John Chow Can Convert Anyone Passionate About Making Money Online Their Lifestyle

I’m skeptical at first of John Chow because I think some of his practice and ideas are unethical but I let my judgments ride the backside and last week decided to give into my selfish temptations. I wanted an iPad. So putting down these thoughts towards work, I decided to dive into the dark side of evil.

I did that by looking through John’s recent materials. Then I got a glimpse into the mind of John Chow dot Com.

That led me to review a couple of things:

  • The Ultimate Blog Profit Model
  • The Secrets to Getting Blog Comments
  • Make Money Online Book

John has been cranking a lot of stuff out lately and it’s towards the launch of his next opening for Blog Profit Camp. Recently, he just released his new ebook entitled The Dot Com Lifestyle. Subscribers to John Chow’s Ultimate Blog Profit Model mailing list will be getting dibs on this. So just like Secrets to Getting Blog Comments, you have to opt-in to receive this ebook.

What Can You Expect From This Ebook

John Chow's Living the Dot-Com Lifestyle CoverThe one thing which I admire the guy for doing is he keeps his tone consistent throughout all his releases. This is something which shows you John has hone his craft and when you read his work, there’s no other but John that comes through. You actually see John the guy behind the paper not John the dot-com mogul.

This ebook unlike the others will not go into the technical aspects of making money online. It’s more geared towards mindset and habits. So there’s a little reverse engineering here which you might want to put into perspective if you really want to understand the responsibility that upholds the dot-com lifestyle.

Overall, John covers five rules which encompass the philosophy he believes enabled him to live prosperously each and every day running his blog online. He’ll take you through each as he explains how they help you become productive.

Time, Money and Location Freedom

How much you work and how effective it becomes all depends on your ability to measure your time. There’s just so much hours in a day and for someone to spend all of it online is kind of absurd. Especially if you want to get ahead, you’re going to have to learn how to let go. Thus, it’s a matter of how you see your time traded.

John gives you a couple of reasons why you should consider yourself in terms of trading. So you don’t want to give it your all even though that’s what you’re actually doing but it’s a matter of learning how to leverage your time here. You don’t want to work and burn yourself out completely.

Putting away some of the work which doesn’t motivate you can eliminate some of the barriers towards working efficiently. Thus, it has a lot to do with people. John explains how people are essential to the dot-com lifestyle. In fact, it’s the root of the process but before you can even utilize people well, you have to learn how to utilize your time well. All in all, this makes the whole system work.

This increases the money you have, the time you got and your ability to be anywhere you want without restricting yourself to time. I mentioned this when I talked about gearing 20% to your success. The time management of people is something worth considering for the future, knowing that it gives us a lot of benefits towards working on other projects which we may never have accomplished on our own.

Dot-Com Lifestyle is Serious Business

There’s a serious tone underlying this report and it makes you aware that while making money online is something John does well, it’s also understanding the difference between what makes him work well to get there. The point I got here is absolutely one of value which many will tell you is hard to accomplish.

Most of the time it’s because we’re so ingrained in our habits, reaching out to something new and trying to implement it into our already inhibited lives seems more troublesome than beneficial.

Why is that?

Is it because we’re all doomed to failure and thus will never reach anywhere near as successful as John Chow? I would hope not. That’s something which creates barriers for us and if that is so than there must be a lot of opportunities being thrown out the window everyday.

Making a lot of money is easy. It is really not that hard to do. However, every one of us have the same amount of time. We can have unlimited amount of money but we will always have limited time.

How are you spending your time?

This goes back to ask if you’re serious about the business you’re in. You want to consider the business side of the equation and while it doesn’t seem so for now. It will eventually.  Each and every day you’re working online is time spent building your dot-com lifestyle. Why not take it serious?

My Personal Barriers Towards Change

The hardest part for me is turning a hobby into something which I’ll be making money with. It didn’t work the first time around even though I was passionate about writing music. The thought of myself making money from my creative thoughts was ridiculous.

Eventually, I figured out what I was afraid of – success. I was afraid I was going to miss out the laid-back lifestyle I had, the freedom which allowed me to bum around on the weekends and also the freedom to do what I wanted to randomly.

Turning that mindset around to see that even a small taste of it was making me feel guilty of giving into my passion for money. Thus, they call it selling out. That’s not what I wanted to do.

When you begin to commercialize yourself that’s something which takes a lot of responsibility. I wasn’t ready for all that. I wasn’t willing to take on my own voice which sang deeply about life, worries and pains. Overall, I felt the passion die down when I looked at it from that aspect.

So while that serves as a ramp for me to stand on, I have learned since then that I have put myself low on the pedestal when I should be raising the torch for triumph high. I won’t be doing that anymore from now on. That’s for sure.

What did The Dot-Com Lifestyle Showed Me?

It all starts with you. Anything can be accomplish if you want it to. It’s a matter of experience and seeing it from a business perspective. There is no right or wrong. The ethical part of it can actually limit you from your growth. Thus, find that productive part of you, not the soul. That will come later.

Welcome to the dark side.

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