The True Secret to Profits Nope It Isn t Money

The True Secret to Profits Nope It Isn t Money

If you’re blogging or even attempting to market online. You’ll find that it comes to the point where your message will have to convey action towards your readers rather than preach or show them ‘how to‘. In fact, knowing how to use those triggers effectively can lead you to a potential sale. That’s something which we all don’t mind.

Last month, Lynn Terry and Oliver Olson released a report on ClickNewz entitled The 32 Most Powerful Conversion Triggers of All Time. In it, they conveyed what you should focus on as your write. As a blogger or online marketer, you’ll see these two terms used interchangeably, the underlying theme is, you want to make a sale. Most of the time it’s going to start with words. as I start the report, sales is conveyed as an emotional process. It’s a mental state which drives people to buy which leads them to action and furthermore, knowing how to convert your messages to heighten emotions from readers will trigger your audience to ‘buy now‘.

That means on your side, you can get a big fat wallet just for investing in the time to know your potential audience. However, let’s be real, it’s not that easy to convince your readers to take out their wallet. Most of us don’t even have a PhD in psychology or sociology but live in a day-to-day basis in contact with our immediate family.

How does that help trigger a conversion towards buying it?

Now before I really get deep into the report, one of the comments that stood out for me was Shane Boyd from Grow Your Online Income. He made it personal and put it into perspective what emotional triggers his 6 year old son makes at home. With just that little tidbit, it really triggered me to look further into Shane’s blog. I actually took action.

That one simple conversion alone goes back to saying, blog commenting is really important when you can make it personal and display your knowledge of the topic. It really does impact the reader who is searching for value if an article has substance or not. So knowing who and where you are is also a matter of mastering the art of practicing how to trigger what people want.

In this case, Shane knew who he was talking to and the type of product (report) which was offered. He instilled his emotions towards feedback and it triggered the action which I bought. In mathematical terms:

who are you talking to + know product offered = triggering conversion to action

Now this is only a tip of the iceberg alone. Who Shane is or even what the report by Lynn Terry and Oliver Olson conveyed will then ask me to investigate further if this report here is worth reading.

The ingredients (triggers) need to be blended in varying degrees that depend on your prospect and your product. Your mission is to find the right mix of triggers given your particular niche. p. 4

The Definition of Profits

As I continue to read on in the report, profits didn’t become about money anymore. It’s here that I got an ‘A-HA‘ moment and finally understood that it’s really passion and tenacity, two elements which separates those who are successful from those who aren’t.

The will to keep doing it because you love it and not give up no matter what, while they are simple in nature has always remain true to the core of profits. That really puts into place the definition of profits. It solidifies the internal structuring in terms of mindset which you really need to justify in order to really succeed.

However, here’s where most of us actually fail and I am guilty of that as well, it’s knowing who we’re talking to. It’s really not about you. While I did say you got to love it, it nails down to loving what you can provide to your readers. Especially when you’re going to be growing your network, be it through a newsletter, RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook or any other social medium, your readers will keep you afloat.

Here’s where the report really got me as it gets into the meat of the topic of knowing what triggers your readers. Divided into 5 sections, all the triggers are categorized and then finally merged together to explain to you how they really work in terms of synergy.

I’m not going to give away the philosophy within because it’s important you understand how these triggers work in conjunction to one another. However, I’ll share with you the categories provided and how many triggers are within.

  • Attention-Getting (5)
  • Facts of Life (4)
  • Trust
    1. Intimacy (4)
    2. Credibility (4)
  • Community (6)
  • Hot Emotion (6)
  • More (3)

That’s 32 triggers which they’ve outlined and go into depth for you. Now, I personally refer to the seven deadly sins:

  • wrath
  • greed
  • sloth
  • pride
  • lust
  • envy
  • gluttony

While you can see this kind of runs into the ethical side of practice which kind of beckons you especially if you’re emotional, sin isn’t going to make it. So to go further, you can break down the list to the three well-known field of consumerism:

  • health
  • wealth
  • love

I really feel this report will help you if you’re just starting out and wondering what type of niche you’re going to get into. It will peak your heart’s desire towards finding out if a certain trigger is important to talk about. Overall, I recommend this report. It’s a great brainstorming resource and puts into perspective one of the first step towards making your blog scream, valuable content.

Get the report over at Lynn Terry’s ClickNewz and see for yourself how you can trigger your readers happy.

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