What Your Personal Relationship Can Teach You About Building Your Online Blog Subscription List

Every anniversary is something worth celebrating. Whether that’s weekly, monthly or yearly, they are moments worth remembering because they bring into light some milestones which we’re capable of holding onto. You can put this in relations to coupling. Such is the case every month for both my husband and I.

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Each month on the 11th we celebrate a milestone of our journey together. While it is small to think of in terms of progress, we’re constantly reminding each other the simple things which created our union in the first place. You’ll be surprise to see what can be accomplished in a month. Moreover, the complexity which comes with responsibility is something not to be taken for granted.

So to acknowledge our devotion and commitment to one another, one of those ways which we continue to explore the heart of the matter is to enjoy the company of each other but most importantly communicate freely.

The thing is when you’re in a relationship, the consistency of which holds the love together needs to be assessed every once in awhile. That concept can pretty much be applied to blogging but more specifically to readers who actually care.

Getting Personal

Soon I will be implementing a sign-up form to this blog. I spoke about getting an e-book written up as well. If you read my review on Talking Down a Suicidal Blogger, you’ll see that e-mail is one of the most important form of communication online.

While it is ancient since the early days, it’s still by far the most widely converting form in terms of reaching out. With a subscriber base, anyone can start a relationship with their readers on a totally personal level besides the usual blog updates.

For one, your subscribers will be a special bunch. I’m kind of nervous to tell you the truth but with an open invitation like a FREE subscription to the blog, it’s something not to be taken lightly. Plus, it’s becoming transparent and allowing yourself to be seen more. What goes on behind the scenes is in the subscription list.

These folks will be the one who will truly know you and furthermore will engage with you on a deeper level. Just like your significant other in real life, your e-mail subscribers will become your life online.

Getting Permission

Permission Marketing coverAs I went on the trip across 3 states, I mentioned Permission Marketing as part of the bunch of books I’ve crammed into my ride. Throughout the long stretch of watching grasslands, I listened as Seth Godin explains what it means to market in this new day and age.

Before we continue, I don’t really like the term market for that matter, it’s really cold when you’re talking about science so let’s call it making it happen. In the old way of making it happen, the example Seth uses is going into a singles bar.

You got the right clothes, the look, the charm, but you’re not getting anyone hooked. So you fire the people who got you these information and look for others who will once again situate you in another bar with another set of clothes, look and feel. The process continues this way as you’re getting leads.

That just don’t cut it anymore. In fact, it wastes too much time and resources to convert a potential lead into a genuine customer. In that aspect, the courage to ask someone on a date is more or less the new way of marketing.

Thus, with permission, an individual gives you the time to build a relationship with him or her. Seth explains that it’s like going on a first date. When you’re given the go, you then ask for a second and so on until finally, you’re strong enough to propose.

Getting Noticed

Getting permission is a long process indeed and it’s something a lot of internet marketers don’t want to invest the time in because they’re preoccupied with sales. For this reason, they get a bad rep. They’re not thinking about how it can be long-term. They actually don’t really care and even if they do make a whole lot of money, they’re going to have to start again somewhere.

With permission-based marketing, you’re given a chance to make a good impression in a long-term way by building a relationship with your readers who actually want to listen to you. That’s much more realistic and less deceiving. It’s one which you can be yourself and not feel the burden of losing out because you said something silly.

Overall, that’s the relationship you want to attempt with your readers. One which is humanly as possible. So stay tune as this blog goes towards a new phase in building relationships online. I hope you join me and get to know me on a deeper level in the next coming weeks. :)

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