Sharing Ideas – Let That Be One of Your Muses

We touched upon creating maxims yesterday to help you better gain results from anything you may want to do. These short but powerful thoughts can bring you towards alignment with many processes which might have otherwise failed for others. It’s an internal journey that may require your attention but nonetheless will create your best ideas to share with the world.

Today, we’ll expand on that further and continue on the idea of how sharing can be a muse for getting what you want. It all starts with your conception of ideas. For me, I get some of the best ideas when I’m in the process of working. Once I’m in the zone and the flow starts within, especially when it gets routine, the ideas begin to manifest. That’s when I’m ready to write. That’s when I know that if I don’t tackle down those thoughts I will not find them as pure and virgin as they were conceived. Thus, that’s a very important thought.

How many times have you seen something flash before you eyes?

While a million may have experience the same as you, through taking action the idea is now physically visible. So you’ll outline, doodle, write down keywords which will allow you the most tangible thought possible that when you’re ready to spill the beans on those ideas, they just come naturally.

For me, this normally is in the middle of the night. While I’m wishing there’s a fly buzzing by, the emptiness just creates room for candlelit exploration. This results in a couple of things – creativity, process and outcomes. I’ve tackled some of these thoughts when I analyzed my blogging process awhile back.

Deja Vous – Something Familiar

Last night, I was reading through a report I found on one of those massive private label freebie giveaways, I thought, this feels familiar. Remember when mpeg audio layer 3 was in it’s infancy then? When it was just starting out, only a few knew how to encode them and share them with the rest of the online community. In fact, file transfer protocals (FTP), internet relay chat (IRC) and even private forums at that time were distributing music ripped from CDs.

When Napster really spread the phenomenon with file sharing, especially with music distribution, the RIAA stepped into the picture. Thus, Napster was never the same after that. Even though it’s name still was regarded as a self-starter, the places which remained low-key and where users found all the music they could ever think of fell elsewhere.

Programs like Bearshare, Limewire and Ares started to surface and made peer to peer file sharing much more mainstream. Nowadays, if the RIAA want to shut down anyone, it’s going to shut us all down. While I think we’re aware of what’s going on, few have actually been ill-fated to see the hands of justice. As for the rest, we’re all guilty of sharing.

Freedom Makes Us Happy

Now let’s shift from the music scene to the information market. Same concept. I mentioned a few posts ago how I thought some of the products that were online can be found FREE in forums. The mass spread of sharing information online is reaching beyond any regulatory grasp.

What does the future hold for our intellectual property?

I thought about this conundrum and it came down to FREE. We’re heading towards an open market where relationships, ideas, lifestyle and choice are all based upon our individual preference. Anything can be bought, found or hacked to leak into the underground ducts of hungry hands. As long as there is desire, anything can be obtained. Thus, freedom of life can be found through the ever growing networks online. It’s an old concept that still prevails.

As lives are being carried to work online and from homes more and more each day. The market which are plenty will soon catch up and if we’re not on the ballgame, we can fall behind and lose the success that once was yesterday to today’s players. I can relate to this immensely as the information field is all about looking forward. However, you want to stand still at times and look at what has happened.

Technology does not let you do that. You can’t relax when you’re dealing with trouble-shooting or bugs. There are problems everyday from the four corners of the earth but instead of seeing them, we deny and try to look forward to a brighter, happier state. Now, this indirect lie can only go so far until we’re face with ourselves again. It’s a pain because, when you finally become in tuned with yourself, it feels awkward.

You’re not use to the feeling and worse you’re ready to step away and occupy yourself with something productive. Or at least you think it’s productive. How many times have you done that and neglect to see the truth of the matter? It is really about the action? That may be hard to say but it’s possible.

Don’t worry, with the idea of outsourcing picking on quickly, it’s OK to not be an expert. You can get the job done and not feel bad about not knowing anything about technology.

Generation ? Leads Us

Freedom is a choice much like everything else you do whether that is to make money, overcoming obstacles or behavior. As you probe deeper into the info-market online, the future here seems bright. While I have not experienced the early days of internet marketing with Joe Sugarman or Alex Mandossian. I’ve found part of that voice in the next phase through Eric Holmlund, Mike Filsaime and Ewen Chia. Nowadays, they aren’t as predominant as they use to be.

While Mike is giving away his Butterfly script, Eric and Ewen are now obscure. So as I focus my attention on blogging, the younger generation such as the Kidblogger aka Carl Ocab, ViperChill or Glen Allsop and Zac Johnson are making it look too easy to not try. Just recently, I found Jonathan Beebe through Entrepreneur’s Journey and because I’m always amaze when young people set standards and rock them towards action consistently, I know there’s something to learn from them.

At least if they’re bringing in that much traffic.

Now I try to be objective when I look at results but my emotions tend to fall into the picture so one way for me to override that is to look at the numbers. While that is something I do, I know I’m not the only one. Facts show you more proof than any creative act of writing. When you’ve got numbers, you got credibility. Thus, you deserve a microphone. When you got that power, anything is possible and it’s something that online marketers have been trying to say for the last freakin’ century.

So what do you say when you have that much attention?

Don’t you think you can provide some sort of value now?

That kind of puts the value marketing into perspective doesn’t it? When you’re under pressure you have to consistently provide the content that your readers are waiting persistently for. Sometime in the next week or so I’m going to talk more about how free is a niche that attracted me to take action on blogging. While it was not the foundation, it provided the seed which awakened many visions. Especially blogging.

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