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Here’s a review of Travis Sago’s BUM Marketing Method. If you have noticed previously, it was listed in my post Over 50 E-Stuff Online FREE! (Part 1). Today, I want to tell you more about what the e-course entails and what you might expect from it as you subscribe to his mailing list. The links below do not have affiliate cloaking so you don’t have to worry if I’m profiting from this information. The guy’s a sweetheart so I want to pass this along. I’m sure you’ll find his course worth a look at.

Travis Sago, the creator of the BUM Marketing Method doesn’t have a blog. What he does is promote affiliate products through article marketing. So when I stumbled on his site, he offered to give his methodology away for FREE. I signed up and got the link through e-mail on the 3 part course. Note: there’s no PDF here but you can convert the course through your browser with Web2PDFConvert for offline reading.

The First Part

Travis presents to you a personal story of his life and how he handled the situation with a happy financial ending. He makes it clear what site he uses and referred to the process of how he did it by writing articles. He then proceeds to give you 3 secrets which you can use to implement those same tactics into your marketing.

These are the parts that all of the books and guru’s leave out!

The first part gives you FREE sites which you can post articles to.

If you post an ad, message or article on either of the above sites, in the way I am about to show you below, your ad, message or article will show up on the first page of Google in as little as two days to about two weeks.

The second is all about finding key phrases that will give you optimized results on Google. He goes about explaining how to do this as well as what to look for. He also gives you a list of keywords that supposedly has low competition. There is also mentioned of a product here, the Mirco Niche Finder, which he uses personally to search for key phrases.

Last, he gives it straight to you that the best way to get up there is in the title.

The title of your article is most important…make sure your phrase is included in the article!

The Second Part

This section deals mainly with tips and advice on how to craft your piece and using ClickBank as a source to find products in. Of the sites mentioned, EzineArticles, GoArticles and USFreeAds, he gives you suggestions on how well each does in page ranking. Then he gives you a formula for writing your articles.

Travis mentions again the importance of finding key phrases so he starts off a demonstration on finding a niche to dominate. This is followed through a pictorial view.

Now here’s a little secret…the more words the phrase has…as a general rule the less optimized results that phrase will have…and people typing that phrase in the search engine are more likely to buy…

The Third Part

This is were the FAQ are posted. With videos as well as common barriers users have mentioned, he answers them and gives suggestions on where, what and how to handle them.

There’s even an extended version of writing an article with a report I think you should read more than once entitled ‘How to Tap into Your Customer For Fun and Profit‘ by Rebecca Hagel, a former psychologist.

This is where I found the course valuable. It aligns itself with the whole process of article marketing and makes it clear on how to go about writing for your target.

Finally, the course closes with a challenge.

…say you want an extra $200 a month…free and clear…so make yourself write 10 articles or ads…maybe you won’t hit that $200 your first month…maybe $100 or $150…but…once you do that and get your first check in the mail…you will be hooked!

There are also more videos to support you in your endeavor.

Overall, the course was short and sweet. Travis has a clever way to break down the complexity of article writing and come at you without sounding like an egotistical marketer. From the e-mails I have received thus far, he brands himself as an honest to heart guy and you do get that impression. This makes it enjoyable as he makes you feel at ease with business and think of it more as a hobby which you can enjoy.

If article marketing is something you want to learn more about without the long-term commitment of blogging then you should check out the Bum Marketing Method and sign up for the FREE e-course. You might find something there you’ll benefit from.

More about TRAVIS SAGO

Travis Sago is the creator of the Bum Marketing Method which is provided FREE of charge to users online who wishes to learn article marketing using affiliate products to dominate Google’s search engine.

He is a avid member of Wealthy Affiliate where he helps users in the forums. You can see his member testimonial on the main page.

I have been a proud member of Wealthy Affiliate for almost a two years, and I can say I have never seen so many new affiliate marketers with any other ebook, video or program post as many success stories as with Wealthy Affiliate.

Travis also has a Free IQ page where there are more videos on article marketing you can view for FREE.

The 4-Day Money Making Blueprint features conversations with Travis Sago in the product.

Also read an interview with Rebecca Hagel, the author of  ‘How to Tap into Your Customer For Fun and Profit

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