Integrate Relative Conversations into a New Blog Post

Sure enough, time and time again, you’ll find that the blogosphere gets a little more narrow and narrow as you hit the circuit of blogs which are on your hitlist. Now, I’m sure the conversations you’ve had were quite amazing and furthermore, the thoughts of ever making them into posts never occurred to you.

murray lune imageThat’s what happened when Murray called me out. Brought it to my attention when he wrote about his predictions for trendspotting on the web. It kind of got me by surprise but looking back, Murray wrote an article on how to network and build lasting relationships with other bloggers. That was the conversation I participated in.

Now, I’m a subscriber and reader to his blog. Fate? No. It’s timing, following up and persistence with connecting through blogging.

In other words, I’m not saying to gossip and call someone out on their faults. Unless your working with TMZ or their groupies, that’s not my prerogative. However, in terms of great conversations, I’ve had more of a fruitful one when it is relayed into something another blogger and I have conversed on.

It might take a little calling out of names but that’s to showcase how they’ve given value to you through conversing on their blog. In fact, take a good look at the latest comments you’ve been receiving. From this case study per se, see how it has helped you continued a relative conversation in a new post which naturally came from one of your blog comments or one which you’ve commented elsewhere.

By doing this, you’re really saying:

Hey, here’s what I got out of our conversation. What do you think?

Now, I spoke about how I’m quite shy. Honestly, I am but the shyness which really fronts my true intentions begins to take a backseat when the conversations which pokes me asks for my input. From thereon, shy is not what I’ll call it, it’s confidence building through taking on an initiative.

If someone had taken out their time to connect, wouldn’t you do the same?

That question there answers what lies beneath.

I’m guilty of leaving some of my early commentators alone. That’s because I didn’t know better! However, all lessons have value. You got to keep moving on. Learn and let go. Start with you and everyone else will get better as well.

community imageRecently, the conversations on this blog has taken on a larger crowd. Could it be the topics I’ve pitched out there became better? The connections I’ve build? No matter, what’s important is the increase in numbers bring in more thoughts, more ideas, more influence.

It is this influence part where I’m beginning to find that there’s a deeper part of me who wants to dig into the true essence of social media online and I’m so grateful. How can you find that inner part of you that reaches out to your peers?

Perhaps that’s something you yourself find as well as you communicate with your readers who you can now call your friends. This following towards connecting then takes on a personal responsibility with your blogging endeavor. It is here that the test of your agility with the blogosphere beckons you to learn how to swim.

It’s lap time baby!

Overall, what has commenting taught me?

Each conversation is a chance for you to connect further. No matter how small, how big or even how much you care about the topic, when you say hello, that’s it, just let it rip. Don’t hold back. It’s going down.

I know this might sound like an extension of the 100th post but really it’s essential to know who you’re talking to. Equally more important to know who they are as a person. Not what they’re involved with.

Alex Jeffreys’ students have really caught my eye and it has made me respect the marketer for his ability to provoke in them the urge to do so. Because I have seen so many of them on other blogs, it peaked my curiosity which in turn helped me churned out the article about him. It is this power they have in building a community to stand strong that makes Alex one heck of a leader.

Overall, I hope you’re leading yourself towards relative conversations which carries onto your blog as well. Not only will they bring in mass traffic but let’s look at it from a non-blogging perspective, you’re communicating with people on a topic you’re interested in. Perhaps even passionate about which is even better. Much better.

That’s the type of relationship you want. But it might not be so easy to start. Sometimes, it takes a couple tries to build up that courage to stand tall and say ‘let’s talk more about it‘. When you’ve made that connection, just remember, the potential is endless.

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