the first place. More than that, the essential part of it is letting the fun instill in you the mindset you need to enjoy the process.

Check out the video below of Max and Molly as they wind up in the office. I have Max. :)

Find A Corner

I’ve mentioned this in Getting Back to the Basics and Refuel Your Purpose. The corner perspective is simple. You find yourself a spot where the vision in front of you is the world and behind, the walls. Whichever way you feel helps you, position yourself so. Through doing this, you can be inspired or see the concepts in front of you and thus, it allows you to grasp a flow which makes work more productive.

When I do this, I’m seeing what’s going on instead of hiding in my thoughts. Sometimes, this may mean putting up ideas on a white board and sitting on the couch and looking at it. Piercing constantly through this funnel and mind mapping out ideas, the thoughts then come and along with it, the articles. So this method allows you to focus not only on what you need to do at hand but helps you avoid letting in too much as well.

Learning About Your Flow

When you learn something new, sleep might be something that’s going to be sacrificed. It’s making the ideas happen which you might be interested in knowing. After all, what’s the value if you don’t put in the effort? Thus, we all work differently. Find your flow and work on it. For me, nights are usually my productive time of day. Mornings are quite noisy and distracting but I find inspirations as well. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t continue working. It just means, I’m not at my greatest.

At every moment, every hour, you should be asking myself, ‘What’s a good blog topic today?’ From that you can see, it’s a constant challenge to push yourself to know when you work well, how you work and what works so that you can get it out of your system. The anticipation at times will build up but it’s all part of the fun in knowing that you have something to look forward to. That’s also the charm which keeps you grounded and happy with work.

Track Your Brain Dumpings

Spheres Balance by Filomena Scalise

You’re probably thinking, ‘Me, brain dump?!’ Yes, it’s quite revealing because not only do you see how you think but you’re also building a healthy habit of organizing your thoughts which makes for better work ethics later. You don’t know how much organizing your time will help you in the long run.

Unfortunately, in our society at the moment, minimalism is ‘in’ and if you’re caught up in spider webs, don’t you think you deserve to give yourself a chance and do the things you want to without being loaded up on the commitments? Now I don’t want to sound overly demanding but I’m speaking for my own self too. I have heaps and loads of work but that’s because I know that I need to better organize my time to complete them all, I track what I think as well. This helps me to not burn out!

Simple systems work best for me and usually drawing a chart with what I need to do gives me a visual perspective in place. Once again, I mentioned this in Getting Back to the Basics and Refuel Your Purpose. You should read that article and let me know what you think. Thus, all this internalization of information is one part of the process through which motivations are found. I can only speak for what I know so let it be something worthwhile for you.

Another way which you can track your findings is through the Evernote program. I recently reviewed it and found it an invaluable piece of software. It’s also great for synchronizing across platforms so when you’re on the run, you have it on your mobile phone, laptop and now the ipad. Read the Evernote review and see if the software is something worthwhile for you.

Recycle, Refine, Release

Envision your template, your ideas and keep it handy for the next project you may encounter. Who says that you have to find new inspirations? Right under your nose are the could have, should have and would haves. It might be a good thing to pick one among the bunch and refine it.

Sometimes I’ll have a look at the archives and read over something that was written at a different state of mind. Revisiting it and making it modern gives it a timeless edge through which new posts can be conceived. Thus, John Chow talks about this in his Ultimate Blog Profit Model and even Nicholas Cardot in his Blogging to the Third Powerbook. Overall, your content is interlinked with each other. When you can rise it back from the dead and give it life again, not only do you have purpose, you have much more to say.

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