The Million Dollar Report Review

Yesterday, I talked about how I found Igor Kheifets report from reading his blog. It’s entitled The Million Dollar Report: A Perfect Business Starts With A Perfect Vision. I opted-in through e-mail from this site to receive it. It’s about 10 pages and very simple to read. However don’t estimate the size of the report. It’s packed with powerful thoughts and actions to help you achieve your perfect vision. Check out how I stumbled upon him in order to see why I’m reviewing it today.

If I were to ask you right now what your dream business is, would you be able to describe it to me in one sentence?

Igor asks you this question as you start the report. I answered it and continued to read further and noticed he used the 80/20 rule to state why most people aren’t successful.

A huge part of your business success is to be found in your mind, because believe it or not, success is 20% mechanics and 80% mindset.

Next he explains how having a business vision can help you master the mechanics of making money. Thus, it will allow you to propagate a perfect vision for your perfect business. Thereon lies the rest of the report which will take you through a journey on exploring your passion and beliefs to determine what is your vision for business. Igor will attempt to help you build a mindset towards achieving your goals while at the same time being realistic about them.

What’s Simple is True

With Igor’s report, I found myself actively participating as I nodded gently with the simple statements he presented. While it is beyond my grasp how the power of simplicity can speak and create a pivotal command towards action, as I continued to underline parts, I realize how the Law of Attraction is transforming me.

Even though things are said many ways, each person expresses it differently and each time it appears again, you recognize it. Needless to say, it’s an initiation of the thoughts which are inherent already in you. The words may change but the point remains the same. If you want it, the desire to find it will be presented to you.

Packed with quotes, statistics, relevant examples, Igor presents his point clearly and impacts you in a straightforward answer. Through replacing words that are commonly used to those that have a more specific meaning, you can see clearly what can be your passion for business.

Try Not to Become a Man of Success, But Rather Try To Become A Man of Value Einstein

Another thing which I liked was how Igor describes motivation not a key to your business but determination. With determination you are committed to making things work and you won’t give up which motivation often does. Being determined you can accomplish goals which leads to bigger goals and so forth. Eventually it leads to your purpose. Seems like a conflict of ideas but through a slight tweaking of your words, the power of your understanding can be expanded beyond the usual way which you’ve been training yourself to think.

Words Are Action

Goals are Destinations while Purpose is the Journey

Having a deadline is something which most work at home users rarely think about. After all, you’re working for yourself so why put so much pressure on time? Igor asks that you do so to create a commitment to your goal. This will allow you to aim specifically for what it is you want rather than shoot aimlessly in space and waste your energy and efforts.

What’s fascinating was Igor let’s you see how you can limit yourself with words. Just from saying ‘think‘ or ‘hope‘ you’re already missing the action to do it. When you’re thinking, you’re not serious about your action. Thinking only brings in analysis that paralyzes you from achieving your wants. It is your wants that pushes you to find all means towards it. Thus, the numbers you want must have meaning behind them too. It shouldn’t be just for the sake of numbers. So say you want this much to pay out something or you want this much to get this, assign that number to your value and go get it.

My favorite part was when Igor gives you an exercise which allows you to see where you are presently to where you possibly can be in one year. It’s a survey which contains questions that are financially reflective of where you want to go. Once you complete this, he suggests you check back in frequently to see how you have progressed.

He then references the purple cow, a metaphor that Seth Godin has become god of using for coloring the masses to be remarkable. It keeps the momentum of creating your vision all the while challenging you to take it up another notch. As I continue, the statements so far in the report have been crafted with powerful words which forces me to position myself with my intended goals. If I have been using anything less, my dream business may be bound to failure.

Good is the enemy of great, and great is what you’re after.

Be in the Present

To understand the basics of what Igor presents in this report, it is imperative that you see clearly the difference between thinking and wanting. With that understanding, you create your business vision by presenting yourself in the now. So if you put ‘going to …‘ it will never come. Consequently, focusing on the how will not help. The why is what’s important. Without letting your emotions limiting you from your wants, it is possible to create a business vision that you can execute realistically.

I thought the report was simple, structured and determined. Just like Igor himself. He hits you with his purpose and leaves you wanting more. Implementing the Law of Attraction, readers who are fans of The Secret will find the ideas within worthwhile. It speaks with powerful affirmations and strives to help you sustain those thoughts to achieve what it is you want.

The Downside

For readers who aren’t into the metaphysics of mindset and find that mechanics is something you want, these mental exercises will become a wordplay on thoughts. This is prevalent throughout. So if you’re not into the spiritual processing of vision, the level of game planning presented will not be fierce enough for execution. Thus if you’re a fan of guerrilla marketing concepts, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Overall mental conditioning and spiritual development is something I find worthwhile. If you are the same, Igor Kheifet’s Million Dollar Report might help you develop a perfect vision. Go on over to his site and opt-in. You’ll get your report through e-mail.

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