The 3 Types of Blog Visitors

After a few months online, especially more around the blogosphere, it’s fair enough to share with you the 3 types of visitors I have seen on a blog. There are 3 and out of the 3, only two are visible. The last, you can say is a ghost still looking for a soul to possess. Uncertain, I guess. 

However, it’s not that deadly. We’re not talking about black magic here folks, it’s about building relationships and sometimes the efforts can range from a lot to barely there. Moreover, every little bit helps. I think we should all acknowledge that at least there is some traffic coming to our blogs. So let’s take a look at each of the visitor in depth.

The Commentator

Crazy Faces by svilen001

The commentator is a socialite by heart. You’ll see them with the most meaningful comments. They know that it’s all about building relationships and not just ‘Thanks, great post!’

There’s a lot to learn from these folks because they are master networkers(thanks Fran for the term ;) ). They’re aware of building backlinks both dofollow and nofollow by the bunch. So what you’re seeing here are open conversations which greets the blogger with his/her name, instills a thoughtful relative comment and ends with a cheery goodbye.

These are the comments which I normally check out the blogs from.

On the other hand, you do find the short, less conversing commentators and there’s nothing wrong with that. They don’t have a lot to say, so they keep it simple and this does add value to your posts. However, when you have over a dozen of these visitors, you wish at least someone would challenge you in some way and say something that goes against the grain.

Thus, having a balance of both great and supporting commentators make any blog shine.

The Social Networker

Social Networks

Have you ever been to a blog where the social shares are over the roof but hardly any comment at all?

Either these folks are lazy or they just don’t have the time to read an article in it’s entirety, so they just click on the share button and hop on to the next. I’ve seen a lot of stumblers, tweets and diggs this way.

I’m guilty of it myself too but hey, I come back and comment! Don’t mistaken them as irrelevant visits though. You can get yourself awesome viral traffic by the bunch just from these visitors alone. I found that on a certain day, a post can average at least 100+ visits or more. That is if you’re lucky. :)

While the majority of these visitors tend to be bounces, they will boost your Alexa ranking as well. So there are good reasons you want to have social bookmarking/network buttons on your site. You’ll never know when you’ll hit someone who has a large network waiting to share one another’s content of which yours is among them.

The Blog Drifter

Visitor Snapshot

Unless you have a script that records the IP of the visitors who comes to your site, you’re not going to see the blog drifters. They’re just like the social networkers, only they don’t share your content. Instead, they’re here one second and gone the next.

In the beginning months of blogging, I’ve had a lot of these. I know I have visitors because inside my WordPress dashboard, I see the numbers jump but there are no actions present. No link sharing, no commenting, just bounces.

Thus, don’t be alarmed though. Sometimes it takes more than first impressions to familiarize a visitor with who you are. That may also mean a change in the way you provide your content. Thus, I kind of like to think of it as an infomercial.

At first, if a blog looks too good to be true, I’ll question what is the purpose of it. What is it’s USP? If I can’t find the answer right away, I won’t stay any longer. From there, as the blogs I visit has the blogger commenting on them, I’ll reach out and share a bit of my two cents on their content.

However, it all starts with visibility. I need to know that you are someone whom I can trust. Either that or I will less than likely reach out to connect. That’s just what it all comes down to – are you reachable?

Moreover, I don’t just comment on every blog. I only comment when I feel there are interesting information and I want to instill my thoughts to them. I do that ‘Thanks, great share!’ too sometimes because that’s all I can say.

Hey the posts may be too good that there isn’t that much else to say but ‘Good job!’ :)

The Take Away

Question Mark Guy

Now that you know what the 3 types of blog visitors are, which one are you?

For myself, I’m a little bit of all. I drift, I share and I comment. Having a little variety in the mix enables me to leverage my marketing strategy and not get bored off of the process. Thus, I can keep on truckin’ without quitting.

I’ve learned though that you can’t always get what you want. So if you’ve left the best comment ever, don’t be surprise that you got a mediocre reply. Put yourself into the shoes of the visitors, are you impressing them or are they impressing you?

Kind of confusing at times but you, my friend are very valuable so go out there and rock it! That’s all that counts and furthermore, at the end of the day, a kind ‘Thanks!’ makes all the difference in the blogging world. :)

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