Pierce Through Your Visions & Claim It

One of the things I like thinking about when I am sitting idle is how I can maximize my potential for acquiring more knowledge. This doesn’t necessary mean good ones in which I can monetize my skills but knowledge in an overwhelming state of shock.

It has always been like this for me since my elementary days. My greed for information makes me persistent to read through a technical manual which would have put me to sleep otherwise. This same obsessive ability to be persistent in the things that I’m passionate about is what I also need to maintain vision for long-term goals.

Oftentimes, these passions are assisted by solitary activities and if they last too long they can make you shift in the opposite direction. Thus, you give up and convince yourself that it wasn’t meant to be. Yaro regards this as your self-fulfilling prophecy. You want to be able to move pass this block and remind yourself again what it is that you wanted. In fact, the most important aspect seems to be having faith and staying strong throughout the long haul.

Where I Am Now

I am within my second week inside the Blog Mastermind program. The goal is to successfully go through 27 weeks or approximately 6 months towards graduation. Until then full training would have been accomplished and then it would be my responsibility to proactively do what it is that I have learned. It will be quite a challenge.

Before I even started, I’m whimpering. Honestly, this is to let it all out. I don’t want no repressive thoughts to stop me from going towards my destination. I want to let whatever it is that is preventing me from moving forward to come out so that I can be free of it’s impurities. So as I apply the 80/20 rule of efficiency daily, I have to remind myself through consistent writing and marketing what blogging means to me.

This conditioning, mental rendering, state of mind is the pivot point for long-term success. If I am unable to withstand that of which I have put my time in, then I have purposely let myself down. I must establish a solid relationship with myself before I can even present it to anyone else.

In so doing, so will I.

I do bear in mind that I might want to throw in the towels at times. This is natural as it doesn’t mean I don’t want what it is that I want. It just means I’m not strong enough to hold onto the vision of being there. So within this visual realm there has to be a complimentary opposite. In seeing that there is so, it validates my authenticity of becoming honest with my topic and pushes me to do the same for others.

How Vision Can Be Pierced Through

This ring of which we’ll call it can unite or lead you astray if you’re uncertain of visualizing your future goals. Whether you want it or not, how you successfully understand yourself is part of the process of envisioning results. So what will it be? What vision is it that is deep within you that you have unknowingly hidden from view? I want you to take it out and look at it deeply, piercing into the surface and inside within the core elements that embodies your objective.

Can you see it?

Can you feel it?

Does it mean anything to you?

How much do you want it? Understand it?

Take the time to assess yourself in this matter. Take what you can to break it down and build it back up again. You want to create a masterpiece not a monster.

Remember that for every new responsibility there is also the equivalent of delegation in return. Do not let the disease of the mind rid you of your purpose. When you can understand this and also appreciate the power of your obsession, you may find that envisioning your goal can be a simple task which the 80/20 rule can be applied to as well. It is only a matter of how much you need to visualize yourself to get to that specific purpose.

For Next Time

I’m going to touch upon Rich Schefren which Yaro Starak has had the opportunity of learning with. Stay tuned as I dive deeper into the report which lists Yaro and is known as the ‘Internet Business Manifesto‘. Check out the Blog Profits Blueprint and get your copy of the manifesto too.

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