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I just recently reached my two years wedding anniversary and it brought to my mind the vows which I have taken to devote my life loving my husband day in and day out.

… to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish until death do us part.

Then it hit me that a major part of that vow comes from that which makes us happy. In relations to blogging, I thought how it applies to one’s overall progress. Without thinking, I listed the points which became important in my mind.

  • Communication
  • Understanding
  • Support
  • Compatibility

Somehow I saw the long-term commitment which will carry both my husband and I beyond the fluctuations of life. That vision there helped me secure the investment which I have opted to carry on my back and it’s the same one which I have with blogging right now.

Grafici Lineari Su Base

Now I want to share with you the thoughts behind those elements of which has kept me happy but most importantly enabled me to keep my vow as a wife, woman and definitely a blogger. I would love to hear how the elements below apply to you and whether there are any others in regards to marriage, blogging, living or being. Please share them in the comments below.

Element 1 – Communication

No bond is secure just from shaking hands alone. Sometimes you have to grip harder or even let the other person know that you don’t like the way your hand is being gripped in order for them to loosen up.

I find myself unable to hold my tongue when I’m seeing something which continuously raises a red flag. While I may fail to stop it the first few time around, I believe in analyzing it’s history, I’ve made a better choice instead.

It is the same thing with blogging which over time comes with practice. You definitely don’t know what you’re in for yet. You just know that you’re doing it for some apparent reason.

At first you need to go out there and present yourself, show up and participate. Over time, filtering out what works and even voicing your thoughts through blogging will let others know what you are thinking.

It’s a matter of perspective though and if the advice you’re giving out is timely, the understanding will surely take flight. Thus, effective communication starts with you and what you have noticed or want changed. In sharing that with the blogosphere, you’re also devoted to changing you.

Element 2 – Understanding

You can’t say you understand something unless you’ve been there or done that. So while marriage was new for both my husband and I, I’ve learned that we both don’t really understand ourselves. It’s in each other that we see our true colors.

This is absolutely true online. Who you interact with, how you devote yourself to the topics you’re passionate about are keys to understanding who you are. It is also one reason why the numbers matter.

Voices bring reason to those who interact. Without much as a dialogue you’re good as a soliloquy.

To be or not to be– that is the question – Hamlet

Element 3 – Support

As I grow to understand my husband, his support was really the glue factor which binds us closer. There will be times which I’ll admit, I’m not the greatest in the world but his blind faith and heart towards our love sealed our troubles with a kiss.

Love by Luigi Diamanti

In blogging, you’ll find that the community you’re in is very important. It can become a matter of love and guidance to abandonment and loss of direction. Just like your own personal relationship in life, you have to build your relationships online. No matter the hardships you face, supporting one another through the journey is a fight worth building muscles for.

Overtime, you’ll find that it wasn’t that hard at all. In fact, when I look back I’m amazed at the milestones we’ve reached. That can be said the same for blogging since my 100th post has become somewhat of a journey to be proud of. In getting there, I find myself proactively blogging more.

Element 4 – Compatibility

I use to think that compatibility was the number one element towards making it work in a relationship. Now that it has dropped down to the last of the list, here are some reasons why:

  • the little things don’t matter
  • you’re not always right
  • there are other options

The little things which I’ve noticed and has become annoying to a point where it bothers me is something I have decided to not care about anymore. When I see it that way, I don’t have to put so much emotions into wasting my energy trying when I know it cannot be changed. As for you, my dear blogger, know what you can change not the other way around, who you can change.

Another thing is ego tends to hog the situation when any problem arises. Taking care of business requires two minds and sometimes more than that. Decisions are definite when you’re making them with clear choices, not in a heated debate.

Some bloggers may argue with this but I see the more louder you become, the less you’ll say. You may get the numbers now but in the long run, you’ll run out of fuel and that will create more heated decisions which will not help you any at all.

Finally, knowing that I had the option to see things on the bright side really elevate the happiness of my relationship more. Not only did I saw myself get intuned with society but I’m more stable with me. It led to one of the outlets which helps and that is blogging.

Knowing that I have grown so much over the last few months, I want to continue forth in the next coming months as well. Who knows it can take years to understand what I’m bound to at the moment. Overall, blogging has become a habit which keeps my relationship with me intact. Most importantly knowing who I’m compatible with out there keeps me blogging selflessly more.

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