Towards the Ranks, A Tale Up the Blogosphere

Today’s post is going to be on the lighter side as you’ll find there’s a narrative approach which instills some fantasy. However, don’t run away just yet. There’s a blogging element to it too so it’s not entirely irrelevant. Moreover, it’s about a journey towards guest posting, learning a new form of backlinking and finally … well, you’ll see. Enjoy!

Starting story …

I was swimming in the blogging pool and to my dismay, guest blogging was coming up. I can feel my hands sweat. So who do I choose to guest blog for?



My head must have been throbbing with process and practical concepts which I’ve read over and over again. The do’s. The don’ts. OK. I wasn’t going to step on any of those territories. But by the time I’ve overcame that obstacle I must have instilled so much fear inside, my action became weak.

I needed rest.

I wanted to regain some of the energy I had used absorbing in the myths, tall tales and dreadful suicides of the unknown in the blogosphere. Suddenly, I was the hobbit here treading through the mountain because I knew that the dark side was strong but I had faith.

Hobbit Panorama by David T. Wenzel

If I didn’t climb, I would be putting humanity against great risk.

How much longer will the ring overcome me?

With both my hands, I crawled the forums with strong winds scraping against my skin. The next journey says, enough with the information. Find partners to work with.

Paulie Ciara's Weekly Packets
Following the curving path around the overload of information, I fell upon Paulie Ciara’s free weekly backlink packets.

I can feel the light on my ring glow and I take hold to acknowledge I’m getting closer. I’m going to follow this journey and travel towards the ranks.

But to instill some justice into the overwhelming joy and not let the excitement disillusioned me, I searched on Google for some advice.

Is Paulie’s packets worth trying?

I’m confused as the force of Angela style links come into the picture.

Is Angela a code name?

Back when I mentioned that zombies make your fear look like child’s play, Resident Evil’s Code Veronica was a game which made a name subjective. Exploring who Paulie Ciara was and then learning about Angela, the world of blogging through backlinking just got deeper.

Typing in angela style links, I found an article entitled Angela and Paul Style Backlinks? WTF are they?

Excuse the tone but the breadth of the information was worth the time.

Not yet having a clue as to how backlinking works, the blogger, Babu conveyed the whole process in one sentence.

These backlinks are nothing other than forums and web 2.0 sites which allow you to register along with your website information in profile.

The article then goes on to explain how some businesses actually are paying for these types of backlinks. Thus, one of the service behind backlinking is magically opened in front of my eyes.

I felt a calling as well. I checked the ABOUT page which I have done so many times again and again and looked at the content of Babu’s site. I have no idea what SEO is but I was determined to learn.

The SEO course which David Jenyns presented with Gideon Shalwick was only a tip of the iceberg. Here, the blogger actually studied with him. I was impressed.

So I contacted Baba.

The rest as they say is history.

Moral of the Story

Blogging is an on-going journey. This hobbit hasn’t reached the top of the mountain yet. But with a few guest posts behind her, she continues to climb the ranks. Furthermore, the main idea is to take the initiative and build relationships online.

Finding a blog to communicate with and then making contact to write for is one of the most bravest, but also scariest thing you will ever do online. However, all great things come with courage. Just go out there and give it your best shot. The worse that can happen is you’ll fail.

Learn how to take it. Get it over with quick and then move on! It’s not about that moment in fear, it’s about those fears that are coming after it. Thus, long-term is where we’re all heading with blogging. If you’re afraid now, imagine how much more afraid you’ll be after.

And so, I’ve face my fears through taking action and wrote guest posts to:

  • Designers Digest’s – Making Ideas Happen
  • A Meaningful Existence – Understand Your Chances in Life
  • eBlogTip – Tools to Build Links With Any Blog Online
  • TechnShare – Get Back to the Basics and Refuel Your Purpose
  • Financially Digital – How to Build Your Personal Brand Online Through Blogs
  • Creating My Online Business – Remembering the 100 Blog Comments Challenge

So what did you think about today’s post? Would you like this to be a weekly weekend thing where a narrative is presented to inform and educate you on blogging or many of the other topics presented on this blog?

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