Making eCovers the Non Photoshop Way For Beginners

One of the essential ‘to do’ that all online bloggers will want to add to their arsenal of distributing information online, is add a graphical element which entices their readers to click through. Besides the header which we all see as the personality of our blogs, the next coming highlights normally comes from buttons, badges or covers that displays our promotions or current studies. Yet we all aren’t avid Photoshop users. Despite what the beautiful blogs may say, the majority of us still haven’t been Macified as well.

Now with those graphical elements, most of the time you’ll notice that they are in a form of an e-cover design for a report, program or product you’re promoting. When you’re displaying such, they come uniquely designed with a sizzling 3D cover and are actually relevant to their site and theme. So what we end up seeing is information that is packaged to look professional and attractive. Furthermore, it entices us to buy!

So depending on the design you’ve chosen, whether it’s a box shot or even a 3D variation, you will get more click-throughs than a flat, dull design. How can we then do the same for our blog when we don’t know a thing about Photoshop?

I’ll try to stay away from the premium programs as they are limited on trial and most of the useful features end up being disabled. So the resources presented in this article are found FREE online through subscribing or accessing the webmaster’s page. Plus, I don’t want you to shell out so much on your endeavor with getting a cover together.

Without further ado, let’s begin with the available options we have as a beginner.

Ways to eCoverMy eCover Maker – This is the site where I got the template for the report you are seeing now on this blog. Moreover, with over 5 FREE choices to choose from, just select your cover, design, crop selected area, insert text, clipart or your own images and finalize. You have the options for modifying your text in color, style and size so don’t worry about one look.

Take a little time and see what works for you. Best of all if there are other options you want to explore, don’t hesitate to sign up for the premium services. However, the free ones are good enough for many folks to start. ;)

No registration, nor opt-in to make your covers here.

My eCover Maker

3D Box Shot Maker – From Boss Eye, easy to use utilities, this small program, can take two pictures, one for the side view and another for the main view to put together into a box shot for you. Then you can save the file on your hard drive as a bmp, jpeg, gif or png file.

The only downside here is the images tend to lose it’s quality if they are very colorful. You begin to see blotches. So it’s better if you’re working on simple graphics that has text only. It’ll come out better. Another thing is there is only one design so users who like options might not find this program attractive.

You would have to download and install the executable file in order to use the program.

Boss Eye 3D Box

Free eCovers eBookFree eCovers eBook – Those of you who have a little graphic experience might find the templates in this ebook worthwhile. The design, however, may be a bit outdated as there’s that nostalgic feel to them, but yet they are still usable for many who wants to get an idea of how to design their covers.

Through a little tweaking you can get some professional looking content out the door. There’s at least 3-5 variety in boxes, ebooks, membership cards, spiral books, cd covers and more. Altogether you can say there’s about over a dozen templates for you to tamper with.

This is an executable file you have to opt-in to receive with an internet connection to read.

3D Package Logo3D Package Online – Built your 3D eCovers onsite. Choose from a book, CD box or CD with box, 3D box or DVD box. You can also rotate the result around to your liking and then save as a jpg, gif or png file. The result is an instant high quality production without any installation or even registration online.

The only downside is there is no choice for inputting text here. So your images has to already have the text on it. Try creating a flat image from My Banner Maker or text art from Font Image Generator and upload it to your design.

No registration, nor opt-in required to use.

3D Package Online

eCovers Using Free Tools Version 2eCovers Using FREE Tools – This ebook will show you how you can create your unique covers using, a freeware tool. Not only that, Adrienne Lee, the author goes the full mile to show you where you can download free graphics as well.

There are also many more choices here from sites which you can create cool text graphics to implement into your cover and templates to a whole slew of more recent goodies! This will be great for anyone who’s into the thrill of bargain hunting and making good use of freebies.

This is an opt-in free offer.

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