How to Remove Your Illusions and Face Life in an Alternate Way

Trauma by Francesco Marino
Nobody is perfect. Yet we’ll run into situations where we’re set to notice how our behavior may be and to us, unaware, it’s not a problem, but to another, who cares right? Wrong. But you’ll talk about it. Share your thoughts with someone so that you’ll confirm to yourself you weren’t being irrational for thinking a certain thing was so. And so what happens? It becomes blown out of proportion and what was small is now big.

Do you recognize this scenario?

Many times, I think to myself, I got to grow up but growing up is a saying that has become cliched over the years very much like something high schoolers say to each other. And it is this very bothersome thought here that a lot of us fail to move forth and go on with better things. We still feel like we need to grow up.

Yet, who are they to cripple our vision, our worth, our identity?

That may be a lot to put on the table but when your emotions are involved, that’s what happens and you end up acting without thinking. Thus, it is something which you need to make a choice on and rather than let it become something which you have to deal with, don’t. Why if it doesn’t give you any value in fighting? So the best way to sometimes solve a problem is to not make it one.

Just walk away. It’s not that important but I know, you’re thinking:

if it isn’t a problem, why am I making a big deal of it?

Good point. There’s a lot of reasons why but the most prominent one is you have so much you want to do. Imagine if you didn’t have much to think about in your day, the responsibilities you would have to uphold, the personalities you face and have had conversations with. All these form a mold which we have been living in and found ourselves creating value with to give back and forth.

Walking away may seem like a big risk right now but on a small scale, it isn’t. Learn to see what is worth the fight and what’s not. Not everything requires your energy to set straight. You can get distracted in the fight that you’ll end up seeing one side of the solution only. This is rather blinding and may take awhile for you to break out of.

This attitude here may seem a bit stuck up but I believe it’s a misunderstanding which overtime, faces and experience will show you that unless it’s a team effort, it’s not worth the fight to uphold any grudges or even create one for that matter. Instead, why not say ‘peace’ and be cool with the way things are. It seems some people just don’t accept that and rather want you to change. Don’t get lured into becoming a ‘victim’.

Reverse Psychology and It’s Effects

Smile 3D by Francesco Marino

It has been known that reverse psychology was one of the strategies for mind control. However, it can also be the opposite and have an adverse effect to make the person who’s performing it to look like a fool. Thus, it’s a risk in that matter.

So who would you rather look stupid, them or you?

I would think, them, right? Exactly. At that point, what happens next might be a repeat or someone in front of you looking like a mime. This is something which in classical studies is called a folly. More specifically in psychology, it was seeing madness in it’s truest form. That’s why the best thing to do is laugh. Laughter cures it all.

While all this is rather vague. I want to point out, that in generalizing your problems you’ll see that it’s nothing more than process. Rather than comparing someone’s action to yours, see of it as something that happened because of an the other person’s inability to cope.

How we cope after all shows our noise but in a world where your actions are judge by your ability to perform, it is also contradictory. What then is true?

To be or not to be, that is the question. – Hamlet

Seeing the Difference

Will it matter that when you walk away from one point, you don’t have to return, but even if you do, you’ve already made a choice to see it differently for the future? Easy to say but not many of us do. I know, I’m guilty of it myself. Now this can be a double blade position too because on one end, it seems you’re facing reality and on the other end, you’re not.

What’s real is absolutely up to you. However, the strangest thing is the world has nothing to do with your choices. They can distract and divert your attention that you’ll end up not doing something or enable you and motivate you to do more of it. Quite frankly, the two personalities sitting on your shoulder do come into play.

Call it the psychology of good and evil, you can’t please them both. Either way your choice will make one happy and the other upset but it’s your overall mindset which needs to control your own thoughts. Take upon the role of commander in chief and be confident that what you’ve pushed forth will provide benefits for all the consciousness of your mental sphere. It’s amazing then how fast you can move on and how minimal the issue was to start with. Just laugh then and make it a day.

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