The Complete Helium Report REVIEW

The Complete Helium Report REVIEW

Recently, I’ve ran into The Helium Report which is written by Bob Younce back in May of 2008. While the rules haven’t changed much in regards to the program’s writing system, the earnings definitely have improved with upfront payments in the forefront. Thus, this makes it more attractive to new writers.

As you know, I’m in the 1000 Articles in 100 Days Challenge and whatever information there is available out there to help me make the most of my writing efforts, I’m gamed. Most importantly, I hope you’re getting the information through reading this too! Thus, as I read through the report, which is only at 30 pages, what I’ve learned was the multiple opportunities presented on Helium are far more expansive than other sites. If at any time, you want to try, do comment below and I’ll send you an invite. After all, it’s through the contests, marketplace opportunities and  ongoing promotions that you have a lot of chances to earn.

In a sense, writing to Helium is a numbers thing not a quick money-making process. The more you write with quality being top priority, the more your articles will perform. Although the earnings are not great to begin with being on the pennies, your writing portfolio will increase with each effort and it’s the power of compounding effects here that makes the system work. With that, let’s go into this report and see what it talks about. Maybe you can get a clearer picture of how earnings on Helium can be made.

Helium logo

Writing At Helium

Getting to the top depends on one thing – quality. Without crafting your articles well you’ll find that it’ll fall beneath the piles of incoming writers who have crafted better pieces than you. It’s all about being aware of how you write that makes your articles come out absolutely great. Even the greatest writers make mistakes so with practice, it only comes with second nature.

Here are some tips Bob suggests:

  • Grammar – know your commas, avoid run-ons, correct your punctuations, complete the sentences and utilize the English language well.
  • Spelling – use homonyms correctly, spell-check and proofread carefully.
  • Formatting – avoid caps, insert spacing between paragraphs, use number or dashes when necessary to bullet your points.
  • Content – know what you’re writing about, stay on topic and don’t drift off.

The leapfrog feature is one of Helium’s signature elements as it has the ability to help an article you have that’s ranked low to go back up in the ranks. Most of the time, it’s a matter of grammatical changes and minor formatting. When you do this, it goes into the rating pool where the community will rate the best and the less will be dropped.

Helium Rating

Importance of Rating

Ratings are beneficial for contests. The higher it is, the more you’ll rank but it has nothing to do with the marketplace writers as publishers only choose the one they want. Nor does it interfere with recursive income which is dependent on views you get. Of course, you have to stay in the top 5 to earn an upfront payment but as long as you have your stars, ratings don’t affect you directly unless you’re competing in the contests against other writers where ranking really matters.

Overall, it is Helium’s rating system that makes the community write better. Through reading others you get an idea of what is good and what you should do too. Thus, not only are you building writing skills, you’re also learning valuable editing skills. These come with the choices to flag, offer feedback or praise a writer. Call it a democratic system but this helps everyone improve their writing on Helium.

When to flag:

  • Plagiarism
  • Bad formatting
  • Grammar
  • Off-topic
  • Length
  • Profanity

When not to flag:

  • not liking the writer
  • disagreement with the writer, your opinion is irrelevant, think instead of quality in the article

Helium Writing Contest

Making Money in the Contests

At some point with writing for Helium, you’ll want to do some research on topics that you’re interested in. One of those places which you can put your research efforts into multiple articles and gain advantage is in the writing contests. While there are users who will try to ‘game the system’, these tactics which includes leapfrogging during the rating process or even putting up the articles on the last day, have no such rewards. Merely, they end up being silly superstitions.

The ratings of the contests will vary as one day you may be first, the second, last and then the next, back up again. Until the final results are revealed, there is no telling who is the winner until a week or two later when the leaderboard is posts the final results.

Bob gives you some tips to stay motivated during the contests:

  • Focus on the big picture that you aren’t writing exclusively for money. Remember that there are other opportunities on the site with improving your writing skills, learning what works and implementing that into your future writing efforts.
  • It is possible to win even though you may think that you’re not that much of writer. It takes consistent effort to write quality articles so practice, practice, practice. That is the only way you will eventually win anything you do with Helium and beyond.
  • Take out some time to browse the community forum and leave a comment, communicate and interact with other members. Be a friendly asset to the community!
  • Let the ratings do the work and not you. Following it day to day can be frustrating and time-consuming. You want to check in but no overdo it as it fluctuates every 2-3 days. After all, if worse comes to worse, at least you tried your hand at the competition. You can always try again.

