Make Your Readers Feel Comfortable Browsing Through Your Site, Not Overwhelm Them

I’ve got a comfortable bed, I admit it. My younger brother would come in while I’m in the middle of reading something, sits next to me and starts to remark

Man, how can you read in this!

It’s comfortable. When I’m feeling relaxed I like to sink in. Get into the drive of learning something new and forget the world around me.

Just yesterday as I laid down to sleep, the idea of comfort crossed my mind again. So I wanted to put something that was representative of it on the blog. A bed would be too extreme and that’s not what this blog is all about. Then the next thing that crossed my mind was a sofa.

Now, normally, I’ll call it a couch but sofa is the term which outruns it according to Google. This brings me back to my high school days when I had albums by The Cranberries which remarkably had a sofa on each of them.

It makes sense that most of the songs that Dolores sings about is on freedom, politics and love. Much like what most bloggers blog about today. And I always admired that she was the gal amongst the guys and with that she made her voice distinct as she leads them through what became the most successful career of their lives. Now that’s standing out!

A few days ago I had a few mix responses on search engine optimization verses valuable traits. The win eventually tilted towards values. As a blogger, you should constantly look for ways to inform, reach out and get to your readers without all the bells and whistles. So making them feel comfortable is one way of bringing value to them.

You want them to open up to you and tell you what they like and if possible what they don’t like as well. However, we’re all used to silence at some point and that there is your heads up for what may be something readers may not like.

Implementing Comfort

The first sketch I found was a draft of a physical representation of a possible sofa. I stuck with it for a few days but the impersonal aspect of it made me look further for a realistic choice. Here’s a clip of it below.

Considering the brick walls and random header of shapes, letters and design, deciding on what site to browse through was my next step. According to Google again, the most popular site to shop for sofas on is La-Z-Boy.

Through their catalog, I found something representative of the sketch above and I settled on the Dalton which was similar, large, good enough for two and great for making conversations.

Then the process of colorization began. I started out with black leather which I thought was something that would fit. But as I left it on, the darkness didn’t do too well. It made the header seem off. So I went the total opposite and leaned towards beige. Again, not a very pretty color to stick with. Too plain.

Thanks to the web’s increasing technology, with one click you can arrange, shift and zoom in and out to see the density of the fabric which made the process of shopping easier.

I finally settled on the blue. Why? It looked comfortable. What do you think?

Making Conversations

There was an interview a few weeks ago from Murray Lunn with Jonathan Beebe which I really liked entitled Insights and Interviews: Jonathan Beebe of MMO Work. It gave me that warm feeling you have sitting on a sofa with some drinks and making great conversations.

In fact, if you think about sofas today, they play a major part of our lives in decorating our living space even for our special guests who drops by to hang out.

Thinking back throughout the years, sofas have served me and my family well in events and gatherings. It was on the sofa where most of the conversations and genuine thoughts of curiosity fell through.

Because of that comfort factor, I’ve become a regular of Murray’s blog He’s a great example of comfort. His posts are packed with great information and he goes the distance to bring value for his readers by implementing real world situations without all the hype.

Now, I don’t have that great of a skill as Murray but I like testing out new ideas with my sidebar. :) It’s the reason why you’re always seeing physical changes and items shift around. Plus, I want to know what’s the best way to reach out to my readers. Basically, I just want to make conversations.

As blogging becomes an important part of my daily routine, the comfort I get from looking at it and that of which my readers will as well, is something to think about. I’m always asking myself, ‘What’s a good way to get this message out there‘? Overall, what’s a good strategy for making conversations?

When I started out this blog, getting numbers was something I wanted more than anything because just like everyone else, I thought it would be a good investment. However, there’s not much to talk about when you’re thinking about ways to benefit yourself all the time.

Think about it, would you talk to someone who’s always talking about themself. Instead, the only thing you can do is listen.

When you’re listening you’re not really talking so do you want your readers to listen to you or interact?

Comfort As Purpose

For the future, I would like to continue with comfort as a purpose for blogging. I think it’s something you should think about too. Creating a flow or a hub for conversations to take place is quite an accomplishment and if you can reach that pivotal point, you’ll find the best ideas and friendships are build from there.

Now is it important for you to create interactions or do you just want your readers to listen?

When you can answer that question, you’ll find that it’ll change the way you write tremendously. The way your readers follow you is through what you have to say. You got to give them something which they will give back. Remember, conversations are a two-way street.

Most would call this process as a call to action. Same concept. Just create your own definition for it.

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