So You Want to Write Your First eBook NOW Huh

When I covered Jonathan Beebe’s ListZEN yesterday, one of the suggested reading material was First eBook Now by Mark Mason. It is meant to get you familiar with working on your first ebook whether as a giveaway or a product. For a small price of $7, getting into the groove of a process which all bloggers will eventually partake on, is worth the investment of the education.

So for the sake of getting ourselves in tune with the blogosphere, here’s what you’ll face writing your first ebook now.

No Such Thing As Easy

Be advised: there are hundreds of thousands of ‘money making programs’ out there. Just like the offline world, some people are out there with the single goal of separating you from your money.

The truth is, everyone wants to make money. There’s no such thing as an easy path to riches. It all starts with persistent action and continuous consistent effort.

Being in for the long haul is something you’ll find separates the looters from the producers. I’ve explained this when I touched upon Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism. You want to write about something which you can share with others from your perspective.

Mark Mason makes it clear when you first start the ebook, that he doesn’t want you to get confused with the process of making money online. It’s something you don’t do one day and forget the next. Just like real life, repetition makes perfect. You have to keep at it and learn what gets you going to make the process successfully yours.

Finding Your Expertise

When you’re starting off for the first time, you’ll find that information is something everyone wants. Finding what information to write about depends on what you know, are passionate about and are experiencing. Thus, having your own ebook can determine what you’re an expert in specifically.

This is kind of like your resume or introductory piece into the world. How would you design it? From that question alone, you can see that the how toconcept is a breakout area to branch on. It will allow you to discuss something to your specific knowledge.

Mark references Yanik Silver’s Moonlighting on the Internet as a great book to get acquainted with for beginners who are interested in making money online. Partly because it covers 5 dominate areas which are profitable to be in.

  • Information Marketing
  • Selling on eBay
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • E-commerce Stores
  • Blogging

Each part of the book is written from the perspective of the professional in those areas with the exception of e-commerce. Thus, you have Yanik in info-marking or IM as they call it, Sydney Johnson on eBay selling, Rosalind Gardner on affiliate marketing and Darren Rowse on blogging.

These topics alone are good to get your brain storming with ideas which will form the foundation of what you’re going to write about.

Understand Your Process

To get yourself into the flow of writing, I’ve covered the process last month in a series of posts. One in particular is finding your writing strategy. This is different for everyone because some of us work better at night, some better in the morning or even mid-day.

You got to find out what works for you and continue with it. There’s no such thing as good or right online. It’s all about you taking the opportunity and doing it so that others can also replicate it from your experience. When you can teach what you learn, you’ll have devoted students spreading your message far and wide.

So find the tools which will enable you to work your best whether that is as simple as scribbling with your favorite pen, notebook, table or spot to something advance as molding a physical model for which you can work with. The point is you want to get the crackin’ and write!

Mark says that most reports at 30 pages is considered an ebook. If you do decide to go for more, it’s possible as well. The difference between the shorter reports which ranges from 7-15 pages is normally the coverage of topics. With a longer report you can touch upon many areas whereas a shorter one, you’re talking about one specific function.

This makes it special. So the more you can narrow it down to something your reader wants, there’s more potential that there are interested readers who will take you up on that. Just don’t choose a topic that is too obscure. You want to at least have some competition to shoot back and forth some of the ideas that are actionable. This will open the grounds for conversations.

The best part is Mark takes everything he says and process them as great outlines for you. From the beginning of the book towards the middle and finally in the end, there’s a lot of insight found through these frameworks.

In fact, if you can print them out, they’ll help you a whole lot with giving you an overview of the work you need to take in consideration of getting your first ebook out. Specifically it covers the shaping of your piece and the technical tweaks towards getting your product packaged, listed and promoted.

Manage Your Time

All business requires the technical setup which to our knowledge may be limited in ways we cannot understand, because it’s something we just need once. Just like our utilities. Those areas will include creating your ebook cover, getting a web hosting account, finding a domain name for your website and optimizing your site for search engine traffic. Once these are done, managing the bills will be your priority.

