What Working Under Pressure Has Taught Me

5 Months is a short time to build a presence online. So when the blog went under 100k, the workload didn’t decrease, it grew as well. Furthermore, when you’re thinking of growth, the pressure also grows. You want to do more of this and also that. Because if you don’t, who knows when you’ll get the motivation to try again.

Thus, these are some of the things I have planned for the future – inserting a mailing list, writing newsletters, setting up a squeeze page, product development, writing copy, joint ventures and so on. Did I foresee that? No, I saw it as it came.

It grew on me and the prompt to grow with the process naturally took on a life of it’s own. I’m loving it too as I’m having the time of my life putting ideas into action. Therefore, from now on, you’re going to see a positive line going upwards on analytics. However, I don’t want to burn out.

I’m sure if you’re venturing on this blogging journey, you don’t want to too. For these reasons, action on any level should be taken in steps. Besides, you might want to stick to the long-term efforts. It’s healthier and stronger just like building your bones with calcium. With that, let’s look into what working under pressure has taught me.

Everything Has A Deadline

Under Pressure by Paul

As I was thinking about working under pressure last night with a goal of 5 articles to write all under 500 words and on topics which I have no idea about, it became evident, deadlines create the desire to see things more clearly than one that doesn’t have a purpose.

How then can you instill that feeling without really putting yourself under the fire?

Remember when you are/were in school and procrastination takes over? When it comes time to cram, doesn’t that moment feel alive? You’re panicking, networking, finding connections so that you can get the perfect information you need.

That’s when you find out that you are really good at something. More so when you enjoy the topic and regret that you ever put it to the last minute to find out why. So your brain is burning so much cells, it’s almost a high that you’d wish you got accustomed to earlier.

Just remember that feeling and you’ll find your best self stepping forward again. It might take a little meditation or instilling a visual to get you situated but once you’ve grasp that feeling, let ‘er rip!

The downside is after awhile, you’re going to see a lag in your strength. You need to rest. Thus, that’s something you should not do often. Take if from Sally Neill, ‘Burn Brightly Without Burning Out’. We can all learn something from that.

Great Ideas Create Dialogues

In the middle of the night, when the crickets are chirping, the sound of my thoughts become alive. I think all my ideas are best around the flickering flames of a candlelight. Thus, who knows what goes bump in the middle of the night. Most likely it’s you!

So when you’ve got that awesome idea, let it flow. For myself, most of the freewriting are done this way. There’s this soliloquy going on inside molding facts and thoughts into reason. From there, forming the pieces into a potential dialogue is pretty much a process of sharing ideas.

When you’re under pressure, this is a crucial process. You have so much worries. However, you’ll be surprise how some of those illusions can become constructive conversation starters. Thus, you’re no longer experiencing a moment, but anyone else who chooses to see your fabulous idea will join in on the conversation as well.

Be a natural ice breaker. Create action for now. Instill a demand for feedback.

You’re Accountable For Your Actions

Bulbs by Salvatore Vuono

Being under pressure not only makes your ideas grand but also your worries. Here is where all the demons will start to invade you with what-ifs. Rather than clamping up and freaking out, lay down the law with your favorite drink and bring it!

Filter out what’s best for you now. You don’t know what will work unless you try it. Sometimes that may mean looking like a fool to learn a lesson the hard way. Yaro Starak said it best when he exclaimed, ‘Throw it out there and if it sticks, work with it‘. So follow-up with your results and keep on improving it.

It Only Gets Better

The best thing that can happen but is also a remarkable irony is you’ve produced something that has become a masterpiece. How then can it get better? Get crazier?

Now that logic doesn’t even make sense but most of us tend to fall into that path. Most prominently piling on the information that overloads on us. So if picking up the pace is what you’re thinking, you’re right but it should be in the opposite direction, within.

You’re going to mature each time you produce something spectacular. Better yet, the time you put into each attempt is a lot of work. Refining your path each time you hit a spot is essential to define who you are. This is also known as your branding strategy. How will you continue to portray your work?

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