What I’ve Learned as I Analyze How John Chow’s Ultimate Blog Profit Model Works

What I’ve Learned as I Analyze How John Chow’s Ultimate Blog Profit Model Works

Yesterday we’ve covered the first half of John Chow’s Ultimate Blog Profit Model. Today we’ll continue the process. However before we do that, let’s recap.

  • John Chow makes money working only a couple hours a day
  • if you want to make money online, take blogging seriously
  • increase your streams of sign up opportunities so that your backend works
  • I still want an iPad :)

So you see e-mail is still one of the most effective form of communication despite it being something which has been tainted with SPAM and whatnot. John did an experiment where he tested out the conversion in his post e-mail vs twitter vs blogging.

Every newsletter that comes out is building a relationship with your reader. And John explains that you want to speak to them as you do in real life. Thus, you should continue to speak to them more even though they won’t buy anything to begin with. This will build trust.

Before you start to recommend a product to your list, you have to first define what your sales funnel is. For John he calls his a teaching funnel. This is remarkable because we’re so use to hearing technical talk about blogging that sometimes what’s simple is true. How you do something is just as valuable to another who is interested in finding out more about you. Thus, John shares his views, tips and tricks often and builds the trust he needs to get his funnel moving with or without profit.

He also suggests you always test out what you send. Review it every once in awhile to see if the message is still effective. To stay true to his words, John goes about reading his newsletter once a month to make sure that it retains it’s purpose to teach, interact and suggest various ways to make money online. So if there’s anything that is outdated or needs improvement he changes it. This keeps his readers up to date and his funnel as well.

Finding Out How Much Your Traffic is Worth

After 1-2 months into the funnel you want to calculate your average revenueper lead. Now here’s an example John gives us

500 readers = $5000 = $10 per lead

John goes on to describe how you calculate this by using goals which is a feature of Google Analytics. This will help you analyze the number of page visitors who purchased something that came from an action such as an opt-in page.

Here’s how you measure the conversion of a goal.

newsletter -> purchased -> goal

The process continues as John shows you how to set it up so that you see the conversion rate as well as the monetary value of the traffic you receive. Wow! That’s an awesome feature which I have yet to try. But knowing this, I’m willing to work more with Google Analytics to measure the possible rate of conversion for my blog. I suggest you try it for yourself too.

This is a very powerful strategy in which you can actually see the math on building your pay-per-click campaigns if you choose so. While that’s something beyond the scope of the ebook as John says, it’s a process which the big bloggers use to measure their traffic. Thus, now it’s something we should all practice.

Here’s some more resources which will explain this feature.

  • Goal Setting at Google from The Practice of Leadership
  • Google Analytics in Depth: Goals and Funnels by Dave Sparks at Six Revisions
  • How Do I Set Up Goals and Funnels? directly from Google Analytics Help
  • How to set up Goals in Google Analytics from Google Analytics Blog
  • How to Create Google Analytics Conversion Goals video by WebShareLLC
  • Google Analytics Goals and Funnels: Back to Basics by Mangold Sengers
  • Google Analytics Master Class 2009

Below is a video from Indie Results which explains greatly how Google Analytics Goals help you with your conversions.

John Doesn’t Play When it Comes to Making Money Online

There are more ways which you can use Google Analytics Goals to help you calculate your average revenue per lead. You’ll have to read the Ultimate Blog Profit Model for yourself to see how John teaches it. In fact you’ll see how John measures various ways in which traffic is being dropped off.

As I continue with reading through this part, I saw the importance of how tracking is for blogging. No matter which way it is you’re trying to make money online, having a way to track your progress allows you to change various parts which needs improvement. Overall, it’s constantly testing your goals and putting them into efficient action. By doing that you’re taking into consideration the process of profiting online effectively.

John Chow'un Blog Kar Kampı düğmesiI really gained a lot of valuable insight from this section alone but it doesn’t stop there. John goes more in depth into the structure of his Ultimate Blog Profit Model with the next opening of his program Blog Profit Camp. This starts on Tuesday, June 29. So if you’re interested go check it out!

This ebook was only a taste of what to come. If you’ve read yesterday’s post, you’ll see that John’s not playing when it comes to making money online. He’s actually dead serious about the game. From building your list to understanding your funnel and constantly testing out what works, this all comprise of John’s daily activities towards making his online blogging business work.

A moneymaking blog is a business and it should be treated as such. Yes, I still consider John Chow dot Com a hobby but I run the blog as a full blown incorporated business. The blog has its own set of books and bank accounts. All incomes and expenses are tracked and accounted for and it files a yearly tax return. In other words, the blog is a real business. (p. 16)


I know I want the iPad badly but more than that blogging is something I also want to understand badly. John Chow’s Ultimate Blog Profit Model conveyed a system of which mixes my emotions on the process of blogging. He makes it clear that blogging is a dead serious business. He shows you how it is handled. Furthermore he doesn’t leave out the heavy stuff.

Yüz kitap gülümseyen John Chow bir resmiHe comes across as a guy who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Thus, that is a trait which has helped elevate his business to heights beyond measurable success. I feel grateful to John for going this far and to keep at it. He’s actually made a good impression on me and not only that, I’m ready to dig into the new book which is bound to come any day now.

Genel olarak  John Chow emer mi?  Heck hayır! Adamı anladıktan sonra, onun iş ile ilgili olduğunu sevmek zorundasın. Yanlış anlama. Yaptığı şeyi yapıyor ve o da para konuşur! John Chow’un Ultimate Blog Profit Modelini alın ve John’un sisteminin nasıl çalıştığını kendiniz deneyimleyin.

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