This is What James Francis Depicts in His 7 Deadly Mistakes of Internet Marketing

I recently received an e-mail to a link for a free PDF. One of the many freebies which lands in my inbox daily. Thus, it’s the reason why I only check my e-mail 2-3 times a week. That’s the plan.

I have become distracted with incoming downloads and most of the subscriptions I have are composed of a lot of freebies, so in order for me to effectively make use of them, checking them less often eliminates the problem of information overload.

This way, I can enjoy the material of which I receive and take action through reviewing them at the same time. So for this post it’s all about James Franciswho has a site over at EasyIMProfits. When you opt-in to receive his FREE report, The 7 Deadly Mistakes of Internet Marketing Secrets you’re taken to the main VIP area where you can comment on what you think.

The product behind the report is a video series where James shows you step-by-step in creating your website, writing copy and hosting it to sell yours or someone else’s product. So if you’re a visual learner this might benefit you in regards to making money online.

Inside the Report

Averaging at 27 pages in length, there’s wisdom here mashed up in a way that we’ve all heard before but in a unique, creative way. I’m caught up in the story that while I’m reading I asked myself, this is a marketing report?

James has a way with writing the story so that it comes across conversational and not forceful. I felt like I was reading about a character who I predicted was going to quit his job, become successful and live to tell it. That definitely became the main idea behind the whole reading.

You’re brought into James world as he depicts for you his job at the grocery store. While he dreams of escaping the dead-end job, the days which ticks away is slower than ever. It is during this phase, he took action and wrote a plan. This plan constitutes as his mission statement.

It is within these points he’ll expand upon why it has helped him become successful with making money online today and how you could too by avoiding these mistakes.

I’ll break them down into thought chunks instead of the points he provided. This way you’ll understand the logic behind the report. Thus, you should check out the original picture of his list to see how greatly it depicts the thought process and scope of the literature.

It Starts with Awareness

How many times did you want to do something only to find that you couldn’t because someone didn’t want to? Instead you’re laughed at or berated for wanting to try something which you feel can benefit you in some way.

Well, we’re human and we want to follow the herd. So when someone leads and says no the rest will follow. Individualism is something considered selfish but according to Ayn Rand, that’s how capitalism was build. That’s how what is considered freedom today became a foundation towards working for.

If you want to look at it another way, it can be thought of as open-mindness or like most would call it nowadays, negativity. Surrounding yourself with an environment that will help you grow will elevate you to stages more than one which degrades you.

So it starts with awareness. James wanted to change his way of living but finding out how his friends didn’t as much as support his thoughts, he changed them. From that point he decided to take action and pursue his dreams which today he can say was a big step towards understanding where he wanted to be.

Embrace the Dip

Finding out who to study from becomes the next step. You’ll often see that failure is something predominant in go-getters but that’s going too extreme to label your work ethic in order to motivate yourself. So becoming determined to succeed no matter what leaps and bounds you have to cross should be your goal.

That’s not to say go kill yourself. You want to make the most out of your experience and not give up. Back when I covered Half the Dip but Not Worth Quitting, I mentioned the philosophy of The Dip by Seth Godin.

Andy Wibbels said it best when he wrote the review.

The grunt work is the dip – the stuff that not everybody is willing to do but those that stick to it and push through it and – as Seth recommends – lean into it come out the other side with more of everything.

Overall, James calls it targeted progress. You want to be determined enough to commit but also let that action benefit you in some way whether it’s taking the small steps towards writing that ebook, which I have to do, or publishing a new article on your blog.

Not Settling For Less

Control is something which we all learn eventually as we get stronger, smarter and experienced in anything that we will do. It’s the same thing with internet marketing and James define this as complacency.

Knowing your true potential can unleash a lot out of you. Thus, the passion and frustrations which comes as a result of doing anything is necessary but without challenging yourself, you might be losing out. So you might want to consider who you’re comparing yourself to right now.

Are you achieving results?

Contrary to popular beliefs, I think we all face adversity in our lives and as a consequence, form our own judgments on how to rule the world. So if you can find the superhero inside you, you’ll be at a bigger advantage than most. That’s a fact which I’ll tell you right now can save you in times of negativity.

Are you determined? Go check out James Francis’ report 7 Deadly Mistakes of Internet Marketing and see how you can align yourself with building your internet business. Learn from his mistakes and avoid the traps which will harness you to the ground and ride through them. Remember, it’s only process.

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