For that, Mark recommends that you outsource anything which you might find yourself challenged in. This is for reasons you want to stick to what you do know and what you don’t know to a professional. It goes back to saying you should gear 20% of your efforts towards success. The rest of the 80% will most likely benefit you more than you can ever imagine.

So when you go to the experts, you’re actually learning something about your market as well. It’s finding the sources which you can build relations with in case you further need help for the future. You can even refer them to someone if they just so happen to be in the same shoes as you were.

Who knows, through word-of-mouth you can also build credibility. Thus, the opportunities for future business partners are greater in outsourcing. It’s a win-win situation. You provide work and you get things done all the while your efforts can be focused on advancing future ideas. Plus, it adds to the market online for those who are in need of work. You’re giving to a community against the recession of our times.

Overall, many internet businesses are build on the philosophy of the Pareto principle. The less you are working on the things that don’t bring in money for you, the more you can process tasks that needs to be executed for your business to profit.

Don’t BUM Around

As traffic builds up, you’re going to need to implement various strategies towards marketing your ebook. Thus, the area most stressed was article marketing which is hands down one of the most profitable points of investing your time in.

I’ve covered BUM Marketing before and here in this ebook it’s clarified as one of the process of article marketing not the sole definition for it. This has cleared up a big misconception for me because I’ve always thought that writing articles was BUM marketing as a whole. It just didn’t seem that way at least.

I’ve gain a new insight just knowing that article marketing is larger than BUM marketing. It covers an entire field devoted to exchanging information on the internet through article directories. Here’s the awesome part, these directories copy and republish materials so there’s a big chance that your work with yourlinks will be distributed to a larger, massive audience.

Thereon lies the viral aspect of article marketing. You just have to do your job and churn out your interesting, demanding articles into a market that wants them. Hence position your ebook in this aspect if you can. The hard work you put into focusing your efforts towards article marketing in the beginning will pay off as you begin to see spurts of traffic come in.

Mark gives you some suggestions on getting the most out of this area. He touches on how keywords can enhance your content making it relevant to peak your readers’ interest. He also lists resources which will help you get into the groove of managing the process many of which, will help you get your foot into building your mailing list.


When the report you read mentions products and names you haven’t heard before, it begins to peak your curiosity towards more research. One of those products suggested in particular is Article Marketing Domination. This is by Josh Spaulding which I’m grateful for being referred to because more is always better when it can help you balance the information you find from many different perspectives.

I’ve mentioned before to Jonathan Beebe that Jimmy Brown’s List Profit System is also suggested in this ebook. As a resource for building your online business, having a profitable list of valuable subscribers is something you should aim for long-term. Thus, your first ebook can make it possible. It will give them a taste of what’s to come and the potential is endless.


Glancing over the outline in closing, you get the idea that the whole internet marketing system is not a crooked concept. In fact, it’s a highly sophisticated and carefully crafted work of process. This shows that there’s a lot of trial and errors in this field.  If you’re not delivering, it’s easy to fall off. So keep at it!

Down the line you might want to consider developing a product too. Mark gives you some suggestions on where you can look towards getting these ideas to print. Later on I’ll touch on the difference between private label rights, master resell rights and resell rights alone.

But for now, know that these resources have build lists for users who want to bring their readers straight to the professional advice instead of being in the moping process of launching off. This is another strategy which if you feel can benefit you for now, by all means give it a try. There’s a few sites which Mark has listed which can give you more information on that.

Finally, if you do get a product out, give affiliates an opportunity to do some of the work for you. For one, money will be made for both yourself and the affiliate depending on how you set it up. Two, the demand for your product will build a presence for you online and thus bring in subscribers further to your mailing list. This is a rinse and repeat process if you have a product as Mark exclaims.

Overall, did I gain any valuable information reading First eBook Now? You bet! Not only did I grasp a better understanding of how my first ebook can position me in the marketplace, but Mark did a great job with pounding in me the process and benefits of what an ebook can do for me in the long run.

Are you ready to write your first ebook now?

Discover how Mark Mason can help you determine where you want to take the next step towards starting your first ebook. Learn the ropes of the process which you’ll experience. Know the market you’re going to work with as you familiarize yourself with the journey towards writing your first ebook now. For only $7, this is a stroll in the mansion without all the unnecessary costs.


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