Some Frequently Asked Questions About Toolbars

Oh, that’s Wibiya. It’s a toolbar which you can install into your blog that allows your readers to share and interact with you. Services like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and more are integrated so it makes your efforts minimal while you do more on the blog you’re on.

Is that a PREMIUM service you paid for?

Nope. It’s absolutely FREE. However, there are premium services if you’re interested from a commercial aspect as well as for developing. I found it reading someone else’s blog and thought it was so convenient I wanted one for myself. Now you can have it too. All you have to do is sign-up at Wibiya. Install the code onto your blog, choose your preferred applications and tweak the color settings then shabam! You got a brand new looking footer bar.

Why are promoting this tool?

I’m doing it because I love it! I’m a die hard fan of anything that is useful and simple. While I’m looking at other sites with footers that screams SUBSCRIBE TO ME, I’m saying eh anything else? Plus, I like giving the little guys a chance to step through into the market. I’d like to see small businesses make a splash and experience the joy of testing out products early in development.

What are some of your favorite features?

As you can see, I have a link menu of my best posts followed by a timeline which I think is awesome! Then you can see the photos on the blog from my Flickr account without clicking through to another page. Also the translation tool is a cool feature even though I don’t know if it’s been used yet. :) And the recent posts button is something worth checking out. So you see, most of the things I would normally clutter my sidebar with can be situated down here. It kind of sits on the bottom surface but can be closed without invading the reader. Is that enough reasons?

Any other thoughts on Wibiya?

Yes. Check it out. It’s very simple to use and as I said it’s non-invasive so your readers can click it away while they’re reading your content. It’s not a fly-in-your-face kind of tool but more as an assistant to your blog’s overall influence. Get the message out without going overboard. Wibiya does it for you.

It’s currently in BETA so that means it’s still being tested. Sign-up and leave your feedback. Get the product better. They’re always adding more and more applications. So check back often. See how Wibiya can get you more traffic and create momentum for your blog.

Apture logoPin ItWhat’s that thing-a-ma-jig up there?

That’s the other coolness on this blog. It’s a recent toolbar by Apture where you can upload your logo and increase your share count with your readers. Also you can perform contextualized searches which means if you read something here on this blog and you don’t understand it, just highlight it and the toolbar will search related information for you. Cool huh? The bar is activated when you scroll down. Plus it follows you and you can switch it off by clicking on the arrow any time. Once again, another non-invasive tool worth my vote.

Is this a PREMIUM service you paid for?

No, this is FREE as well. There’s no premium information around so I’m guessing it’s sponsored which makes it FREE completely. Probably open source but who knows. It’s running from searches so I get it gets paid if you click on a link within for searches. Much like Google pays you for every click on an Adsense advertisement.

Why are you promoting this tool?

Because like Wibiya, I think it’s an awesome tool to have. I like that the searches are contextualized on your blog. While that may be annoying to some, that’s like having a dictionary without looking far. Plus, the counts above on the toolbars are great indicators for pushing your readers to share. Thus, you want to create a whirlwind with your readers slowly as they get to know you. Always give them opportunity to share, share, share.

What are some of your favorite features?

Unlike Wibiya, I don’t get any tracking capability or counts but I like that you can add you logo or graphic. That’s about the only thing that’s additional. I’ve already mentioned the major features which I’ve mentioned above with contextualized searches and simple promotion strategies using Facebook, e-mail and Twitter. When the numbers go up on these, it just gets the ball rolling for new users.

Any other thoughts on Apture?

Yes. Combine this toolbar along with Wibiya to create a quite a dynamic effect on your blog. In fact, on the bottom you have all the activities which otherwise would clutter your blog and on top you’re focused on a couple of valuable concepts worth sharing. Thus, when the numbers slowly increases, it brings excitement and also social proof without dependence on traditional RSS or e-mail.

While Apture is a FREE service, you don’t have to worry about advertisements popping into someone’s face or change in page while you’re reading something on the blog. You don’t have to worry much as it is camouflaged into your blog. That’s one of the reasons why I like it.

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