Profitable Blogging For Newbies

Did you learn anything from Yaro Starak’s How to Start An Internet Business? While that is something everyone wishes to do, not most are successful. Why? It’s all about your mindset. That’s what you start with and that’s going to keep you determined long-term as Yaro has with his blog. Now it’s essential to know how blogging can help you with your return on investment (ROI). Thus, today’s post will talk about how blogging can be profitable.

In Profitable Blogging For Newbies, Alex Sysoef breaks down a blog to you. He differentiates what a regular blog is and how you can make it a profitable vehicle using the WordPress blog platform. To make it even better, he offers to give you a fully built blog installer called Expert WordPress. This package comes with 3 videos to help you set up your blog.

Here’s more info if you want to know what it does exactly. While you’re thereyou might also want to take the time to watch the video demo. It’ll give you an idea of what you’re working with. Now this is a great offer if you like to do things yourself however there’s always the option to upgrade and have Alex lead you by the hand if all the technical stuff scares you.

This all sound too good to be true, you’re selling me something right?

Well this guide is geared towards users who are fully ready to start their own business. This means paying monthly fees to your web host as well as registering a domain name. This is necessary if you want to fully utilize the experience of the plug-ins that makes your blog pull in traffic as well as profit. All this is mentioned in the report.

While you can use one of the free-hosted blog platforms, such as or I highly advise you against it. They simply lack the flexibility required for our program and features to make your blog a true Web 2.0 Platform that will suck your visitors in, retain them on your pages and turn them into readers and monetize on their interest.

How a Blog Begins

As you start the report, Alex introduces you to blogs in general and then focuses on how you can make your blogging experience profitable. He presents to you several questions to ask yourself. This is also relevant as Yaro Starak mentioned this in his ‘Blog Profits Blueprint” as well. Through doing this you can find out what profitable market niches are available to you.

Then he guides you to turning your blog into a web 2.0 portal through 10 steps. In it he covers how to install WordPress, what themes are beneficial to you, how to get it search engine optimized, how you can share it through comments, e-mail and RSS. The interactivity of all these elements is what’s going to make your blog work and with social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtubeas well as related social networks, you can make yourself go viral without all the unnecessary advertising costs.

Web 2.0 is all about interaction – how people can interact with your comment, create their own or influence what is read on your page. Creating this experience is easy with a load of plugins available …

Armed with these to back you up whenever you have a new post, you have much more of an advantage to get personal with your audience. This is way better than traditional advertising which has a system that is more segregated. So as a blogger, if you want to start making money in the new era of social networks you have to learn how to integrate tools to utilize your blog to it’s utmost potential.

Turning Your Blog into a Web 2.0 Portal

Once you have your blog set up, Alex then dives into various strategies which you can monetize your blog with. He does get technical as he describes for you in detail what plug-ins to use to transform your blog into a profitable one.

Being a webmaster since 1997 I have had to analyze quite a few weblogs and I feel I’m in a very good position to state a simple fact – contextual links get quite a bit higher CTRthan any advertisements you will be able to place on your blog!

He shows you were to get these links and how to implement them into your blog. You’ll find that most of these strategies uses affiliate marketing tactics so you’ll be choosing products or finding products related to your niche to promote.

Profitable Content

Alex dives in further to show you the science of headlines, how they are viewed and how they can be changed to your advantage. By being consistent with your content and abiding by copyrights, you can vamp up your blog with posts that can be informative as well as targeted to your audience. This is important because knowing who you’re interacting with can make you a valuable source. I found one method I would like to implement is to have a site translator for non-English speaking readers.

The report then closes off with how to get traffic to your blog using various FREE networks. Adding these tidbits can improve your chances of being seen on a wider scale. I also found the additional resource section helpful. It lists most of the networks mentioned as well as suggest various places to further your education on blogging for profit.

More about ALEX SYSOEF

Alex Sysoef is the creator of Expert WordPress, Expert Content and Review Blogs System.

You can visit for more information on these web 2.0 products.

Get Profitable Blogging for Newbies FREE by subscribing through WordPress How-To Spotter, Alex’s blog. There are more valuable content here so do browse around to read more. As Alex does not leave out any details, he’ll be a great source in spreading your wings with WordPress.

There’s also more through subscription so when you do receive your e-mail you’ll get some added bonuses. This includes the new Quit Tweet Your Blogand 4 reports that has Private Label Rights which you can resell for your own profit.

Don’t forget Expert WordPress is FREE. So if you want to install WordPresswith all the great plug-ins already set up for Web 2.0 optimization, you might want to consider looking into this freebie. If you aren’t that tech-savvy, this might be a challenge so please consider your strengths.

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