Why I Write Long Blog Posts Plans for a New eBook

If you’re a new reader here, you’ll notice that I tend to write long blog posts up to 1000+ characters. Here’s the thing, I don’t ramble for no apparent reason, in fact I let myself ramble for 3 reasons:

  1. to make sense of the things I’m learning
  2. what I’m currently thinking about
  3. what it is that is developing within my thoughts to make it flow

It eventually reaches a conclusion that completes a topic. This satisfies my hunger for the moment. Overall, it is a process which I go through to let myself explore the entire scope of a subject. And as I fill in the blanks which provokes incoming questions, I’ve noticed how it has evolved. Thus, this is something which I have been following closely for the last two months. Partly because it’s something which I plan to put into a new report to give away to you soon.

From Me to You

What I’ve discovered works for me can more or less be something that can work for anybody else. So if you’re into self-development or how-tos, you’ll notice that blogging is pretty much a persistent endeavor that requires your attention much like anything you try to do.

It is one of which with consistent efforts will provide you with plenty to write about. So you won’t have to worry about blogger’s block. The first step is acknowledging that blogger inside of you. Thus, I’m not going to talk about a formula which you plug in and play with.

a man with question markEveryone is designed differently. So there aren’t any rules to what I’m actually going to give you. Instead you’ll get exercises and tests which you should run through to better understand who and what it is you are capable of talking about online. Consistently.

Think of it as a mini-workbook which you can assess your skills with. So while the ebook for the moment is about a third of the way through, I’m disclosing it now because it’s something I want to share and be honest with in the blogosphere. There’s absolutely no marketing done on it for the moment so it’ll remain in-house for now.

Also with the overall skeleton laid out, it’s still too early for the draft to be presented here.

Instead, I’ll just share a brief outline of what the ebook will cover.

  • What You’re Already Doing
  • Building Your Content
  • Handling Distractions
  • Establishing Your Writing
  • Your First Audience
  • Building Your Flagship
  • Checking For Growth Consistently

Is this something you would like to read about?

While there are many reports which explains for you the scope of blogging and it’s relations to making money online, the truth is the process which sounds so simple isn’t as easy as one would think. I plan to keep it ridiculously simple here. At least to start with.

I want you to take action and that’s something which we all can agree we don’t do much of at times. Even when we want to, we ourselves are more likely to stop before there are any effective results. Surrounded by other responsibilities in our lives, our immediate value is taken for granted everyday.

a blank ebook cover

How many times have you said you’ll do this or that?
How many years have actually flown by and you’ve accomplished any of it?

While this conundrum is something we often hear someone trying to ingrain in us to buy, it’s also relatively true towards building our sense of responsibility in life.

This is true with blogging as well. For one, it’s part of the virtual real estate of the future. Everyone’s going to want a part of their own property online. So you’re going to have to learn how to get a part of your share and build it up before it gets too crowded.

Don’t you think you deserve to at least try?

Whether it’s starting out with your own unique domain name, a specific site about a certain topic you’re passionate about or even a social forum to mingle on, the scope of a blogger who’s starting out is endless. But you should know this – keep building your online assets because there’s absolutely value online, YOU.

Value is a two-way street

two hands gives high fivesValue doesn’t go one way, it’s two way. The site owner and the reader must contribute. Without much else to the conversation, your asset falls. Now, I don’t like talking from a monetary aspect because it brings in egocentric thinking and the level of conversation becomes less neutral.

But I found there’s something that keeps me interested in talking and commenting away – heart. Many bloggers online call this passion but honestly passion can eat at you night and day, stealing away hours and hours of your time into obsession. With heart you’re keeping a purpose in mind. Whether that’s you, your family or even your audience will depend on each individual’s needs.

John Chow calls this the business of using people. Thus, who you know can make you a million dollars. That’s kind of harsh to see it in that way but it’s the truth. Sometimes, those you know can end up being a business partner which you can work with. So build as much relationships as you can.

You’ll never know who you’re going to work with.

Get Serious About Blogging

You’re most likely better off not making a blog if you are lazy to write.  That alone there means, you have to be serious about getting seen, heard and talked about! The downside is the rewards comes in spurts so it’s unpredictable but you can make it consistent. You just have to figure out how. Thus, the workbook I’ll release will be something which can help you unravel the process which works for you. Best of all, it’s FREE!

As I finish up the final touches you’ll be announced of how you can get dibs on it.

You see I don’t follow the title, main topic, supporting body paragraphs and closing the article formulated steps. As I said, I won’t be giving you a formula. Thus, the workbook is the same way. It’s organized enough to walk you through the process but each chapter can be read on it’s own.

Plus, you’ll notice that there’s a flow which I tend to write freely with and then the topic will be broken down into chunks and finally, refined through filling in any questionable blanks. I tend to ask myself what are you thinking? at this point.

Now, that may be strange to ask who my audience is at the end but it first starts with you cranking out those thoughts. Yes, it absolutely starts with what you’re thinking. Then you refine it to make it speak to your audience. Thus, you can include decorating your posts with pictures too if you want.

Overall, I hope you’re excited as I am about this upcoming work. I’ll announce the latest updates again when it’s about time for the release. Keep in touch through Twitter and thanks for hanging out!

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