How to Start An Internet Business

Yesterday I talked about the BUM Marketing Method which is a popular form of article marketing online. In fact, it is quite easy and is regarded as one of the most widely used strategy for making money with affiliate products. You don’t need a blog to see results from this strategy however in today’s post I want to explore the opposite strategy where having a website can benefit you long-term. Thus, this review will be taken from a gem I found from Yaro Starak which not a lot of people have mentioned. I hope you enjoy the article and post any comments you may have.

Sometimes you just have to step back a bit to look at what you’re getting yourself into especially if you’re really going to make money online. With all the hype out there, getting to the core of the process is more than having the tools and books. In fact, it starts with a mindset.

In ‘How to Start An Internet Business … and make your first $1,000 online‘, the equation Yaro Starak gives us is …

Happy Business Owner = Money
Money = Happy Business Owner

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It takes a bit of determination to start anything of value. Self-assessment before taking the plunge is a necessary task but also ask yourself if desire is enough for you to profit. Even to sustain it, you need more than desire.

If you are ready than the report Yaro has might bring you to a better place when you start your internet business.

“Learn how to start your own Internet business and stay happy, healthy and balanced as you do it.”

What This Report is About

The main focus of this report is building your business through finding a skill which you can use to implement, such as a hobby. Using the vehicle of what the internet offers, you can build a presence online and promote yourself in a genuine way. Yaro Starak does not try to sell you anything. In fact, he asks that you don’t when you’re building yourself.

The report starts off with True Lessons Learnt. You get a glimpse of who the author is and in return what is the purpose of the report.

“I feel it necessary to inject some of what I learned about life as I was learning about business. As I found out, they are not mutually exclusive disciplines…as you progress through your business life you will come to realize that business is as much about you and your relationships with other people as it is expenses, revenues and profits… I have gone one step beyond providing pure business advice aimed solely at maximizing your profits; I also want to make sure you understand what leads to a happy lifestyle as an Internet business owner.”

In addition to great advice, Yaro also provides more in-depth descriptions of how he has ventured online making money on his blog, Entrepreneur’s-Journey. What I find particularly interesting is the video ‘How I Make Money Blogging‘. It’s about 20+ minutes packed with useful sites you can use to implement into your blog. Yaro always keeps in mind his audience so there’s no selling here as well.

The report is then broken down into separate sections where he adds activities for the 8 main points thereafter. These are the foundations marketers always talk about but often tend to emphasize less the importance of so you know the guy’s the real deal.

Helping You to Become Better

As you start your business and fill it with passion, knowing how to manage work is always the hardest part. Yaro takes you on a discovery of understanding what you’re getting yourself into. I find this valuable as the exercises that compliments each section are necessary to understand how you can profit online as well as offline in the real world.

Not only that, he also states a caveat:

“Websites take a long time to gain traction and an audience, so if you want get into Internet business be prepared for a long-term commitment.”

I couldn’t wait to implement the activities that was in this report. Yaro has taken a rock and mold it into little stepping stones for me.

“The entire entrepreneurial process is about education. From day one, you are constantly learning. Marketing is all about learning what works by testing and re-testing, slowly optimizing results one percentage point at a time. Selling is all about learning how people act, so you can ensure that your actions produce the desired responses. Managing human resources requires learning how people derive satisfaction from work and how you can leverage other peoples’ talent to grow your business. All of these ingredients – plus many more – must be studied, developed and experienced to become a successful entrepreneur.”


Yaro is the creator of two successful training products online:

Blog Mastermind
Membership Site Mastermind

You can also obtain FREE reports on both product pages which you can grab by subscribing through e-mail. This will put you on his mailing list to receive Yaro’s personal blog tips. On top of that, you’ll get updates on new videos and podcasts he posts frequently online about how you can run your own internet business.

I highly recommend subscribing to Entrepreneur’s-Journey as it is jam-packed with information you will want to read again and again. His style is down-to-earth and real so you can be sure there’s no sales pitch coming at you.

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Don’t forget to join Yaro’s blog tips mailing list, you’ll receive your copy of ‘Blog Profits Blueprint‘ and also download ‘The Membership Site Masterplan‘. They’re great for learning how you can get your feet wet in the lucrative world of making money online through blogging.

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