Helium Marketplace

Making Money in the Marketplace

The marketplace on Helium is more targeted towards specific needs and guidelines. If you can follow those well, you’ll go on towards selling articles that can well be a valuable practice for you on the site. Not only that, the payments are deposited directly into your account.

Here are some factors you want to keep in mind:

  • Pay attention to what is asked for
  • If it’s for web content, implement SEO factors
  • Ratings are only for the Helium community, not necessarily for publishers

Recursive Income At Helium

Articles you write at Helium will build up in value over time as it’s a long-term thing, you want to choose topics that are good and timeless. This will help ensure that your earnings will elevate in the long run. Specific topics in areas such as fitness, health and business do pretty well on Helium.

Here are some ways to market your Helium articles better:

  • Digg and Stumbleupon are great bookmarking sites which can leverage more viewers to your site and in turn increase your earnings.
  • Implement search engine optimization factors into your articles so that it shows up well on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Understanding how users research might give you an advantage in writing for them.
  • Integrating your Helium articles into your blog post is a great way to increase your site’s ranking but also the articles you write as well. Each article itself is considered a page, so the more valuable it is, the more you’ll reap. See my 1000 Articles page which goes more in depth with this.
  • The ‘featured article’ section can be used to display an article you want visitors to read more on. This is the place to showcase your best read and in turn provide valuable information.

The speed of your earnings can at some point be stagnant as Google’s Adsense earnings are reflective of what goes on with Helium’s calculations. Bob has seen a dip in the months following after his efforts however it is dependent on you to see what performs well. So do keep yourself intune with the changes that happen, especially in regards to your earning potential.

Helium Invite-A-Writer

Special Promotions and Referrals

I have yet to find promotions running on Helium as part of my journey writing on their is the challenge which Murray has instilled over on his article 1000 Articles in 100 Days. Overall, I have found that there has been promotions running in the previous years. I just haven’t gotten around to exploring more of the options given as it’s still quite early.

Next, Helium has an Invite-A-Writer feature which is open to writers who are interested in writing there. Those who would like a jab at this is welcome to comment below and I will e-mail you an invite. Don’t hesitate in reaching out as I am here to provide help which I’m learning along in the process too. So do join me in the process as I document ways in which your earnings at Heliumcan be better leveraged long-term.

Here are some tips which Bob states can help you:

  • There are no HTML allowed when you’re formatting your articles so do make sure that the spacing, punctuation and even the written ideas are clear. This ensures quality above all else and is highly valuable in the community.
  • Rating also has it’s quality standards. Don’t skim through and randomly rate. The algorithm used can sometimes be calculated in terms of time spend and also on the variety of ratings checked. So do mind what you are doing.
  • Utilize the community forum as it is a great way to meet and learn new things. It’s good to know that there are other writers who may be having the same problem as you. Take a little time to explore what’s happening on the site here.
  • Avoid cutting and pasting articles from Wikipedia or other sources online. If this is found, you’ll be flagged and sent warnings. Helium does not tolerate these type of standards. They take it seriously and will not hesitate to tell you so.

Things Helium Can Improve

Not all systems are perfect and Helium isn’t any exception either. Throughout Bob’s experience there he has noticed some things which could be better improved on the site.

  • Since articles are formatted without HTML encoding, it can be a problem sometimes pasting from Word as the structure is broken and thus more work ensues. Making this section better in terms of providing the user choices to which bold, italics and bullets can be included can help make the articles much more prettier. Overall, this is more of a manual job.
  • Contests also end up taking awhile to calculate as it may take more than two weeks to learn the results. Thus, your efforts at that point may seem like a wasted effort. There should be some type of system in place to let the writers know what’s going on.
  • There are no resource box associated with the written articles you write except an About Me link at the bottom where users are then redirected to see who you are. Your About Me page showcases your work, your links and friends. The only other thing you can do then is to provide a resource list that is relevant to your article below. However, this too is done manually.

Overall, any site you take the time out to write to online takes a little effort to participate, engage and understand. In the short time that I’ve been writing, I’ve learned so far, that it’s both a pleasure and grueling pain to track what’s happening.

Making it your passion to improve your writing should be the drive in the long-run. The surprising factor is the earnings. Instilling this habit will eventually get you through Helium’s playground. Not only that, any other efforts online for that matter. It’s just a matter of time, persistence and hard work.

About the Author

Bob YounceBob Younce has been writing online since 2004. While this report is over two years old, the advice within is still valuable from what I’m experiencing at the moment. New interested writers will find it a great resource and thus add more fuel to understanding the site which can help you improve your writing.

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