Inflate Your Head With Time, Even Though You Don’t Have Enough of It

Time by Salvatore Vuono

For the past couple of days, I’ve been taking my sweet time to practice the art of doing research on writing articles for Helium and a few things were revealed to me – the importance of note-taking and better writing. With that, I’ve neglected my blog and skipped a couple of days. I apologize and now that I’m back on the bandwagon, I’m more concern with the shifting of my thoughts and creating time for new endeavors even though sometimes I feel I don’t have enough to begin with.

So what do I do?

Recently, I wrote a guest post on Technshare entitled Get Back to the Basics and Refuel Your Purpose. In it I shared my strategy for organizing your workload. Not only that, the psychology which goes behind the corner perspective was revealed. Overall, the most important thing is the feedback which comes with your past actions.

With that, you have to ask yourself:

What worked? What didn’t?

It’s all in the comments, tweets, diggs and stumbles. Surprisingly, being a one hit wonder is the last thing anyone wants to be but in keeping it humble, taking the time to learn what you have to is key. It keeps you grounded personally and professionally to continue sharing what you’ve learn. Thus, there’s value in time no matter how much you have of it.

Take Your Own Advice Before Anyone Else’s

One of the biggest misconceptions which comes with learning something new is taking new advice for granted. Perhaps it’s an enhancement for fueling your thoughts but when it comes down to helping you, does it really? As I’ve mentioned recently in developing a vision to work for yourself, you have to first start with what you know. All that glamor and pizazz is only going to slow you down if you think for a moment, it’s real. Thus, if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

I know I’m throwing a lot of cliches out there but the point is time is your friend here. Don’t rush to try things and get yourself thrown into a commitment which you don’t really have the heart for. When you do that, you’re doing no one a favor but worse, waste everyone’s time. In the end, is it any wonder the feeling of uncertainty to which the wonderment of success might never come emerges? Take your own advice before anyone else’s and think in terms of sense before sensibility.

No Such Thing As Losing the Mojo

Timeless content is always somewhat of a tricky matter to expand upon, because most of the time we don’t think about the implications which our future holds. With that, we write only of the moment and forget that ‘oh yeah, someone else is behind me’. This is especially true of excitement that loses it’s mojo in the first month.

It is estimated that on average 3-6 months is needed for any habit to kick in. Automatically the invisible steps which have closed behind you are revealed again through persistent and consistent efforts. This is true. The longer you craft your road, the more visible it will become. Thus, outlining your work so that you can refine it makes success worth the actions taken. You didn’t lose your mojo, you just forgot how it looked like.

Make Use of ‘Here Today, Gone Tomorrow’

Distractions are one of the major areas of concern when it comes to chasing dreams. Not only does it waste your efforts but it also gives in to weaknesses which can then turn destructive. OK, I’m going to take the iPad as an example. I’m not saying it will be gone tomorrow but the emergence of it already has a strong following. The influence here is absolutely powerful. But is it worth it? Perhaps in a couple of years down the line as it evolves. Take a look at the ipod. How long did it take before it became mainstream?

Trends like these happen all the time. We all buy into things and even I myself am guilty of it too. That’s because it’s exciting, new and refreshing. However, the turning point here is expensive. Underneath, it is a dressed up doll with an overall worked up body in a new machine. So how can you turn off this bright light? You don’t. You make use of it through learning on the curbside. After all, time is on your side. With demand, comes affordability.

Use Your Illusions

Carnival by Salvatore Vuono

Who says that with all the pressure, you can’t be creative with what you’ve got? One of the best things that have emerged throughout the centuries is the human ability to cope and learn how to effectively. You may kick and scream now but after awhile, the next person kicking and screaming is exactly the way you were. Do you then recognize yourself? It’s time looking at you in the mirror.

This is likened to a carnival where the masks everyone wears begin to slip but because they have gotten used to having it on, they continue to wear them tightly. So that means you too can appear two-faced. This can be of an advantage for anyone because while you may appear to be unreal, you actually aren’t. I know this is confusing but let me explain.

There’s a lot of catching up to do. The world is full of choices and the time and place for all of it is never enough. With that, ‘faking it to you make it’ comes in. It’s all mindset. Real. Unreal. In time, the convergence of these factors is a result of how strongly you believe in your choices. With that, I’ll end this article as it’s enough to inflate your time today.

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