The Best Commentators of Blogging For dot INFO

After the last post, the 3 Types of Blog Visitors, I had commentators whom just seem to come out of nowhere. Whoosh! I guess the ghosts have bodies now. :)

That’s incredible.

Moreover, it’s also the inspiration to today’s post as I want to touch more about the visitors to your blog – commentators. Because I have seen who these folks are, I have a few more blogs to visit!

And because I missed Biography Fridays yesterday, I want to let you see that not only are commentators effective with building relationships with your blog but soon enough, you will look forward to hearing from them when you have a new post out.

Rain or shine, you will crave for their input. Really.

So today, here are the commentators I want to highlight the best commentsof to let you see why these visitors are important to me. Consider it two posts in one, you’ve waited for it. :)

With the help of the new Twitter, each profile will be displayed, if they have one. So while you may think this is a thank you article for them, it’s much more than that. From a blogging standpoint they have a blog that I can go back to and converse on a regular basis.

Thus, the communication is open here folks. The streams through which we utilize ourselves online must be open in many ways possible and for myself it’s all about the blog. If you have a blog, I’m on it. So say something will you? If I’m not building a relationship with following your content now, I will later.

What has continued to happen is I have networked with these individuals further on Twitter, Facebook, TGIF Links and Blog Engage. So the possibilities are now endless.

Let’s roll on with the comments then. I want to introduce you to the best commentators. Go ahead, build a connection with them as they have build one with me. I’m sure they will become some of your greatest commentators as well.

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