New Challenge PLUS Find Productive Ideas For Generating Articles

Being bit by the bug of blog challenges lately, it’s been a ball interacting, giving feedback and connecting with other like-minded folks who actually do care about blogging professionally. Just take a look over at my 100 Blog Comments and 7 Link response and you’ll see what I mean.

To follow the same pattern and take it up another notch, to get into the article writing market, the first thing you have to do is choose a directory you want to work with. That brings up the next challenge which is already answered for me when I signed up for the 1000 Articles in 100 Days Challenge presented by Murray Lunn over at

1000 Articles in 100 Days ChallengePin ItWith the 1000 Articles in 100 Days Challenge the chosen directory will be Helium. You are challenged to join him in writing as much as you can in the 100 days starting today. So if you’re thinking 1000 articles is quite a lot, the point is to get you writing as much as you can. Who knows, maybe you could make it halfway or even accomplish the monster of it or even overdo it. It’s a challenge, have fun!

Check out the prediction below to see what I mean and I’ll quote Murray here:

1,000 articles x 1 page view @ 1c each = $10 a day

30 days x $10 = $300 extra a month!

The kicker is in the next coming line:

1,000 articles x 10 page views @ 1c each = $100 a day. Holy crap!

Now you’re wondering what Helium is. In relations to article marketing it’s basically another EzineArticles, Squidoo, etc. which allows you to make money from revenue sharing. I’m just getting into exploring around the area so updates will be posted and reviews of how-tos will be up soon but for today, it’s the official challenge start.

Overcoming the Self

I’ll admit, I do have the heebee jeebies when it comes to writing for anyone else or even outside my blog online. That’s because all challenges comes with production. Contrary to others, my writing alone consists at the moment of guest blogging, this blog and another as well as any idea generation pieces which comes along in the middle of the night.

The advantage is I’m currently on hiatus so I have plenty of time to write and with the usual blog updates and optional guest blogging, you can say on average at least 2500+ characters are pounded daily. Now to amp that up to possibly 2-4 more articles within the 400-700 range we’re talking about 3500-4500+ more cranking out.

That will require a bit of discipline and hardcore kung fu article marketing strategies.

What are My Options?

I recently read Pat Flynn’s July Monthly Report and in there he mentioned an article writing software which he was experimenting with on his niche sites. That there got my attention because it’s something I will soon be doing too. Not only that, the creator of the software is none other than Jonathan Leger, who back than wrote the $7 Dollar Script for websites. Very popular when affiliate marketing was picking up.

Overall, they’re both great at what they’re doing and it is good timing as I’m getting myself deep into the guest blogging/article marketing business. So am I interested?

To Write or To Rewrite, That is the Question

It’s quite tempting to load up a software, configure the settings, adjust the wording and spin a well-written article. However, the technical know how which comes with that might not be deserving of it’s glory. Let’s look at the bad side first so we can get it out of the way:

  • You’re wasting valuable time learning a new program
  • There are too many tweaks so you could have written the same article maybe even twice
  • You still have to revise, edit and rewrite it over

While it’s tempting to write, spin or rewrite an article with software, you have to keep in mind if the technical barriers are something you may have a problem with. If so, it might be a better idea to write your articles by hand.

Business People by Luigi Diamanti

Let’s be realistic here, if you’re hard-headed like me and want to learn whatever is out there, the time you spend now to learn will reap you later. By all means do what you feel you have to do to get ahead but know how you work. As long as it aligns with where you’re going at the moment, just remember to document what you can and share!

The good side is:

  • You’ll be saving time in the long run investing in the education now
  • Once you’re familiar with one program, the rest is scraping the same way
  • You’ll learn to speed read

With the disadvantages over the advantages and the probable investment long-term, it’s not going to hurt to try. Overall, I’m into the hand-written flow which feels more real yet incoherent at times. There’s just the flaw of the human folly to it. With that, high quality articles will never be replaced by the human writer but I must admit the templates which comes with the rewriting programs nowadays are really handy and provide some means of cranking out new ideas when you get the writing slumps.

What Other Places Have Good Ideas?

Affiliate marketing strategies have some places which they usually recommend you go to for product ideas so I’m sure they can apply to the agenda as well.

Some of those places are:

  • Clickbank
  • Amazon
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Forums
  • Popular Posts

Feedback from posts that are still receiving comments after they have been published are one of the best sources for timeless pieces of information to write about out there. So it’s good to include them too. The inclination for reading blog comments came after I saw how incentives kept the blogosphere active. Thus, challenges like these keep thoughts flying, ahem, mark why I’m documenting it now.

If you quiet the mind, you can consider yourself roadkill.

After all without feedback, you’ll never know what it is that is readers want. In general, without compliments or even arguments, you may never understand what it is the world is doing. It’s the ultimate aim when it comes to marketing online and articles in general do well one thing – bring in traffic.

Word of Caution Before the Climb

Confused by Gregory Szarkiewicz

When it’s all too much, take a break. Don’t just sit there and let your mind fry! Challenges are challenges so you’ll find yourself doing with the good and mostly on the bad. It comes with the territory.

So while it may be good to an extent now, know your limits and also be good to yourself in terms of aiding your health, your sleeping cycle and do not neglect the worries which can disturb your mental peace. After all, the good things have benefits but do not ditch your responsibilities just so you can accomplish your goal.

Return to the basics and give back a little bit to you. Go out, have fun, read up on your favorite books when you have a minute, scan the current events in the newspapers. Do not hermit yourself. It’s only 100 days!

Finally, make it a journey to talk about it. Imagine the product is you, how would you present yourself and how would you present it to others in the end? Let’s be realistic and get the most bang for your buck. If you’d like to join this challenge, please contact Murray Lunn for the 1000 Articles in 100 Days Challenge and get those articles rolling.

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