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The possibility to challenge yourself with something different is exciting to think about. Blogging is such an exercise which does this for many reasons. It allows you to reflect, share, vent and document what it is that you like. Moreover, the creativity which is part of the process teaches you something about yearning.

So as you go deep, you’ll begin to see that some days this blogging thing doesn’t come so easy. It seems passion just like lust can sway and come and go. The motivation and inspiration to write lingers on the indecisiveness of your vision. No feedback. No comments. Without much support, it’s basically a lot of hot air which nobody really cares about. That’s harsh but the reality is, when nobody cares, who wants to know?

Blogging in it’s Infancy

Back when social networks like MySpace was predominant. The blog feature was an interesting point for me to experiment with. I didn’t have much to say but my thoughts on get paid tos had a place to feature themselves. I don’t remember what account that was anymore. That was a long time ago. It doesn’t matter now.

What matters though is while I was willing to put out my thoughts and share it with the world, I had no fear. The desire to just do something and have it publish was good enough. It didn’t matter if anyone liked it or not. I already put it out there. Contrary to today, with so much widespread ideas on what should be done, blogging can be a difficult place to tap into if getting readers is your primary goal.

Trend Towards Guest Blogging

Freelancers would flock to sites like Problogger to look for paid blogging gigs on the blogboard. Small business blogs are now putting up classifieds to pay for bloggers who will crank out continuous relevant content. It’s now becoming a common trend to guest post on blogs. Behind the scenes, aspiring copywriters and bloggers are building a portfolio to strive for a taste of a problogger’s dream.

Guest blogging has been around for awhile and while it is something worth looking into, it is quickly becoming a must-do activity which many beginning bloggers are encouraged to try. The advantage is if you’re successful, the results will produce enormous traffic and back-links from user comments. Thus you’ll be introducing new readers to your pool and the possibilities to build your blog are endless.

Here are some places online which you may want to explore with guest blogging.

MyBlogGuest You can input your Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg and Delicious account into your profile. So whatever it is you’re following, it will become visible to bloggers who are looking for guest writers. Get updates through e-mail on your chosen tags and be notified when a new guest blogger has joined the network. There’s a forum here so you’ll want to take advantage of that and find relevant guest bloggers to work with. It’s FREE so take the chance to network and mingle.

BlogSynergy Another FREE guest blogging network. Once you’ve activated your account you’ll want to fill out your profile. Write a little bio about yourself and also a separate writer’s bio as well. You can choose your categories and request a guest blogger of your chosen niche. Blogs and writers can be found easily through browsing each section. This is like a Craigslist for guest blogging. It’s still in the early stage of beta testing so get the most out of it while you can.

BlogCatalog A very broad network here but once you’re in, take the time to explore the community who are eager to send traffic, learn about who you are or build an alliance. Groups can be found in the directory so you can explore many blogs. My favorite tool is the shout box. It’s a great way to interact and let bloggers know you’re interested in guest blogging. You can follow, favorite and review other blogs as well. The process is reciprocal so the possibilities with this site is endless. Just don’t get addicted to exploring the blogosphere. Stick to the 80/20 rule of focusing on one task at a time and you’ll eventually find a blog worth guest blogging for. Good luck!

While it’s a known fact that many of the blogs you’ve been reading about have been frequented by guest posts, here’s your chance to rub in some elbow grease and craft a piece that can be read by many. Most blogs now have a guest blog page which details what they want from their guest bloggers. Make sure you check it out when you go about writing your guest post.

So if your blog is desperately waiting for traffic, why not guest blog? How your efforts turn out can give you a better understanding of where to go next. The huge competition will show you the true effect of what will work and what won’t. It’ll take a couple of tries but don’t be afraid if a blog refuses your post though. Just give it another go and if it doesn’t work out, move on.

Grow With Each Other

Blogging is a process that has become deeply studied and it’s an experience that can provide many users the opportunity to market what they know. The greatest part is the information is provided FREE! No matter what corner of the blogosphere you’re in, you’ll most likely find answers through subscribing through blog newsletters or get that e-book which answers your question.

Working with keywords, building an army of back-links and establishing content that is cranked out continuously, it’s not for the technical-savvy and definitely not for those who hate to look at data. The time you waste learning how to do search engine optimization (SEO) could very well be used for time researching about your next content. Monetizing traffic can look like you have to have some balls of steel to handle the fluctuations.

The last thing you’ll want to do is deplete your resources. So when in doubt, ask for help. There are already many bloggers who have been in the game for a long time. Check out the networks I presented to you above. There’s always going to be someone resourceful.

Blog For the Experience

Bloggers are a rare breed who knows that it’s all about bringing back the juice. If they can help you to achieve your goal, your word of mouth is as good as gold to them. We all know that traffic is where the money is at but the real money maker here is the experience.

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